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My name's Lucas Álvarez, I'm 16 years old. I was born in Argentina, Buenos Aires, but when I was seven months, my family and me had to travel to Barcelona, Spain because my father didn't find a job. Since I was little me and my brothers Juan Pablo and Federico have felt so proud of our parents. I'm medium height and I'm thin. I like engaging with my friends and hanging out with them, I' me very sociable.

I'm studdying 1st of Bachillerato in La Pineda. I would like to study medicine and to be a good doctor. I love football, in fact I play in a football team called Gramanet, in Santa Coloma. Also, I like playing and watching tennis, my favourite player is Juan ,Artin Del Potro, he is Argentinian, in general, I like all the sports.

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My name is Gerard Calvera and I'm 17 years old. I'm from Catalunya, España. I'm not tall but this isn't a problem for me, at present I'm stugying batxillerat in La Pineda my speciality is tecnology, my girlfriend Nora is stugying in another highschool and her speciality is humanistic.

Now I'm in a new class and I have few friends, but what I know about them is fantastic. I moved to this highschool because I repeate and I thought to move here, and now I'm doing better than in the other highschool.

I have played hockey since 2004and now I changed the team. I'va got brown and short hair but when I was 11 my hair was long and straight, I have brown eyes an dI'm slim. My hobbies are playing mobile phone games and doing axercise. Sometimes I cook for Nora because I like cooking.

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Hello teacher,
My name is Marta. I'm your future student of Earth sciences. I'm from Barcelona and I live in Badalona with my parents, my sister and my niece. I'm seventeen years old, It was my birthday some days ago.

My mum is fiftty-six years old, my f ather is fifty-five years old, my sister is twenty-eight years old and my niece is ten years old.

I'm at bachiller of sciences, I will be a psycologist in the future, because I like it so much. I have a brown hair and brown eyes, but before I had long hair and now I have a short hair. My father always says I'm small, I think that I'm medium height person, and my friends say  I'm funny and also say I always have a smile, I'ts true, but sometimes I can be serious when I need to be. Also, I think I'm a positive and good person.

In my free time, I kike watching tv, listening to music in especially, singing and sleeping, but also I like talking on the telephone.

Writte me soon and we see soon


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My name is Abir and I am 16 years old. I am from Barcelona and I single. I am studying at La Pineda, and I chose the scientific baccalaureate, because I prefer maths and chemistry to languages.

I have two siblings, their names are Malak and Rayan.  Here, in Barcelona, I live with my parents, but in the summer holidays I always go to Morocco, because my parents are from there.

Every Friday I go out to the bar with my friends, and when we have time, we also go to the gym. They are very funny and they are fantastic to be with them.

I am quite tall, and I have long black hair and big brown eyes. I am quite sociable person, and I am very talkative - my mum always says that - and I am very hard-working. I like to do my best.

Also I like music of all kinds, when I have free time I always listen to music. When I was eleven I went once a week to some classes to learn to play the piano. I liked but I didn't learn enough. Also when I was seven I went a valet dancer, but I was not very well.

The seasons that I like most are spring and winter. Spring is beautiful, everything is dyed in bright colours. And I love the winter because I was born in January.

My dream is to travel around the world and work on what makes me happy, but now I have to focus on baccalaureate to get it right, and then have a college career.

I like people with a good sense of humour and I love kind persons.

If you want to know me better, send me a message.

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My name is Alejandro and I am 16 years old. I am from Spain and I am single. I am studying batxillerat, it's really incredible. My mom is a supermarket worker and she is absolutely awesome. I want to go to University to study sports sciences when I finish batxiller.

I have incredible friends here. We like to go to the cinema, working out ,play football, play basketball, play tablegames,... We also go out for dinner in restaurants.

I like playing sports very much. I go to the gym as a hobby and I play football and basketball and I like eating healthy food.

I am a sociable person. I have got short dark hair and brown eyes, and I am quite tall.

