Friday, 23 March 2012

Some useful tools for your research project

I just wanted to embed here the wonderful prezi JM Vigatà prepared for you.
It is all about useful tools you may need and want to use during the research and presentation of the project.

Don't miss the google doc of the second part "More tools for your research project"

You are also expected to take a survey that Josep Maria has designed to have some feedback on the two training sessions. Click on the link: Survey.

Happy research!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Causative Passive: "have something done"

This is a very simple, clear and short explanation of the very English structure: "have something done"

Thanks to Abel, a teacher from Terrassa who created this presentation.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Passive Voice

Can you rewrite the following sentence into the passive voice?
You can form two passive sencences because there are two objects, although it is more common to start the passive sentence with the indirect object.

Camèlia gave us the good news. 
1. ______________________________
2. ______________________________

Complete with the passive form of the verb make:

  • make                        ____________________
  • is making                  ____________________ 
  • will make                  ____________________ 
  • is going to make        ____________________ 
  • made                         ____________________ 
  • was making               ____________________ 
  • has made                   ____________________ 
  • had made                   ____________________ 
  • to make                     ____________________ 
We use the passive voice when it is not clear or important who does the action, e.g. My bike has been stolen

If you want to say who did the action, use by

Passive Voice video explanation

This is a wonderful explanation of the passive voice by American teacher Jennifer.
You may want to visit her Youtube Channel: Quality English Lessons Online by JenniferESL.
Happy learning!

Passive voice (exercises online)

Click on the links below for further grammar practice at home:

Active or passive
Passive voice -various tenses

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

If i had a million euros

If I had a million euros I would like to buy a lot of things that I’ve always wanted to have, for example a better car or a better house, maybe I’ve buy one for me and another for my mom, also I’d like to travel around many countries like England, the United States of America or maybe Japan .
But what I would like to do most, is living without being worried about money, otherwise I would have to be carefull about wasting the money because although it’s a lot of money one million euros not last for ever and I couldn’t waste the opportunity of investing on buying or doing a lot of things.
In conclusion a million euros would not exchange my way to do things but it could be a great opportunity like I said before, to travel, to buy things and ultimately to enjoy a period of time.

Jose Consuegra, 1rC

If i won the lottery

If i won the lottery, i would be very happy, it would provide a solutio yo any economic problem i could have later, at least for a time I would first buy all the things i've always wanted to buy but i couldn't, I'd buy me a great house for me and one for my mother, she deserves it more than anyone.

As I would not have to worry about money, i wouldn't need to work and i could dedicate all the time to activities that I'm interested in, I would dedicate it part to leisure but also to learn things that i've always wanted to know but i never could because of time or money or otherwhine. I could learn any martial art or maybe learn some other lenguage like French or German.

In conclution, I think that this can not solve my life direcly, but certainly it would be a huge help to make progress.

Jose Consuegra, 1rC

Men's brain vs women's brain and The Nothing Box

This video is about men's brain and women's brain.

Oh and there is even a facebook fanpage about the "nothing box": facebook fanpage "I'm in my nothing box".

Above all, this is an extremely funny video, but is it also true? Feel free to write your opinions below.

Happy listening and writing!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Learning English in the nursery

Nowadays in the nursery children learn English, but learning English has advantages and disadvantages.
  • Learning a new language, for the kids is easier.
  • Learning a new language is a mental exercice, it involves the entire cognitive system.
  • For the future it is a great advantage, when they will be introduced to the labour world.
  • Learning a new languages sometimes confuses them, because kids mix the mother tongue with the new language.
  • Kids are in the time to learn and play, but learning a new language insolves their intellectual endeavor.
  • It will take longer for kids to speak a correct language.
Learning English in the nursery is a great idea, specially because kids learn a new language and for the future it is very important.

If I won the lottery...

If I won the lottery, I would learn other languages and study at university and also I would travel to the most amazing places all over the world.

Then I would help my family, for exemple, my parents need a new house and a car. My brother needs a big track for his work, and my sister wants to travel to Europe.

If I were a lukly one, I would give my friends a hand to open a company or store, thus they could have a job and good salaries too.

Winning the lottery can be very beneficial because most of the things I really want to do involve money.

There is a samll possibility to win but it can be real. So, you keep playing (without obsession) and you never know if you will be the next lucky person.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

What if I won the lottery t

You never know when you can win a jackpot. 
And if it turns out that I'm one of those few people I guess  I'd feel very lucky although I'm against the lottery. It's not like I don't want to have money it's just that I want to earn my own money with my own effort.

This is all about money and its uses.
Anyway now I'm going to write about what would I do with such an amazing amount.
I know myself very well and I'm hundred per cent sure that in two or three weeks I'll have wasted the money in silly things. As I don't want that to happen I'll probably create a bank account and put all the money in it. Or maybe I could build a hospital but perhaps I don't need to do that as I can give the money to an NGO because I'm pretty sure that they'll know how to manage it.

Another option would be  the next one (this one is quite enjoyable but not very fruitful): Holidays!
My family and I would go on a trip around the world. I'm feeling  so excited just by thinking about it. That's right I'll be the next Phileass Fogg (I don't know how to spell his name ). Imagine all the world would be into your hands. Then I'd clim a mountain and when I'm right at the top i would shout : "I'm the queen of the world" (Yeah I know that sounded quite corny ¬¬ but who cares) Indeed the vacations are a good idea but I don't want the money just for me. I would like to share it.  That's why this option is discarded.

All these options are possible but there's one thing I'd definitely do no matter what. I'll show my gratitude to my family members, relatives and of course my friends who have shown me a great support during my bad times by paying off their mortgages or giving  them enough cash so they can buy a new house or something else.

Another things I may do:
Invest in the stock market, set up trusts and a will to protect all the winnings and ensure financial security for a lifetime.

To sum up I would definitely not waste the money or at least that's what I'd  try to do. But  it still won't change much about my life.

Sunday, 4 March 2012


If I won the lotthery, I would feel very excited, happy and
crazy. Because its a very important amount. However, I've got
a lof of ideas about how to spend it!
But the money can be spent very fast and that's very bad.

First of all, I would buy for my mother a bigger house to love. Because
I do not wont my mother to work enymore.
Secondly, I would buy three tickets for the "Clásico BARÇA vs MADRID"
for me, my brother and my mum on the first row, because we like
I would probably buy a ticket to go on a trip around the world and
enjoy life. I would invest it for my future... and many other dreams.

I like my economic situation because it's normal and passive. Money can not
buy happiness, but if helps. Money can change the future, but
it's not always for good