Tuesday, 5 June 2012

An opinion essay

Hunting animals: a sport or a crime?

In my opinion hunting animals is a crime because it is a murder.
I think that nature hasn't been created to be destroyed and we shouldn't interfere with nature because we can cause a disaster like the disappearance of species.
I disagree with the areas that have been created for hunting animals because they are more guilty than the person who suffering and death of animals.
In addition, hunting can be dangerous because personal accidents can happen, there have been cases of deaths of people.
In conclusion, hunting should be banned and we shouldn't destroy nature because we can repent.
I also want to add that hunting can make appear poachers.

A book review

A book review

My favourite book is entitled "Si tu me dices ven, lo dejo todo pero dime ven".
It's a book that has been written by Albert Espinosa that is the director of Polseres Vermelles.
The plot of the book is a man that broke up with her girlfriend and beings to remember his life in the past when he was a child. The rest of story explains absolutely exciting adventures, for example the death of his parents, some stories made me cry.
I'd recommended this book because it's really fantastic and teaches you how hard life can be.
I was impressed by the author is sentence:
" Dedicada a todos los que siguen queriendo ser diferentes y luchan contra aquellos que desean que seamos iguales.".

How to improve your speaking? Tounge-Twisters

Hi guys, today I'm gonna show a good method to improve your pronunciation: Tounge-Twisters!, also, a good way to have fun and have a good laugh.

Bellow you can find some Tongue-Twister; I already know some of them are a bit hard to say, but, Hold on, and keep trying!

Something in a thirty-acre thermal thicket of thorns and thistles thumped and thundered threatening the three-D thoughts of Matthew the thug - although, theatrically, it was only the thirteen-thousand thistles and thorns through the underneath of his thigh that the thirty year old thug thought of that morning.

Denise sees the fleece,                     

Denise sees the fleas.
At least Denise could sneeze

and feed and freeze the fleas.

There was a fisherman named Fisher
who fished for some fish in a fissure.
Till a fish with a grin,
pulled the fisherman in.
Now they're fishing the fissure for Fisher.

Luke Luck likes lakes.
Luke's duck likes lakes.
Luke Luck licks lakes.
Luck's duck licks lakes.
Duck takes licks in lakes Luke Luck likes.
Luke Luck takes licks in lakes duck likes.

One-one was a race horse.
Two-two was one too.
One-one won one race.
Two-two won one too.

Are you already tired? If the answer is no, there are a lot of Tongue-Twister...

This is all my friends, I hope you've enjoyed it!

Monday, 4 June 2012

A book review: Breaking Down, by Stephanie Meyer

Breaking down's front cover

Breaking Dawn is the fourth and final novel in The Twilight Saga written by American author Stephanie Meyer. Divided into three parts, the first and third sections are written from Bella Swan's perspective, the protagonist, and the second is written from the perspective of Jacob Black.

At the beginning of the book, Bella and Edward get married; they get married in an awesome wedding organized by Alice, Edward’s vampire adopted sister. Afterwards, Bella’s and Edward’s honeymoon starts. They travel across America by plane, and finally they arrive to Río de Janeiro. When Bella asks Edward: “Río de Janeiro? Are we gonna stay here?” he answers: “No, just a stop along the way”, then they arrive to the docks to travel by boat. Twenty minutes later from the beginning of the journey, Edward said: “Bella, look there” while he was pointing straight ahead.
Bella saw only blackness at first, and the moon's white trail across the water. But she searched the space where he pointed until she found a low black shape breaking into the sheen of moonlight on the waves. As she squinted into the darkness, the silhouette became more detailed. The shape grew into a squat, irregular triangle, with one side trailing longer. They were in Isle Esme.
The honeymoon was being perfect; also, Bella got what she wanted: have sex with Edward, a reckless topic. They stayed there for a long time, three weeks approximately, but an incident broke their cloud of love and happiness. Without knowing how, Bella was pregnant.
Then, they had to go home.

Bella has got inside an unknown creature; she has got inside a half-blood, part human, and part vampire. The fetus was growing very fast, breaking at the same time Bella’s ribs.
Finally, Bella is transformed into a vampire and gives birth to a baby girl. Now, Bella is brilliant, she discovers she has a special power, she has a mental shield. She can protect everybody’s mind if she wants. Then, all is perfect, all is balanced and the happiness is in the air, but something dangerous is coming. The Vulturi, the vampire family, comes to attack Cullen’s family. Finally it all ends successully.

In conclusion, I think that this book is really awesome and terrific. Personally, I think the book has got a good structure and, honestly, is my favorite book. I totally recommend it.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

A film review

My favourite film is “A 3 metros sobre el cielo”. It’s a Spanish film of Fernando González Molina. The film is from 2010 and lasts 118 minutes. It’s a drama and romance movie.
The plot of the story is about two young people who belong to different worlds. It is the chronicle of an improbable love, almost impossible but inevitable dragging in a frantic journey where they discover the first great love. Babi (Maria Valverde) is a girl from uppermidle class that is educated in goodness and innocence. Hache (Mario Casas) is a rebellious boy, impulsive, unconscious, has an appetite for risk and danger embodied in endless fights and illegal motorbike races, the limit of common sense.
All in all, I’d recommend this film because it’s a very nice love story and it’s very exciting. Personally, I think that I love Mario Casas, it’s my favourite actor. 

Do you think that school holidays are too long?

Some people think that school holidays are too long. However, some people think that school holidays are too short.
In summer, teenagers can rest from school. They can prepare for the next course of study.
Personally, I think that teenagers can work to earn money to pay for University in the summer.
Teenagers go out at night because they enjoy different activities, such as going to the disco.
If the school holidays are shorter, they will not be able to have fun. Consequently, they will get bored and discouraged to learn. 
In addition, if parents work there are “esplais” and “casals” to leave them there.
As far as I am concerned, school holidays aren’t too long. We need to relax and enjoy.