Thursday, 2 February 2017

It wasn't me.....

Pre-teach vocab:

jeweler's shop,    wallet,    clues,    stamps,    lion cub,    a ticket stub (end part of a ticket)

thief,    robber,    burglar (a thief who breaks into houses),    gold smuggler,

get away with,   drop a wallet, a 250,000 pounds worth of antiques,   your work involves travel,  

though, although

Role-play: Lifeswap

Language function: describing lifestyles and habits.

Rules: You can only give away your card to the person who wants to exchange his or her lifestyle with you.
  1. What do they do every day? Explain your routine. 
  2. What are the good things about your present lifestyle?
  3. What is it that you dislike about it?
  4. What are you really looking for in life?
  5. What does the house look like inside? 

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Answer key to the Vocab worksheet "Dependent prepositions"

  1. tired of                             11. good for
  2. worried about                   12. chose between
  3. rude to                             13. argue about
  4. pleased with                    14. apologise to sb for sth
  5. married to                        15. arrive in (a city or country) at (place: airport...)
  6. interested in                     16. belong to
  7. exited about                     17. angry with sb about sth
  8. reminds me of                  18. kind to 
  9. pay for                              19. ask for
  10. depend on                         20. proud of

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A for and against essay (2nd of Batxillerat)

You can choose one of the following topics or propose a different one:

  • Bands should write their own songs. Discuss. 
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being your own boss. 
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having a pet. 
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of becoming vegetarian and/or vegan.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of alternative medicine?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the public health service in your country?
  • Young people are all shopaholics. Discuss. 
  • Buying online is the best way to shop. Discuss. 
  • Euthanasia is a way of relieving ill people's pain and save them form the tortures of their illness. Do we have the right to take people's life?
  • Education is an indivisible part of the prosperity of a nation. The more educated people are, the more flourishing the country is. Comment on this issue, give arguments to support your opinion.
  • The mass media, including TV, radio, digital newspapers, as well as blogs and social networks, have a great influence on people and especially on the younger generation. They play an important role in shaping the opinions of the younger generation. Argue for or against this statement.
Happy writing!!


Thursday, 24 November 2016

An informal email

Hi Víctor!

I'm so sorry for not writing you until now. I've been really busy since I arrived.

I think that I don't have enough words to thank you all you did for me. I remember that I was feeling very stressed and you know that what I needed was a trip. What an amazing trip we did! Now it's time yo admit that I'm in love with New York and I miss it!

I have a lot of memories about thtat trip and lots of photos on my camera. Oh! Sorry I have just remembered that you sent me a lot of messages saying that you wanted the pictures... I'm so sorry again, I promise you'll get all the photos soon!

It's time to land and return to reality and as I told you a couple of times on the trip: I have to do a research project. When I arrived I chose the theme and since that day I have been working too hard on it and I have been looking for a job. I need to save money to buy a car and of couse to do another amazing trip with you. Because we are going to do one the next summer!

Best regards,

Tyffany XOXO

Friday, 21 October 2016

My cousin,my sister.

The person I admire most is my cousin-sister, She’s tall, has Brown skin and soft, straight hair is dark Brown. Blue is her favorite colour that’s why she is most often seen in blue t-shirt or jeans.
Right now, she’s at UAB doing a nursing course but her dream is to become a future doctor, so firstly she’ll finish nursing and then going to study medicine.

By nature, she is charming and helpful person, she helps me whenever I need to. Besides, she is a good listener too. I always share my every problem or everything with her because her advice is worth it! Describing her, she’s also very funny… She sometime tries to be funny just to make me smile, that’s so sweet of her. And she’s hard worker and inspiration for me.

In our free time we like to talk as much as possible like gossip up, usually we finish gossips saying “we don’t care”!  And if we’re together we like to watch horror movies.

However she is very nice but like everyone she’s also negative aspects that are difficult to find.

She gets nervous quickly, specially when she’s driving. Here she doesn’t like to talk to people who are in the car because she needs a concentration and sometimes those are with her get irritated.