Thursday, 18 November 2010

What NOT to do on Facebook

This is a funny one-and-a-half-minute video of a 10-year-old kid talking about what not to do on Facebook.

Do you agree with this kid?
Have you got a Facebook account?
If you do, what do you use it for?
Do you spend a great deal of time on it?
Do you know people using it badly?
Have you had requests from your family to be your friends?

Last but not least, are you using FB in English?

Language notes:

It's curious the way the English language converts nouns into verbs so easily.For example, in the video he says:
- Don't facebook-friend you boss!

Or I have heard many times "google" being used as a verb:
- Google it and you'll see!  - Ok! I'll google it!


Mireia said...

Interesting video. I agree with him. A lot of people put somethings in facebook and thats make them be in troubles. There are a lot of cases of these.
I have a facebook account and I used it to find my old classmates. Now, I use it to see what happens to the people that I know and for talk with some people that I don't see regularly.

vladimir said...

hahaaha!!!Nowdays people put a lot of information in blogs facebook accounts and e-mail. And they don´t think that this information could be used against them!
This video is a very good example to see it)

vladimir said...

I agree with this kid. I have my own facebook account and I use it to share some information and to speak with some friends. I don´t spend too much time in facebook because i prefer real life and conversations when i see me friend or opponent...But it's a good stuff unless your friend or acquaintance live in your city. I can't understand that guys who spend waste their hours or days of live in facebook. I had some requests from my family but I've hidden my account information and fotos)

Nariman said...

So funny this video. I totally agreee with him. So I haven't got a facebook. You can be in trouble whith another person if you say all your life in that social networks. Besides I don't like everyone knows my life.

Carmen said...

is great!
very good this video.
You're right you can add a lot of people ... but it depends on who added that there are certain things that can not or should not put, for example if you add to your boss ... played the videos are quite appropriate.