Thursday, 26 April 2018

Oral presentation: My Year Off

2nd of May:

Abir + Ariadna + Elias + Marta + Nadia + Gerard + Marc + Alejandro C + Alejandro P + Anthony + Pau

Sunday, 22 April 2018

The Secret Dirary of Adrian Mole

The Secret Dirary of Adrian Mole

Dialogue between Mr. Lucas and Adrian's mother:

- Mr. Lucas: Hello Paulie, honey, I call you to speak about us. I don't understand what happened if we were nive. Why have you come back with him?

- Adrian's mother: Lucas, I was thinking about us too and I don't believe that this relationship works. I still love my husband.

-Mr. Lucas: What are you saying? You love me. Well. I understand that you are confused, the the thing has gone quickly. I will give you time so that you think about it.

-Adrian's mother: I don't need to think about it any more, I have returned with my family definitely. Our relationship was ended.

-Mr. Lucas: Love,you don't know what you are saying. Come to our flat and let's talk about things calmly.

-Adrian's mother: I know what I'm saying and I assure you that I will not return with you because I have realized my mistake. You treat me like a sexual object, you only want that I cook you, clean, wash the clothes... The women can do much more then this, you know?

-Mr. Lucas: I know it, clearly I know it.

-Adrian's mother: You should return with your wife. She must miss you. I'm sure of thet if you talk about the things you will arrange your marriage.

-Mr. Lucas: I don't want to come back with her, I want to be with you. Paulie please come back home.

-Adrian's mother: I'm sorry Lucas, I hope that you find another person who really loves you. Goodbye forever.

The Secret Dirary of Adrian Mole

March, 2nd

Hi again, my secret diary. I had spent a lot of time without writing.
Now I am 18 yeras old and I have finished Baxillerat. Pandora is my girlfriend
again and we have planed to go to Miami, Florida to celebrate that we have
finished Baxillerat. I think ask her if she wants marry with me when we
be there.
My mother came back with Mr. Lucas because he told her that he would never
again treat her like a sexual object. My father found the love last year, he felt in
love with Sarah, my teacher. She is our neighbour now because our house is full and,
in this way, she`s near us. She loves my father.
Now, Bert Baxter is very rich, he could give us some money but he must give his wife
for an operation.

I am very happy because everybody is happy: my mother, with Mr.Lucas; my father,
with his girlfriend Sarah (he think ask her if she wants marry with him next year);
Bert Baxter, with his wife and his money; Pandora with her Batxillerat degree and our
trip to Miami; and me, because everybody is happy and everything is ok, my
relationship with Pandora, our trip,...

Saturday, 21 April 2018


Monday, March 26
It was 11 in the morning and I woke up because the bell had rung. It was my friend abir, we had agreed to go shopping at 10.30 and I had fallen asleep. We went to Barcelona, she bought some pants and two jackets, and I bought some sneakers and a T-shirt. We ate at the burger. After that, we complained that we do not lose weight ...
about 5 o'clock in the afternoon we took the subway back home, I had training at 7 and she had to go to the gym.
After a hard day walking, and after the training, when I got home I had dinner and I fell asleep due to fatigue.

Tuesday, March 27.
in the morning I went to my grandparents' house to say goodbye, they were going on a trip for a week. I stayed at home for the day making them company, and I helped my grandmother to make the food, because my cousins and I were staying to eat. in the afternoon I went with them to the park and I babysat. I bought them baubles as a good cousin that I am.
At 7 I went back to train, my coach wanted to put us in shape. I ended up really tired again, so when I got home I fell asleep right away

Wednesday, March 28
It was 7 in the morning and the alarm sounded. I wanted to take advantage of the day, I had to study and do homework. I had spent a lot of time being lazy the rest of the days!
I was since 7am to 6pm doing homework, reading the English book ...I only just rested to eat.
It was the last day of training of this holiday, since on Thursday my companions were going on a trip. To say goodbye we went to have a pizza for dinner at a restaurant near my house. The weight we had lost of weight by doing two hours of exercise, we had recovered it with that huge pizza.

Thursday  March 29
I had to get up early again. but this time because I had to go to work as a basketball instructor all morning. Last year I worked four days a week as a basketball coach, but I had to give up because I did not have time for my studie
After eating, I started doing homework and studying again. I did not  feel like doing it , I was too lazy.

Friday, March 30
It was a holiday day, so my parents were at home. In the morning I took advantage to continue with my homework, and then I went with my parents to Barcelona to take a walk and to eat at a restaurant.
In the afternoon we went back to Badalona and I met with my classmates to see each other and spend the afternoon

Saturday, March 31.
At 7 in the morning I woke up again. I had to finish all the homework and not leave it for the last day. I was tired of studying on vacation, I hope that in the future I will be rewarded with a good job.
my friends had just arrived at Badalona, they had spent three days in an apartment in Blanes having a good time, I could not go because I had to study, what bad luck! At 6 pm, as I had grown tired of studying, we went for a walk and they told me anecdotes from the department.

