Monday, 29 October 2018


Castle is an American detective series starring Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion. The series is about a writer, Richard Castel, who spends time with the New York police, assisting in homicide cases with Inspector Catherin Beckett. Day after day, they fall in love more and more,  finally they get married in the second season.

I recommend seeing it because the truth is that the crime scenes are very original and the cases are different from each other, besides Richard is a very funny man and the chapters are very entertaining. 
I hope you enjoy it!


I'm going to explain a little bit about Abir.
Abir has been my best friend for four years, I met her at school. She's 17 years old, like me. She is studying the second year of 'Batxillerat' in Badalona, and currently she doesn't work, because she doesn't have enough free time.
Her parents are from Morocco, and she and her two younger brothers were born in Spain. Her mother tongue is Arabic, but she also goes to an English Academy four hourrs a week to improve this language, and because it will serve her in the future. As you can see, she is multilingual, she speaks Catalan, Spanish, English and Arabic.

She is very kind polite with others, she always tries to help when someone has a problem, she is very supportive and very emphatic, she knows how to put herself in the skin of the other. She is very careful with her things, for her everything has great value. Another value that characterizes her, is that she is very independent, she does not need anyone to be behind her all day, and also very responsible and organized. She is very self-confident and very positive when faced with a problem and has great abilities to overcome them.
SHe is very curious girl, she likes to learn new things. She also loves to be with her friends, go shopping, go for a walk. Without forggeting that she adores her family, and always spend  lot of time with them. If she has free time, she likes to go to the gym, exfoliate, free herself.

I have a lot of conficende with Abir, because we see each other in class every day. During the summer there is no school, but we go out for dinner, explain our problems.
Next year she wants to go to the univerity, she does not know what degree to do, but she knows that it will be related to sciences. Years later, she wants tostart a family and get married.

I hope that when you meet her, you get along very well,


Elite, is a series of Netflix for teenagers.
Three poorteenagers run out of school beacuse it collapses. They are granted a scholarship to enter a school of people with money. When they arrive at the new institute they face the reflection of their new rich classmates.
Two stereotypes are shown: the ricch and arrogant people. And the humble poor people who do not realize the manipulation.
Throughout the story we try to discover the mystery of a murder in the high school.
I recommend this series to all teenagers who want to entertain themselves for a while, and to all people who like intrigue and mystery.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018


There are many ways to learn languages specially English, which is very important language. It is becoming more and more widespread and son we will need it for all kind of Jobs. Also, if you love to travel, English will be very useful for you.

Sometimes attending your English clases is not enough, and you have to find other ways to supplement your learning. Here you have some tips that will surely help you to improve your English.

1. Working on pronunciation is very important and there is not a better way to do it than watching movies and videos in English. I recommend that you suscribe to channels in English. Youtubers and Influencers are very fashionable nowadays, watching their daily routines in English will help you learn a lot of vocabulary and above all improve your pronunciation.

2. The mobile is a tool that we use almost 24 hours a day, how about changing the settings of your cell phone from Spanish or Catalan language to English? There are very interesting words to learn like: low battery, reminders, wallpapers, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

3. A very useful technique to learn everyday household words is to write them on papers and paste them on the object. Visual memory helps to learn without realizing it.

We live in a world of facilities, everything is simple and fast, so let's take advantage of it to learn.

Saturday, 20 October 2018


I am going to describe a friend of mine called Amal, she is 16 years old and she is from Badalona. She lives with her parents and little sisters, sometimes her grabdmother and grandfather come to Badalona to visit her, at present they live in Morrocco. The fact is that her extended family lives here in Badalona so they can see each other very often. Amal is studying fist os a social baccalaureate. At the beginning it was not clear to her, she was not sure if she was capable but finally she plucked up enough courage and now she is doing it very well. 

She is incredibly friendly, she is really outgoing and nice to other people, she has a very strong personality that helps her to be independent and, sometimes, she is a bit loud, but that is because she is very funny and she likes to laugh very loudly. When we go down the street and she starts laughing, all the people turn to watch us and it is embarrassing for me, but it is okey. In fact, what I like most about her is that she always makes me laugh, and it is something that I should thank her. About how she looks like, I can say she is a beautiful girl. She is medium hig, which is a veil worn by some Muslim women, which usually covers the head and chest. She usually wears trainers and trousers or colorful dresses.

