Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New's Year Eve (Noche vieja)

I wish you have a happy New's Year Eve and be careful with grapes. I hope you have a nice New's Year Eve with your family or with you friends. Say goodbye to 2009 and welcome to 2010.

We will see you in next year!!

Happy New Year!!

Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas...xD!!!!

I write this post to wish you a Merry Christmas, apparently I'm the only one, well, without nothing more to say I say goodbye, We'll see in January!

Monday, 14 December 2009

My Anecdote

I've been to Nederlands with my family many times. When I was ten years old we went to my uncle's home in Amsterdam. The next day after we arrived, we went to a nature reserve to see the typiucal windmills and I hired a pedal boat with my cousins while our parents were buying souvenirs. Then we went out to the middle of channel.
In the channel there was a lot of seaweeds. Suddenly, the seaweed was tangled in the pedal boat. After that, the pedal boat couldn't move and we were stranded in the middle of the channel. We got so nervous. What's more, it was quite windy in the channel and every time we moved further from the coast. We began to scream but our parents couldn't hear us and my little cousin started to cry. Besides, the seaweeds were also so thick that we couldn't see how deep the channel was. So we could not go swimming without seaweeds getting entangled. But, as soon as our parents realized what was happening, my uncle was comming to rescue us swimming but he realized how dangerous it was.
Our parents called the owner of the pedal boat and he came to save us. When we returned to land our parents were already hysterical.
We left the nature reserve and before we arrived at home our parents had already punished us. I thought it was not fair!
Now, when we remember it, we laugh about it.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

An unforgettable holiday: my trip to Disneyland Paris.

When I was nine years old I went to Disneyland Paris with my parents and my sister.

We went to Paris by train. We left Barcelona on Sunday at nine p.m. The whole journey I was anxious to arrive at the train, but the train was very old and I was really scared about sleeping in there. Finally, we arrived in Paris the next day at 8 a.m. We entered the park at 9 a.m. and I was so excited because I had always wanted to go to the park.

We were in the park for five days and four nights.

The first day, we tried to see everything we could and we rode in the park's attractions. Later, at midday we could go to the hotel. The hotel was amazing and huge. Its name was New Port ans was inspired in a ship and a port. When the night arrived, we went to bed early, because we were very tired and exhausted.

The second day, we had breakfast at the hotel. Everybody took the buns for breakfast! This day we decided to go to the Disneyland Resort Paris, a little park about movies. We saw all the park and we rode in the attractions.

My dad filmed all the park while my mum was taking pictures.

The third day, we stayed in the park until the night to see the night cavalcade. Then we went to the Village, a part outside the park where there are many restaurants and discos.

The fourth day in the afternoon, we went to the hotel pool. The pool was so cool! The pool had a sunken ship on which you could walk. We spent all the afternoon in there because my whole family loves water and in the pool there were many things we could play with.

The last day, we dedicatec to ride the attractions, we liked it and we bought the last presents for the family. We said goodbye to the park and we went to the hotel to catch the bus to carry the station.

We left Paris at nine p.m. We had dandwiches for dinner made with the buns of the hotel.

I spent all the night thinking about my trip to Disneyland. In there I had tasted the best cotton candy, popcorns and I saw huge lollipops.

We arrived at Barcelona at 8 a.m. and my whole family was in the station to welcome us home.

I really liked this trip, and I think I'll never forget it!

My last holiday

My last holidays were my longest holidays, and i think that I learnt how to spend the time. I enjoyed a lot whit my friends, and my family, and I met new people too, because I was in different places during the summer, and I wanted to meet people everywhere.

The first place I visited was Calpe, a town in Alicante, because I was invited for some days by a friend who has a house there. I went with some friends, and we spent there just five days, but it was enough time to want to come back next summer! We stayed on the beach for hours, in the mornings, just lying and a sleep, taking enough energy for the rest of the day for the night! At night, we went out until next morning. We danced.

Next, I went to Paris with my mum and my friends. Actually, I did not go to Paris, I went to Disneyland. We stayed there for four days, and it was really unforgettable. When I saw the park, I opened my eyes the most I could, and I did not close them until the night at the hotel. I felt like a little boy again.

