Friday, 18 October 2019

My favorite photo

My favorite photo is when I went with my family last year to Lisbon, Portugal. It is a photo of the Jeronimos monastery, it is one of the many places I visited, and I liked it a lot.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

My Favourite Photo

                                            MY FAVOURITE PHOTO

  This is one of my favourite pictures beacause it's a picture of my dog, Wyat.
This picture  was snapped in winter of 2014, when my dad and I were walking my dog in the park somwhere around 11:00am.
     In the photo you can see my dog sitting down quietly. But at that moment I was playing with my dog around all the park and he was picking up some rocks and sticks to play with, all of a sudden my dad had the great idea to take a pictutre of my dog.
     I love this photo because it reminds me of this wonderful memory with my dog in a really beautiful picture.



That is one of my favourite photos.I was on holiday with my family last year in Ibiza and we went to a "cala".My mom didn't go inside the sea.My mom's partner and i went into the sea, to swim and we arrived at the buoy, so my mom took the photo.

I don't know how it was taken nor what was happening because i was in the sea.The photo is on the phone.

I like the photo because it shows the love that I have for the sea.

My favourite photo_Mario

                                                     My favourite photo

This is my favourite photo. They are decks of cards. I took the photo two years ago when I was fourteen. I sent it to my best friend when we loved magic.
In this picture there is a lot of money even if it doesn't seem like it, because each deck of cards costs approximately twenty euros, and those in the center of photo cost fifteen euros because they are tricked. There are two coins that I bought in Paris.
I love this photo because it remainds me of the bests moments with my magician friends and teachers. For that reason I save this picture very well. This photo shows that I was working hard to become a magician.

My favourite photo

My favorite photo has got to be the one you're seeing right now. It's of my cousin (Iván) and I doing... something. I took while I was on holiday in Galicia last Summer with my family. Super fun time, let me tell you.

Some context: This was my last day there, and we wanted to take as many photos as we could. We're basically best friemds, y'know. Out of all the pics we took, this has got to be one of the funniest ones: it truly shows what we are like (Idiots). I'm pretty sure I placed the camera and timer while Mery watched our stupidity unfold. She knew we were gonna be annoying that day so she wanted to stay far away from us.

I absolutely adore this photo. This was the best summer of my life and the year where Iván and I were the closest we've ever been. I keep it on my phone but damn if I should print it.

My favorite picture

I think this is one of the pictures that I like the most. it's the Eiffel Tower behind the Sena. I took it in 2019 in Paris, in the final course trip.

Paris is the capital of France, and it's full of art pieces, but from all the pictures I took this is my favourite. It's such a simple photo that is so attractive. That day it was rainy, even though it still seems nice.
The thing that fascinates me more is that I took it spontaneously, while I was walking. I didn't even see it until I got into the hotel.
It remained as my phone wallpaper for at least a couple of months.

Monday, 14 October 2019



This is one of my favourite photos. It's a building. I took this photo last summer when I was at the end of the school year. I took the photo in Barcelona, at the Barceloneta beach.
The building of this photo is named "L'Estel Ferit" and a lot of photographs go there to take a picture for their networks.
I love this photo because it was one of my first sunset photos, and I had to go there and take the photo for a long time.
The composition of this photo reminds me of when I go with my dad with the bike. I have it as the background on my mobile.

My favourite photo (Marc.M)

This is one of my favourite photos. It's a snake bite. I took the photo in the summer of 2018 when I was on holiday with my family in Alcanar, in the soth of Catalonia.
My grandparents have a house there, so every summer we go there. The house is in the middle of the field, so there are many animals: rabbits, birds, snakes, hedgehogs... I like to take pictures of animals, especially if they are difficult to see, for examle snakes. In Alcanar there are many snakes, and they aren´t very difficult to find, but always when I see a snake, it's amazing. This snake is poison is practically harmless to humans.
I love this photo because  I caught this snake with my hands, and I can't always do it. Water snakes are easier to catch, but land snakes are difficult to find, and I can't always catch them because of their size.

My favourite Photo


     My  favorite photo is a very nice picture of the atmosphere and the half moon. I snapped this picture somewhere around 6:30am on the 26th of September, on my way to the dentist.
     I captured this sight because I’m a very great fan of nature, meaning the natural things of features of the world just fascinated me. And because I want to make a big album in like a year’s time.
     I love this picture because it’s a very unique one, because it has a sum of different colours and different shades due to the dark tones of the sky, which I always associate it with the beginning of a new day and new experiences.

A holiday I really enjoyed

Tell your partner about a holiday you really enjoyed.
Ask and answer these questions.

Where did you go on holiday?
Who did you go with?
How did you travel?
Where did you stay?

What activities did you do?
Did you meet any interesting people? Did you practice your English?
What was the weather like? What was the food like?

Have you got an anecdote about that holiday?

Who did it?

You're all staying at the Empire City Hotel. Sophie Hatcher, a famous model, is staying there too. At 3.55p.m., Sophie left her room. She didn't close the door. She came back at 4.45p.m. and her purse with all her money and credit cards wasn't there! She called the manager of the hotel and he has put everyone who is staying in the hotel in this meeting room. One of you stole Sophie Hatcher's money! Help the police find out who it was.

What's your name?
What do you do?
Why are you in the hotel?
What were you doing and 4 p.m.?

Friday, 11 October 2019


Can you classify these adjectives into those with positive, neutral and negative connotations?

cool, sincere, clumsy, dull, tactless, intelligent, adventurous, sexy, 
fun person, optimistic, romantic, mean, vain, wise, competitive, creative, generous, imaginative, snobbish, tactful, stubborn, impulsive, serious, ambitious, cruel, lively, hard-working, sympathetic, naive

Which of this qualities is more important for you in a friend?
Which of this qualities is more important for you in a partner?