Friday, 29 January 2010

Ray William Johnson, Recommended

Hi, I'm here passing for the blog and leaving comments, and I remembered a channel on YouTube, it is about a nice guy who makes funny videos in English, his name is RayWilliamJohnson and his channel is "Equals Three", I discovered this channel a long time ago, but on holiday I started to see him for a long time, the videos are really funny , what he does is criticize videos on the web (bloopers and funny videos).
well, I just write this post to recommend this channel, furthermore,  you can practice "Listening".

I leave here one Video:


Advantages and disadvantage of being Famous

All of us wish we were famous, but not all of us have a skill like singing, acting, etc... Furthermore, to reach fame we would have to work hard and above all be very, very good at what we do.

Being famous has many advantages, such as money, a famous person makes much money. On the one hand, that's good, because we would not have economic problems, but on the other hand, it can hurt you, either because it attracts envy or someone tries to steal and even fraud.

holiday abroad VS holiday at home

Now, a lot of people like traveling, which we always do in holiday, and it is increasingly easy to do you can travel around the world. So, what is better, a holiday abroad or a holiday at home?

On the one hand, a holiday abroad is longer than a holiday at home, sometime people think that it is quite tiring. A holiday at home you travel with simple transport, but a holiday abroad you need to take other transport, for exemple, plane, ship, boat, etc. So, it is clear that going abroad is more expensive than a holiday at home. What’s more, if you go to an other country, you’ll speak their language or english. There are several points to consider for a holiday at home.

On the other hand, a holiday abroad, you can get to know other cultures, and it is good for you. You can try their foods and visit this country. You can make friends with people who live there. You see things that in a holiday at home you can’t see. Furthermore, with this travel will get more experience really important for you.

In conclusion, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. For me, I think a holiday abroad is better than a holiday at home, although it is more expensive than a holiday at home. If I have an opportunity to travel, I will choose a holiday abroad. Becanse I think that the experience is really important for everyone. The world is becoming smaller, then it is important the knowledge of other cultures.

Advantages and disadvantages of being the young child

I'm the youngest child in my home. We are a lot of childres (five) and my siblings are so much older than me (my youngest sister is 29 yers old). To me it means a lot of advantages but also many disadvantages.
On the one hand, being the youngest child becomes you the darling. When you're little everyone buys you what you want and they yield to your caprices. Furthemore, if they don't do what you want, then they feel quilty and you're compensated in some way. Besides, all the time you're in the spotlight of your family and you get receive all their attention. What's more, if your siblings exceed you for many years they become your second parents and they take you to the park and you go out with their friends. They do everything possible so that you don't ever get bored.
The best is that these cares will never change even though you grow up. Besides, your siblings become your quides because what you do is not a surprise for your parents and they can help you not to do their own mystakes.
On the other hand, if you're the last of your siblings everytime yoy will be the little child. When you're older your family doesn't let you do anything: they don't let you go out because they are afraid that something will happen to you; not even going to buy bread! , sometimes you can't get into aa conversation because they speak about "adult things"... And if you fight with your siblings you have everything to lose. For example, if you share your room with your brothr or sister and you want to watch TV but your brother or sister wants to read a book he will win and, at the end, your mother tells you off for not obeying your brother or sister.
However, the worst is that if your siblings are much older than you, when you're little you feel like you're an only child, without other kids whit whom you can play.
In conclusion, there are advantages and disadvantages to being the youngest child, but I think the advantages are far more important than the disadvantages and, what's more, the disadvantages eventually disappear and the feeling of being only child is going to disappear as you get older and you find more hobbies, things that you do and things that you can talk about with your siblings besides playing "Hide and seek".

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Thursday, 28 January 2010

I will be - Leona lewis.

Here you've got a very nice video.
It is about a love story.


Let me explain why I prefer a holiday at home rather than traveling to another place.

Although sometimes, it's also fun to travel with friends, and have fun.

In Badalona, your can do many things during the holidays.

You can go to the beach, to the pool, and above all you can sunbathe.

