Thursday, 7 June 2018


I would talk to him trying to convince him not to cheat more in the exams and help him to study more before important exams. Also, if he continues cheating he will change and he will be hypocritical and I wouldn't be his friend anymore.

First of all, I don't like going into people's issues. So if she thinks that she's doing well, she should know. But if she is thinking about beeing unfaithful, I will talk with her, because if she doesn't want to be in a relationship with that boy, it's better break down that relationship to avoid pity

First. I'd try to convince my brother to stop smoking, because it's really bad for the health. If I can't convince him, Ill buy him an electronic cigarrette which is better than common cogarrettes, but I will never buy him any type of drugs.

Stephen King's Biography

Stephen King was born on September 21st, 1941, in Portland, Maine. He graduated from University of Maine and later worked as a teacher while he was becoming a writer. He was also published books under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. King's first horror novel was ''Carrie'', which was a huge success. Over the years, Stephen King has become known for titles that are both commercially succesfull and sometimes critically acclaimed. His books have sold more than 350 million of copies wolrdwide and they have been adapted into numerous fantastic films.
King stayed close to home for college, attending the University of Maine, at Oronto. There he wrote for school's newspaper and served in its students government. While he was at school, he published his first short, which appeared in ''Startling Mystery Stories''.

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Giving an advice

You are completely against smoking. Your brother asks you to bring him a
carton of cigarettes from the Duty-Free Shop when you go to London next
week so that he can save some money. What would you do?
If I knew that my brother smokes, I would it to say my mother and I wouldn’t buy
the cigarettes carton because it goes against my ideals.
Moreover, I would talk with him and I would warn him about all the problems
that tobacco causes.
You have noticed your best friend cheating in an end-of-term exam. A lot of
teens cheat, but you and your friend have always been against it, up to
now. What would you do?
If I knew that my best friend has copied in an exam I would respect his
decision because it is his problem and if I said something I would annoy him so
Also, I would talk with him and I would tell him that If he doesn’t study, he
has to assume the consequences.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

A Biography

A Biography (Ernest Dift)

Ernest Dift is a Spanish Youtuber that has changed my point of view. Manly he takes care about the people that want to do a change on their live and he encourages people and he helps us to have a healthy lifestyle (a healthy body and a healthy mind).
He was born in 1994 in Catalonia, Spain (specifically in Barcelona). He started training when he was 15. He said “At that age, it was the first time I experienced the incredible feeling of lifting weights in a gym”. He likes the personal progress and improve his mind. For this reason, he reads some books about the personal progress and about the wealth that you can use to improve your mind and after that he shares his experiences and point of view with us.
After three years training, between 18 and 19 and with his unstoppable desire of knowing the world he convinced his parents and he moved to Leeds in England, where he spent 9 months trying to make a living. There, he found his first job with a contract, on the maintenance team of a gym.

When he came back to Barcelona, he started to train to be a personal trainer and after that he followed the footsteps of Steve Cook (an American fitness Youtuber) and he opened his YouTube channel when he was 21 years old.



I send you this email to help you and about the issue that you spoke to me about.

I think you should talk to your friend and tell her what you think, she can say that ou are exaggerating or are your imagination but you had better say so.

Tell her why think it, and it may be she ses you're right or she explains why you are wrong and you realize that you are wrong.

If I were you, I would do it.

I advise you to do this because I think you don't want lo lose a friend because one day you can't stand hold on to her boyfriend and bounces against him, for example.

Good luck, be brave and tell the truth at all time.

PD. Don't try to break the relationship of she and her boyfriend, it's a free tip ; )

My gap-year

My gap-year:

If I had enough the money, I would go to Ireland and Switzerland.

I want to go to Ireland because I've always been attracted to their culture and their landscapes.

I want to o to Switzerland because I went there when I was about two or three years old with my family and I don't remember anything about the trip.

When I go to Ireland, I would eat its traditional dishes such as Fish and Chips, pancake and the famous beer, Guinnes.

When I go to Switzerland, I would eat its traditional dishes such as Fondee of cheese, chocolate and beer in a traditional ger.

In Ireland, I will learn:
Its language: Irish is spoken mostly in small areas, although it is spoken throughout the territory and irish is spoken to a leeser extent in Nothern Ireland, which is part of Great Britain.
Its music: I would like to learn to play the violin in the plac where it was created.
And its dance: I would like to learn to dance the beautiful Irish dance.

In Switzerland, I will learn:
I would like to learn about CERN and visit Albert Einstein's house, I would like to go to the traditional factory of Emmental cheese and learn to do it and al I really like the mountain and I couldn't leave without visiting them or not the villange or the farm of Sant Bernardos.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

My gap-year

First of all, if I had enough time, I would like to go to all places in the world, but there's a place that I've kept dreaming about travelling there since I was a child. This place is Hawaii. But, why have I chosen Hawaii? Because I really like Hawaii's landscape; the Pacific Ocean, and its culture.
What would I learn? I would like to learn alot of things in Hawaii, but specially surfing and swimmming underwater to observe the coral reef. And obviously, I would like to practice and improve my English. Also, I would like to learn a lot of things about Hawaii's culture and traditions like moai and firebreather.
What would I eat? In Hawaii, there's a lot of exotic food, but there are three meals that I'm sure I will love if I can taste them. These are ''lomi lomi'', wich are made with vegetables adn beef, ''kalbi ribs'' made with shark rib and traditional vegetables of Hawaii, and finally; ''lau lau''' made with pig meat wrapped with ''taro'' sheet.
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Biography of a classmate

Biography of a classmate.

Ariadna Montesinos Royo was born in March 22nd, 2001 in Sant Pau, Barcelona. She is a student of the scientific Batxillerat in INS La Pineda. Her mother, Alicia Royo Martin, works as a butcher and her father, Andreu Montsinos Ruando, works as an engineer.
Ariadna Montesinos has had many pets, nowdays, she has a rabbit called Moustache and a cat called Pearl. She was doing rhytmic gymnastics but she gave it up because this sport caused back pain to her. She studied Compulsory Secundary Education in the high school INS La Pineda. In this high school she has made many good friends and very good memories.
At the moment, Ariadna Montesinos is studying scientific Batxillerat in INS La Pineda to go to the university become a teacher of chemistry. She surely will fullfill her dream.