Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Derek Sivers on TED: "How to start a movement"

Derek Sivers explains in a three-minute talk how movements get started. 
It is a short, intelligent and funny talk.  

We have witnessed this kind of behaviour  sometimes in class! ;)  
The key sentence might be: "It takes two". I totally agree on his emphasis on the second person. 

Language work: Write down one or two words you liked and you would like to use in the future. They may be new words,  or some words you already knew and you would like to activate (make them part of your active vocabulary).  

Hope you enjoy it!  Feel free to write your comments below!

"How to start a movement"

Speaker, Derek Sivers, enterpreneur: full bio and more links.


Karin said...

It's nice this video haha.
iIlove! And... right, i agree!

Lenguage work:
1) Leadership is over-glorified
2) Followers

vladimir said...

it´s interesting
now i know how it works)

Anonymous said...
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Judith said...

This is the video that is dedicated to those who rebulucionan the class?
It is very interesting. I have come to a conclusion ..
The people that begin not bad but that which follows is worse.
One person alone does not make much noise ..

Judith said...
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Judith said...

sorry, I'm anonymous !!!

Nariman said...

This video has a good reason. An only one person doesn't create a movement, it becomes a movement when someone follow the person who invented the movement at the first time.But although the movement seems silly if everyone follows it the movement becomes a fad.

Language work: crucial role, underestimated

Mireia said...

I liked it!
And we see an exemple almost everyday in class. Now, we know how it works, and maybe we can avoid it. But maybe not.

See u!

Desi Her Ram said...

Hey, teacher! I'm Desi!
I want comment this video. I think it's really good!
From only oner person is able to create a movement or trend among others, that it have not dared to before.

Haider said...

great,.. I liked that boy who stood alone and dancing and keep it and not confuse about other and the end he got the results.....
The words I fount in this video are
The leader
The follower

Unknown said...

I don't get why that boy dance , cause I didn't use subtitles, but I like how that man speaks, so it's interesting, i find two word I like to use in my compositions.
Leadership and innefective

christiangato said...

Oh my god, in this video the guy explain how a kid dancing bacome a leader and a lot of people follows him, and he isn't alone dancing, this guy explain us the kid isn't a silly, he is doing something great and people enjoys with him.

Lydia Romera said...

Great video teacher! It's a short but powerful speech. Is quite right, because one person can't do nothing If another people don't follow the movement and abandon their fears.
I would use "underestimated" and "followers " in my nexts compositions. These words are interesting!

Alejandro905 said...

WoW niceee video teacher! An only one person doesn't create a movement... Gives you to think... Really, nice video teacher

Unknown said...

Nice video!!!!! I like it.

Marc c. said...

Nice video! This video give you to think about everything that happens around us!

Unknown said...

I liked this video and the way that Derek Sivers shows how impressionable we can be but it makes me feel kind of uncomfortable...