Thursday, 24 November 2016

An informal email

Hi Víctor!

I'm so sorry for not writing you until now. I've been really busy since I arrived.

I think that I don't have enough words to thank you all you did for me. I remember that I was feeling very stressed and you know that what I needed was a trip. What an amazing trip we did! Now it's time yo admit that I'm in love with New York and I miss it!

I have a lot of memories about thtat trip and lots of photos on my camera. Oh! Sorry I have just remembered that you sent me a lot of messages saying that you wanted the pictures... I'm so sorry again, I promise you'll get all the photos soon!

It's time to land and return to reality and as I told you a couple of times on the trip: I have to do a research project. When I arrived I chose the theme and since that day I have been working too hard on it and I have been looking for a job. I need to save money to buy a car and of couse to do another amazing trip with you. Because we are going to do one the next summer!

Best regards,

Tyffany XOXO