Finally, I was in Salou. A really relaxing time, and we were on the beach for some days. There, we did not visit anything; we were there just t rest. After those day, we came back to Badalona, and, unfortunately, we had to start our routines again.

Friday, 4 December 2009

My Holidays

On vacations last year I was here in Barcelona, as it was my first holiday in Barcelona, I visited many places and I had a good time. My daily routine was almost the same, I woke up in the morning and I watched TV with my sister, then went to the Gym, later, in the afternoon I went to the beach, in fact it was almost necessary to go to the beach and always went with my friends or

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My worst holiday

My worst holiday

Last summer, I was in London. I was with my parents and my cousins. When I arrived at the hotel, the receptionist was not there and I had to wait for an hour. While I was drinking a juice of peach, the receptionist arrived. He was cleaning the sheets of the rooms.
My cousins and I went to the room, it was big, cozy and had air conditioning.
Later we went to visit London and to visiting the big monuments and the beautiful bridge.
At night I slept in a room with my cousins. In the middle of the night I was very tired and I was cold, because of the air conditioning. I closed it. My cousin Daniel went to warn my mother that I was ill. My mother came to see me and I had 39º temperatures.
The next morning we went to the doctor, he told me I had to take a vaccine.
I was very bad. I hated it. Suddenly I listened to the doctor when he was talking to my mother and I went out running out of the hospital.
While I was running toward the car, an older woman told me that nothing happened. Later we went away to the hotel.
I felt bad, very tired, was cold and I couldn’t talk. After three days I went again to the hospital. I got the vaccine after two hours later I felt very good.
This summer I saw more hospitals than monuments.
When we arrived at my house, my grandmother prepared me a warm dish.
After a week I was quite good I went to the street with my friends and I could enjoy the summer.
I hope this never happens again to me in my summer holidays.
The truth is that I felt very bad, I couldn't enjoy the holiday as I always do.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Some advice to improve your English

Hey guys!

I want to tell you little things you can do to improve your English.

One of the things is watching TV shows or movies in English with subtitles in Spanish. This is so great because you can hear the pronunciation of the words in English, and you can hear the real voice of the actors. This is cool, because sometimes the actors have really fun voices or when they say certain expressios, their voices change completly, and you can hear how do you say this expression. You can see this on the page: In this page there are many TV shows in English with subtitles, and you can see the episodes before they are emited in Spain.

Another of the things is reading a fan fics (stories written for ordinary people) of you favourite TV show, movie, book or others. I know that surely you don't like reading, but you can read about the things you want, so maybe you can enjoy reading a fan fics. In this page:, you can read about many things.

In this page there are incredible writers and amazing stories. The stories are of different genre. You can read about love, humor, adventure, drama and other genres.

With the fan fics you can learn much about American or English expressions. You can learn many new words.

Well guys, I hope my post is usefull for you to improve your English.



Last summer I went to a concert in Lyon, France with some friends and it was exciting because it was the first time I had been to reggae concert.

The first thing Idid was checking the tickets with my friends, the tickets were very expensive because it was a small concert. I've always liked reggae music but I had never been to a reggae concert in French! The field was very crowded and the feeling was absolutely amazing because all people were screaming " Mr Lezard ", the name of the singer. Afterwards, Mr Lezard began to sing the best songs from his new CD and we began to dance.

After the concert, we had dinner with some teenages we met in the concert.

Definitely, I'll never regret to have been to the concert and I wouldn't hesitate to go back again.

It was impressive!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

My passionate holiday in the Canary Island

Last year I went to the Canary Islands with my friend and my family. When we arrived the place was very nice and very quiet. We rented a beach cottage winged with breathtalking views.
It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation but then it got a bit complicate. One of my friends became ill and we had to take him to the hospital. He had high temperature and a bad cough. He spent two days and then was discharged. After three days, we could spend the holidays better.
The weather was great, very sunny, very hot and one day we had a bit of wind, but very little.
One day, suddenly, while we were eating on a deck it started to rain a lot. Everyone ran out to get in a dry place, and we got into a museum that was free of course, where they had many paintings ans sculptures. It was an exiting place. When it stopped we went for a walk arround.
The last day we went to see an exhibition of animals after eating at the heart of the city.
It was pretty buy they seemed angry animals. Then, we cought a plane and went home.
They were very cool holidays an experience I had never lived. I would repeat without hesitation.
The next vacation, it has to be the same or better.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Vilaweb newspaper (English edition)

Do you think it is a good idea to have Johan Cruyff as the Catalan team coach?