She likes to go out with her friends, and have some drinks or eat out. When she is resting at home she usually listens to music or makes muffins, she likes to cook desserts, she says it is a way to relax.

At the moment she is studying baccalaureate, but in two years she is going to do a law degree, because she wants to be a lawyer. This summer she is going to do the theoretical driving test, and I am sure she will pass it. 


This girl is Sana, she's 16 yers old and lives in Marocco with her family; the parents, 2 brothers and a sisters. She a sudent in a high school, I don't remember how it is called, but i know she studies the scientific Batxillerat, I mean, the equivalent of it in Marocco.

She's very beautiful, her skin is very tanned. She has big and green eyes, her hair is very long, wavy and brunette. She's taller than me. She has a mole in her forehead. She's absolutely hilarious, but sometimes she's very bossy. She's very intelligent, the most intelligent in her class.

Sana wants to be a Police officer in the future, because she likes it, i don't know why. Also she's likes travelling a lot, the same as me, so we are going to decided travel together, we are going to go to Sahara, a chance to get to know ech other better.

I've known her since I was little. I visit her when I travel to morocco. When i visit her we make a lot things together, for example go shopping, or talking about the life. When we grow up we will travel a lot.

She doesn't like eat a lot of chocolate, and candies, the opposite of me.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Barack Obama

Barack Obama is an American politician who became the 44th president of the United States of America. He was born in August 4th, 1961 in the city of Honolulu, Hawai and nowdays he is 57 years old. Barack Obama is a son of Barack Obama Mr, a Kenyan economist; and Stanley Ann Dunham, an American anthropologist.
Barack Obama is a very extrovert, reliable and capable person. He has a great leadership and also he is altruistic because he wishes the good od the persons in a desinteresed way. H ealso listens to the opinions of other persons even if they are in contradiction with his opinions, it helps him to take better decisions because he can see other points of view.
Barack Obama is keen on basketball, he actually adapted the tennis  court in the With House grounds into a basketball court. He likes to play poker and golf. Also, he likes to read and write books. He wrote "The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream".
One of Barack Obama's future plans is to write a book or to support young democrats. He said that he would like to create plataforms to form, to give power, to connect and to encourage the next generation of leaders.

Are we too dependent on mobile phones?

The mobile phone is a device that receives ans sends out communications to long distance and is connected to a telephonic network. The mobile phone was invented in 1854 by Antonio Meucci and since then the frecuency of use of this divce has increased notrably.
Nowdays, people don't go out to the street without their mobile because we can do meny things with it. With this device we can make calls, take photos, put alarms, see videos...
I think that the mobile phone is an adventatge and simultaneously a disaventatge, because thanks to it we have left aside many things that we were in the habit of doing. The people should control the use of the mobile phone to enjoy a bit more what we have araound us.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Melanie Magallanes

My classmate Melanie is medium height, she has curly and brown hair, her skin has the same color like canella, she had brown eyes and big mouth. She always wears very nice, and I never see it without high heel shoes. She's a very nice person, the best of class, she always help and with very good character, one thing that I like a lot of she, she is very neat and meticulous with his things, everything must be in its place, if every thig don’t stay in its place, must mean that it’s wrong placed.
When I got to school, she approached me to talk to me so I wouldn't feel alone. Later I found out that his older brother was also going to our class, unfortunately now he is not going to our class, but I see in the break. This year we don’t talk as much as last year but once in a while we give a big friends hug.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Friends (making conversation)

Do you agree?

  1. Your best friend can't be a member of your family.
  2. It's difficult to have a best friend of the opposite sex.
  3. It's impossible to stay good friends with an ex-partner. 
  4. Men have more close friends that women. 
  5. Men keep their friends longer than women.
I agree.  /  I strongly agree. 
I don't agree.  /  I strongly disagree. 
I'm not sure.   /   It might be true.
(I think) it depends.
For example,.....  /  For instance,.....

As far as I'm concerned, ......
As I see it, ......
Yes, but.....