Thursday, 15 December 2011

Famous failures

You've all just finished your end-of-term exams. Congratulations!

Surely most of you will have passed all your exams, but some of you may have failed an exam....

We should always remember that whatever happens, we must never give up!! Check the following video and you'll see why.

What do these celebrities have in common?
Lucille Ball,     The Beatles,     
Ullisses S. Grant,     Michael Jordan,     
Tomas Edison,     Walt Disney,     Abraham Lincoln

Spanish subtitles:

Vocabulary work: 
Did you know all the words that come up written down on the video?

dismissed from drama school
turned down by the record company
failed soldier, farmer, ...
cut from the highschool basketball team
fired from a newpaper because he lacked imagination
had a nervous breakdown
defeated in eight elections

Have a really nice, relaxing and well-deserved break! :-P)


Carmen said...

I agree!
if not you risk, not live.
only learn from mistakes.
but there are many people who want to live and not risk ever, those are the ones when they get a failure not know what to do.
I like the video, also it is anecdotal. =)

Mireia said...

I agree with the video and with Carmen. You have to risk for live.
I really liked this video. The things that surprised me most, was the things about Micheal Jordan and Walt Disney.

Thanks for share!

vladimir said...

No pain, no gain!!!
There is no succes without sacrifice
It´s better to lose the battle but not the war!
Our life give us a lot of tests, but we should accept all defeats.
If you can´t accept your defeat you won´t be a champion. Each BIG will say it!

Claudia.GO said...

Is very, very interesting, because the life means to say, to win, to lose, to learn, to enjoy, to grieve, to dream, and to live..