Tuesday, 23 April 2013

An opinion esay

The frenetic life in our modern cities subjects us to a continuous and exhausting mental activity and a devastating physical inactivity ( in terms of exercising our internal organs, such as the heart , the stomach...).
At the same time, the large number of stimuli we receive during a day generates in us  a constant emotional stress.
The rich heritage to the oriental civilisations will help us overcome the stress. We're talking about non other than Yoga.

Yoga is a practise that comes from a discipline that helps us to recognise the egocentric nature of mind.
What's more, it's a complete discipline which is adaptable to a large number of persons because in it the differences in age,sex, religious and political conventions don't represent any limitation.
Furthermore, Yoga is one of those few disciplines which has no side- effect, since it's limited to strengthen the mind and the body.
Despite all the advantages it has it's also true that it involves a high patience level and enough time, which is unfortunately not always accessible.

In conclusion, Yoga is a practise that although it requires more than the typical sports it's highly recommendable. Yoga's advantages are no secret nowadays and a prove of that is that it has become one of the most trendy exercises and more and more people is counting on it to improve their health.

Monday, 22 April 2013

A job application letter

Carrer les perdius nº28
Badalona, Barcelona
February 20 th

The managing director                                                                                  
Carrer Marina nº28                                                                             
Badalona 08917

Dear Sirs or Madam,

I should like to apply for the post of lawyer advertised in La Vanguardia of 5th March. It explained that you were looking for a new lawyer for your company and I’m really interested in it.

I studied law in Universitat Pompeu Fabra and I finished two years ago. Since then, I’ve been working for different lawyers to reach the experience that this job requires. 

I am currently working for a company in Barcelona, in the human resources department but I am attracted to the position you are offering as it appears to provide more responsibility and challenge. Therefore, although currently engaged, I could be free from any present obligations after presenting a month's notice.

With this presentation I enclose you my curriculum vitae, which will give to you more details about my studies, my qualifications and my experience on the lawyers’ world. 
I shall look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully


Brenda Pérez

Enc. CV

Walter Pandiani

In this composition I had to choose a famous person and describe him. My election was Walter Pandiani, who is called by his fans as "el Rifle". He is an uruguayan football player, who was born the 27th April 1976. He plays forward and he plays on Atlético Balears, a team from the 2nd division in Spain.

He has played in differents teams of the 1st division and this have been the teams where he has played: 
In 1996-97 he played in El Progreso (Uruguay), in 1997-98 he played in Besañez (Uruguay) and he finally left Uruguay after playing in Peñarol in 1998-2000. 
After this two years in Peñarol's club, different European teams were interested in him. Finally it was Deportivo de la Coruña the club which got his services as a football player, and he played there in the years 2003-2005. 
After this two years, he played in the Bieningham City for one year, and another one in RCD Espanyol. Then he stayed 4 years playing in Osasuna and after that he returned to RCD Espanyol. 
The last half year he has played in Villarreal and he has now signed with Atlético Baleares. 
In all these years he has won different titles: one Uruguayan championship, two "Supercopas de España" and three "Copas del Rey". 

On the other hand, I want to talk about the personal life of this football player, where his family and friends are very important. 
He has three children: Axel who is 12 years old, Ezequiel who is 14 years old and Nico who is 18. His wife is Carla and they have been toghether for 19 years. 

In conclusion, I know him personally and I know that he had work very hard to arrive at the top of the football world. He is a great person and I'm happy because he has achieved what he loves the most.