Friday, 23 September 2016

The mobile phones

Many people think that we are too dependent on mobile phones. However, some people use it to work or simply for a hobby that requires one.

Personally, I think that people only notice the time that someone is in the phone when they are using it, but they don't notice the time they aren't on the phone. Soit looks like they use it way too much.

It is true that some people have an addicition to the mobile phones, they can't be for a long time without them without getting nervous. But they are a small case.

From my point of view, people use their phone because they need to use it for work or to talk with someone, but they can be without it for a long time and nothing would happen to them, so they aren't addicted.

Marc Mero's Emotional Mother's Day Story

Hi guys!

Yesterday our classmate Abdul recommended me to watch this video. We get excited with Marc's history and with the message he gives in the video.

The theme of the video is something we can think because sometimes we don't really know what we are doing and we realize late. Sometimes too much late.

We hope you enjoy this video as us and remember that love is only a word until somebody come and gives a meaning.

Have a nice weekend, see you on monday!


Work or Service?

Impress yourself

Monday, 23 May 2016

Answer Key to the modal verbs revision photocopy


  1. don't have to 
  2. must
  3. didn't have to
  4. Do you have to 
  5. had to 
  6. Did you have to
  7. shouldn't 
  8. mustn't


  1. shouldn't go
  2. they have to
  3. don't have to
  4. should speak
  5. mustn't go 


1 -   I
2 -  G
3 -  A
4-   D
5-    J
6 -   C
7 -   F
8 -   E
9 -   B
10 - H

Monday, 16 May 2016


The celebrity or the fame, are attributes of well known people and they have a great attention by people and the press.
A famous person may not be a celebrity, for example a politician, he only has fame for his job, but he hasn't done anything to call the attention of the public and he isn't probably considered a celebrity .
The question is whether fame is goord or bad.
The disadvantatges of the fame are mainly based on the privacy of life, because every step outside your home is public. Any misinterpreted action can end up with a disastrous result. Morever, because of that popularity, in crowded places harassmat will be unavoidable.
The advantatges are  simpler and easier to see, as you will be loved, praised and admired by fans. Also it is said that it is easier to get rich.
After reading the positive and negative things that bring fame, my personal opinion is that it is bad, since I am a person who would be over whelmed if this were my situation.
What do you think?