Thursday, 18 January 2018

The fashion spies

What do you think about companies using fashion spies.
How do you feel about the way they categorise young people?

What would you do if you were asked to be a fashion spy?
Do you think that young people spend too much money on clothes and cosmetics?

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

An opinion essay

An opinion essay

- Live concerts are the best way to listen to music. What do you think?

In my opinion, this statement is false because it is generalizing and, for example,
I don’t like listening to music at concerts and I prefer to do the same thing at home and
I‘m sure that I’m not the only one.

I’m not saying that I don’t like going to concerts (because I do), but I like more listening
to music at my home, wearing my headphones, on my own and relaxed than listening
the same songs with a worst quality and, maybe, with cold or heat, because I consider
myself like a person that likes being in his own world and likes staying quiet at home.

To conclude, I just want to say that it is just my opinion and just like for me this statement
is absolutely a lie, perhaps, for someone else is the truth on the mere fact that every human
has a different way to see the world.

Facebook and Instagram

Today I'm going to talk about my opinion about Fcaebook and Instagram.

I will start talking about facebook, the social network created in 2004 that allows people to add friends, send messages and share links, photos and videos, among other things.
It is open to anyone who is more than thirteen years old, and only an email address is required to register.
To me personally, I think that for most of the teenagers this social network has tired us out. When I created my facebook account, it was very entretaining, but as the months went by, It was very boring to look at it. Despite the fact that young people like this social network every time less, it is still the most used in the world.
Most people my age just log in to Facebook to see their friends' birthday, but older people are still using the social network with the same frequency as before, since they may not have discovered others.
The problem is that it is boring to use it, every hundred articles or photos that come out, you can be interested in just three or four. Because apart from what your friends publish, there is also a lot of publicity and links to pages that you do not like. Also appear those photos that your friends have liked or which they have commented, is that what interests me? No!

And now, I will talk about my favourite social network, Instagram. It is a social network very easy to use, created in 2010 to share photos and videos with your friends or whoever you want. I have used this social network since five years ago, and today, I am addicted to Instagram, I can not spend more than a week without publishing one photo.
What I like the most, unlike Facebook, is that I "like" the photos, I know that my friends do not see this on the wall. I also like that photos of my interest appear, that only the publications of my friends or the people I want to see  appear.
Something else to add, is that I am very gossipy and I use it to look at the profile of many people.
I think one of the best things that it has, is that every few days, the creators introduce improvements and new updates that make the social network improve day by day.
As the content is more confused, is it less commercial and we like it more, it becomes more prone to use it, and that is why it is the third most used social network worlwide, after Fcaebook and Youtube.

In short, I think both are very good social networks, where you can spend a fun time, eack one with its good and bad things.
Just as I say that you can spend an entertaining time, I also say that it takes a lot of time, since many people ( I include mysef), we are addicts and we need to look our acount all the time. We should not depend on the mobile os these pages, because they take away a lot of time from other things.

An Opinion Essay


Personally, I think that to enjoy music, it isn't necessary to go to a concert. It's quite the apposite. To enjoy music it is better to listen to it at home.

In my opinion, music can be enjoyed anywhere, although concerts are not the best place. Even if you have the opportunity to listen to the song live, there is a lot of noise, and the noise of the people is heard more tan the voice of the singer. In my addition there is usually a very confusing atmosphere and there are always many people, so in a concert you are more concerned about your bag than the music you are going to listen to.

Secondly, most of the concerts people are standing on, and if you want a good seat you have to pay a much more expensive ticket. Besides, you aren't guaranteed that the singer does playback, I am sure that would be even more disappointing.

Thirdly, the money is also an important quiestion. There are tickets that are very expensive, and as I said before no one guarantees that everything will go well, at any time there could be an unexpected incident the other option and which is better, is to buy the album or download the music on You Tube, and listen serenely at home. Then you have guaranteed a good seat, tranquility, and confort, that in my view it's the most important thing.

In conclusion, if you really want to enjoy music, the best thing you can do is download the song online, go home, lay on the couch and put the music to the maximum or put on headphones. I strongly believe that in this way you will be more comfortable and calmer, and you will enjoy the music to the full.

So, what do you think?




Wednesday, 10 January 2018

An opinion essay (1st of Batx.)

You can choose one of the following options or propose a different one:

- Live concerts are the best way to listen to music. What do you think? 

- My opinion about Facebook / Instagram.

- There is too much violence on TV/ computer games.

- Young people are not interested in politics. Do you agree?

- Which do you think is the best sport for a young person to take up?

- What would you do to change the world? In your opinion, what are the most important problems? What would you do to solve them?  

-  "Studying traditional degrees like philosophy and history is a waste of time and money." What's your opinion? 

"The teenage years are the most important years of your life" Do you agree? 

Once you have written your first draft, go throught our "Writing Checklist" to see that you have not made any of the most common mistakes for a Catalan student. 

Some useful expressions to express you opinions:

  • Personally, I think.....
  • Personally speaking, I believe....
  • In my opinion,......
  • In my view, .........
  • From my point of view, ........
  • As I see it, ..............
  • It seems to me, .......
  • As far as I'm concerned, ...................
  • I strongly believe, .........
  • I am sure that ........

Happy writing!!!

Writing checklist

Writing an essay is not a spontaneous process. It is important to revise the text and improve it before you hand it in to the teacher. 

You can use the following checklist to revise your essay:

1-               Is there an explicit subject in each sentence?

2-               Is there a verb in each sentence?

3-               Do all verbs agree in number with their subjects?
(You is very pretty.)

4-               Are all pronoun references correct?
(Gisela was very thoughtful, he brought some candles)

5-               Is the word order correct?
(Subject + verb ... -word order in English is not as flexible as in Catalan or Spanish)

6-               Is the proper verb tense used and formed correctly?

7-               Check for correct possessive adjective
(She.... his husband...)

8-               Check for correct form and position of adjectives.
           (...expensives  shoes...)

9-               Have you organised the information logically into different paragraphs?

Happy writing! 

Monday, 18 December 2017

Good Intentions or The Road to Hell

New Year's Resolutions

Next year I'm going to:

do more exercise
travel more
decorate the house
be more relaxed
be tidier
work harder