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Hello, I'm Alejandro and I'm 16 years old, I'm from Barcelona/Spain and I live at home with my parents, my brother and my pets, I'm studying at La Pineda high school.

About myself, I have a medium-length black hair, brown eyes I'm a little tall, but I'm not out of the ordinary, I think I'm funny but a little shy with people that I don't know, even if I'm funny, when I have to get serious I center myself.

Well, my hobbies are simple, I like to play videogames and watch films and series on Netflix, but sometimes I like to meet my friends. 

Best wishes.


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My name's Assia Zouhair and I'm 16 years old. I'm from Spain and I'm a student. I'm studying the Technological Baxtxillerat, it's really interesting. My dad is a builder, and i'd like to build with him.

 I'm a talkative, sociable person, and I am very generous, but my mum says I'm very mean. I've got brown eyes, and I'm quite short. I'd like to to meet all the people.

I don't like watchig TV, because it is very boring.
I like sport. My favourite sport is athletics. I also like talking all the time. My friend Valeria is tired, because, i spesk all the time with her. She likes music, she loves Justin Bieber, because he is very handsome, and shen likes Selena Gómez because she is pretty.


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Jose Antonio Presentation

Hello, my name is Jose Antonio and i´m 17 years old , i´m from the beautiful Badalona but i live in a small ,students flat in Badalona .Im studyingveterinary science university of Barcelona , its really interesting. I want to work at the zoo when i leave University , as a vet of sea animals . Im medium height , i have black curly hair , i´m very Kind and funny and i have a good sense of humor .

When i finished Bachillerato I don´t has to do , my parents told me to study Psycology but i didn´t likeit  too much and I decided to study veterinaty science.

I like to travel around the world and go to the mountain , but sometimes it is very difficould because i dont have alot of time . I´m looking for a girl, who is sociable , funny and polite , The apperance is not a problem for me but i prefer the girls who are shorter than me.

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I'm going to describe my friend Moisés.
He is from Peru and lives with his parents and his younger brother. He is 17 years old and is a studient.
He has a straight brown hair and his a eyes are black, he is a bit tall. He usually wears a loose-fitting T-shirt, jeans and black o blue jacket and white trainers. Also, usually wears a cap, ring and an ear piercing.
He has a positive personality and he likes to make people laugh. He is funny, playful, kind and friendly but a little shy with the girls.
His hobbies or interests are dancing, singing, drawing and playing video games like "Call of Duty III" and "Overwatch" or playing sports in his free time.

Best wishes
See you later


My name is Elías and I'm 16 years old. I'm from Barcelona and I'm single. I'm studying technological Batxillerat in La Pineda -it's really interesting and a bit hard. My dad is a football player and my mum is a teacher at university.
I have a nice group of friends in La Pineda. But my friends of my last school are special for me. We all get on well. Every Friday in the afternoon I go with my special friends to the park, there, sometimes we play football or tennis-table. But last month we started rapping. We are very bad, but we laugh a lot and that's the most important thing.
I don't like playing football, but I like watching football on TV. My favourite team is Real Madrid. At present I'm learning English in an Academy.
I think I'm a quite sociable person. My friends say I'm very kind and funny. I have got short dark hair and dark eyes, and I'm quite tall. I'm looking for a partner who likes video games, hip hop music and I prefer people who have a good sense of humour. I don't like lazy persons and narrow-minded.
Would you like to go on a date with me? If so, I'm waiting for your reply!

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Personal Profile

My name is Keyla.I'm from Bolivia but I live in Badalona. I am 16 years old, and I'm a high school student. I'm studying the scientific Batxillerat. I'm in my first year and I think it's hard.
I think my phissical appearance isn't bad or good, it's normal. I have black hair and it's long and straight. And my eyes are brown.
I think those who don't know me think I'm serious because I don't smile much but with my friends I laught a lot. But I can be serious too whaen I need to be.
I don't have much free time because the high school sends a lot of homework and when I don't do homework I help my parents at home. But I try to finish everything before Saturday to have Sunday free and go for a walk, watch TV....
In the future I would like to go to university, I still not know what I wil do but I want to go to the university.
Best wishes for you.