Sunday ,1 April
I spent the whole morning giving the last touch to my work of school, and then the whole family came to eat at my house. We were 20 people, then I had to wash many plates, cutlery and glasses.
Like every first day of the month, I went down with my friends to the center of the city, where we  all the teenagers met in the afternoon. It was a very fun afternoon, we had a great time. As an anectoda, they interviewed us for  TV show,it was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Writing Mistakes (Beware of Spanglish!!!)

My house is bigger than Mr Lucas'.
My house is bigger than Mr Lucas's.  (careful with pronuntiation)

He wanted that she cook, clean. (Spanglish)

Adrian loves much his mother. (Spanglish)

deceptionated (Spanglish)

Nigel started a relationship with Pandora anyways. (Spanglish)

They were the last two persons in the neighbour to realise... (Vocab. mistake)

Adrian said his mother that his father was going out with Doreen Slater.  (Gramma mistake)

He wanted her to cook, clean. 
Adrian loves his mother very much. 
Nigel started a relationship with Pandora anyway.
They were the last two persons in the neighbourhood to realise....
Adrian said to his mother....... Adrian told his mother.....

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

My Gap-year


If you could travel to 11 countries in 44 days, which countries would you visit?
What would you do in each country? 

In groups, talk about what your epic trip would involve.


You are going to watch a short one-minute video called MOVE which shows clips of 11 countries visited by Andrew Lees in 44 days.

Try to name as many of the countries as possible. The clips are very fast,  you can speculate about which countries are shown using modals verbs of speculation. 

The countries are Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil, USA, Thailand and Birmania.


Have you been to these of these countries?
Would you like to go to any of these countries?
What are they famous for?


MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

If money was not an issue, and you could take a year off, .....

  • Where would you go?
  • What would you learn?
  • What would you eat?

Keep dreaming and practice English!


Some useful language you might need:

2nd Conditional:
If I had a gap year and enough money, I would go to.....

Modal Verbs:
I think I should really learn to .....
Once I'm in the States, I must meet Zack Zukerberg and tell him how much I admire ....
I might also enjoy a good ride on an elephant. 

Different verbal tenses:
I have always wanted to learn......

Some rethorical questions:
What could be better than this?
Can you imagine what it would be like to meet.....?
Would we all want to speak English more fluently?

Some nice expressions:
It's a must! 
It's worth going! It's worth it! It's worth trying! 
I don't want to regret anything when I'm older. 
An unforgetable experience. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Sunday, April 4th

9 a.m. My nose still hurts me and it is very swollen, but today Pandora will come to see me in the afternoon, that relieves my pain a bit.

My mother made me breakfast, the toasts were burned, but I didn't say anything....

Sunday, April 4th

2 p.m. I'm very nervous. My nose looks like a cucumber. I'm thinking it better and the truth is that I'm ashamed that Pandora sees me like that. But I'm so eager to see her ... I'll have to hide my gigantic nose with my grace, because if not, Pandora will leave.

Thinking about it, If my grace is the only point in favor for Pandora to stay, I think she will leave.

Monday, April 5th

I feel like the happiest kid in the world. Today, my nose doesn't hurt and everything is thanks to Pandora. Do you believe in miracles? I didn't believe in them until yesterday. Pandora kissed me, despite how ugly I was for my nose, she kissed me. Now I'm sure she's in love with me, honestly with the looks I had yesterday, I wouldn't even kiss myself, but she did it.

Tuesday, April 6th

I can't believe what is happening. Barbara Bayer asked me to go on a date with her, she says that I liked her too, but she didn't want to say it because she didn't want to look bad in front of Pandora and her friends. Why are people like that?

 I haven't answered her, I need to meditate it.

Thursday, April 8th

Yesterday I didn't go to class, I needed to think. Now I have to choose between Barbara and Pandora. I like Barbara a lot, but I'm in love with Pandora.

I wish I could keep the two.

Friday, April 9th

Barbara asked me for an answer and I told her that I don't want to be with her, I said I love Pandora (or so I think), after all, Pandora kissed me even when my nose was swollen, that's a test of love, right?

Saturday, April 10th

Today I went to the vet with my parents, the dog is sick, they say it has a virus in its stomach. I hope it gets better.

In the afternoon Pandora came home to have a snack together. My mother has bought some muffins from Mercadona's and some juices, I really have been thinking more about the muffins than Pandora.

Wednesday, April 14th

The dog has died.