And at night, you can go to bars and after that party.

On tho one hand, for exemple, if we go to London we can learn how to speak English.

On the other hand, in your hometown you can also go wherever you want because you knows your city and its places.

Going to another country can also be fun, but not the same.

There's nothing like being at home. ''home sweet home''.

A good book Vs television

This is a much discussed question. All the young people prefer television, and almost all the older people prefer books, and try to convince young people. There are several points to consider.

On the one hand, in the television you can see a lot of different programs. You can see a documentary, useful for the school; you can see a lot of kinds of TV shows, for entertaiment, or talk-shows. Of course you can see a movie too.
On the other hand, maybe the television has problems to think about them. For example, "heart" programs. In these programs all the people talk about the private life of the famous people. Or the celebrities go there and charge a lot of money to say stupid things about their life. Also there are many TV shows where the people speak so badly, they use many insults. And these programs and other violent programs are seen by children.

Another thing is the books. All the people say the book is very good for people, because you can learn new words and its good for the spelling (you can see how the words are written).
In the books there are many details on actions and objects.Another good thing is that you can take all the time that you want for reading. You can read wherever you want and whenever you want. I think one of the best thing why it's positive is because it develops imagination.
But maybe one of the negative aspects is that reading for a long time can tire your eyes. And sometimes it can look boring or long and heavy to read.

In conclusion, I think the book is better than television, however I prefer the TV because you can relax with it and only enjoy. But I still think the book is better and I try to read more and more, because when I like the book I read all the time and I really enjoy.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Internet does more good than harm

The internet is a techological invention of the twentieth century that has truly changed human lives in many aspects. Nowadays, distance has been shortened and communication improved thanks to this technological tool.

Those who are in favour of the use the internet point out many adventages. To begin with, a great a mount of information is available with just one clik. That is to say, Internet allows the world to be in contact with the latest current news. Another adventatge is that virtual communication has been enhanced. No matter where some one lives, he can be in touch with people from wherever they would live. Futhermore, the use of Internet has made shopping easier. There are many sites on the internet to shop without leaving the house or the working place.

On the other head, there is a growing body of criticism to using the internet. Many opponents advocate that as personal information is available on it, the life of an internet user can be at risk. Another disadventage is that there is always the possibility of being deceived by the sites selling products. They can be of a lower quality or ever not arrive at costomers addresses at all, in spite of being paid in advance.

All things considered, it is true to say tat the Internet brings many benefits to people's lives such as enhancing communication or allowing people to obtain products with no effort. On the other hand, further consideration of the topic shows that it has many drawbacks like de posibility of being tricked.


Today every society hasn't got free time, everything is easier with technology. However everything happens faster, the time, the job, the study, etc. We are all stressed and we need a change of routine. So we all think about enjoying the time to the maximum especially during the holidays. One way to enjoy time-traveling.

On the one hand, there are people who prefer to stay at home, they prefer to relax watching TV, sleeping, going to the cinema, etc. Personally I think it's very boring, although we are tired, the holidays are to be enjoyed!

On the other hand, there are people who like enjoying the holidays traveling.
Traveling is a good idea as you can get to know new cultures, you can meet different people, you can practice other languages, you can change the environment, to sum up,it's fantastic physically and mentally.

In conclusion, the only disadvantages to traveling is money because travel is a bit expensive, however you can travel to another city in your country, you will also enjoy it.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Team Hoyt: "Yes, we can"

This is one of the greatest love stories of all times. The story of Team Hoyt is an extraordinary love story between a father and his son. It proves that there are no limits to the power of love, personal improvement, and confidence in that "YOU CAN", which is the Hoyd's motto. 

Dick, the father runs marathons and Ironmans carrying his son Rick in tow to give him a better life, a life that transcens the limitations of his body. Rick has even managed to get his degree at Boston University. It is definitely an example that with love and willpower you can overcome any obstacle.

So let's stop complaining all day long and move into action! But maybe first, "You've got to find what you love" as Steve Jobs says.