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My name is Nadia and I am 16 years old. I'm from barcelona, but I live in badalona.I'm studying first course of "Batxillerat" in la Pineda school.

I have a good group of friends at school. we stay to study and do homework in the afternoons, and sometimes we go out on weekends to have fun.

I am a quiet person but sociable, generous and very friendly. I like helping other people when they need it. I am also responsible, mature and hardworking.

I am of medium height, and normal weight. I have long, brown and wavy hair, and big brown eyes. I never wear pigtails, I don't like anything. I like to wear modern clothes, and I prefer tight pants, and wide T-shirts or sweaters.

I like sports a lot, especially basketball. I play in the badalona team for 10 years. I also like to spend time with my friends, have fun, and enjoy... but now studying high school is a little impossible, I don't have enough time.
The season I like most of the year is summer, since I can spend more time with my family and friends, but I hate it when it's very hot. I also like Christmas because it is a time to be in family and very united.

I don't know what I want to study in the future, but at the moment I hope to get my "Batxillerat" with a good grade, and then to do the career that I like, but related to science or mathematics. I would also like to create a family, have children and get married.

If you want to know more about me, send me a message to my mail:

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Hi, my name is Marc, and I'm 22 years old. I'm from Barcelona, and I'm single. I'm studying to be engineer at Politecnic University in Barcelona. It's really interesting, my uncle is an engineer and he speaks me about engineering, and I like this.
I want to work at the SEAT industry when I leave University.

I have a group of friends, that we habe been friends all our life. My best friend is Uxia, and she lives in Premià. She's studying to be a model. We go to the cinema every Friday in the afternoon, and when we leave the cinema, we go to McDonalds, and we eat a McMenú.
Most of my friends, like to go to Titus, but I prefer meeting friends at the park or cinema.

I like playing sports, I do artistic roller skating, and I love it a lot. I'm good at this sport, last year, I win the Spanish Championship, and I was selected to European Championship, but I was injured and I couldn't go. This year I'm hard working to get the European Championship!My club is Club Patí Gramenet, and we are the best club in Catalonia. My idol is Luca Lucaroni, and he is the actual world champion of artistic roller skater.

I'mb quite a sociable person. I'm medium height, and quite slim. I've got green eyes and blond hair. I'm looking for a partner who is fun, sociable, clever and lovely.
I'd like to meet someone who has a sense of humour, and who is friendly.

Would you like to go on a date with me? If so, I'm waiting for you reply!

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Hi, my name is Ariadna Montesinos, I'm 16 years old, I study in La Pineda and I live in Badalona with my parents.

In the future I dream to study in UAB and take study a course of microbiology.

I like to go to the mountain, glimbing, walking, ... I like music,anything. I like watching films, going to the cinema and theatre. I like reading books, my favorite books are " La porta dels 3 panys" and "Dos ciris al diable". I recomend them.

 I have short, blonf and brown hair. I have gerren and brown eyes. I'm 1.57 m. taqll. I'm slim. I'm funny, clever and hardworking.

i have a cat and a rabbit, their names are Perla (cat) and Rabit (rabbit). I love animals.

I hope to meet you! And what do you like? Leave a comment.

Preparing the rocodron for a competition whith my friend Diana.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

"Big Brother" Vocabulary

  • get on well with
  • outgoing
  • fairly strong opinions
  • deserve to win
  • bossy
  • your strength is...
  • snob
  • cheerful
  • rude 
  • the mother figure 
  • bubbly, light-hearted
  • stick together
  • honest, straightforward person 
  • fools 
  • rudeness 
  • a good mixer 

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Spatial Metaphor

Firstly, work alone and write in the names of the students in your class on the symbolically appropriate figures in the tree branches.
Then, in groups of three or four explain to each other why you associated this or that person with this or that figure.

If you finish early you can do the same with the countries in Europe or the elements of the periodic table (chemistry).

Happy speaking!!