You can vote, but also you can explain your opinion writing a comment to this post.

Saturday, 7 November 2009


One of my best friends is called Rosy and she is seventeen years old. She is tall and has a slim body. She has got long,wavy brown hair and her eyes are the same colour. She used to wear glasses but now wear contact lenses. Rosy usually wears sporty clothes and jeans.

Rosy is a very generous and friendly person. She is my best friend because she always listens to me when I have problems and she advices me. We have common interests, for example to study, the films, music and dance. We go to the same college and we met four years ago.

I think she is a very important person in my life because there are few people like her. All in all for me she is a good person and a good friend.


One of my interests is dancing. I like it because when I dance I disconnect for a few minutes. I have practiced since I was little but this year I gave up because I started working and I also study, and I have not got time. But usually when I'm alone at home I play music and dance.

Another of my interests is learning lenguagues. I like it because it is very useful and interesting. So I go to an English academy on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon to learn.

I have got lots of different interests and all are useful and fun.

Thursday, 5 November 2009


Hi, everybody.
I enjoy reading your entries. My English is worse than yours. But I hope to learn a little bit reading here.
You know me. My alias is Pdm.
See you in class.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My friend Sheila

My friend Sheila is a person I've known since I was three years. She's sixteen years old, she has got long blond hair and honey coloured eyes. She has to wear glasses but she prefers to wear contact lenses. She is pale, of medium height and not too plump. She looks fashionable.

Sheila is very kind and friendly. She's talkatve and sometimes a bit lazy. She's one of the most cheerful people I've ever seen, for example if she hears something funny, she starts to laugh and she makes people laugh because she can't stop.

Althought Sheila and I don't see ourselves very often, we still get on really well, we talk on the internet. All and all, I think she's charming.

My friend Desi

My friend Desi is in the same clas as me at school. We've been together thirteen years. She's got sleek blonde hair. She's got a favolous smile and lovely face.
Desi is quite confident and friendly. She's a magnificent person inside and outside. Desi definitely prefers Biology to maths. She's good at dancing, all kinds of dance, is bright!
Although Desi and me are too much different. She is my best friend. Despite all that, she is the best person and friend I have never.

my interests

I love dancing a lot. I like dancing all kinds of music, for example, hip-hop, funky, flamenco or salsa... In my free time I dance in a dance school. Desi and me usually watch videos on the computer. It's very exciting!
I have other interests too. I like cinema and comedy films. I also like listening to house music and other kinds of music. I like so much being on the computer and also going out with my friends.
I have a lot of different interests, but my favourite hobby is dancing because I enjoy it a lot.

My friend Manolo

My friend is Manolo. We met when I was three years old and we have never quarreled. He's sixteen years old and he's fairly conceited. He's robust. He's got long blond hair and his eyes are blue.
He is very friendly to all people. Usually he tells the truth. He usually shy depending on the people.
We always go out together and we have a lot of thing in common, for example, the type of music, the same sport, also books.
When I have a problem, firstly I go to him, I tell him everything that is worrying me because he is a person who knows how to keep a secret, is a confident guy and he give me some advice.
He live far from here but every wekeend whe we go out, we have a good time together and we will have more. He has a girlfriend and we often go out the three of us together too.
Manalo prefers soports to study. He is very lazy to study, doesn't like studying.
He plays in a fotball team and I can say that he is a very good soccer player.
Although Manolo and I are very similar , at the bottom we are diferents.
All in all, Manolo and I are good friends.

Monday, 2 November 2009

The women's race for the 14 eight-thousanders

Most of the articles in the Vilaweb newspaper are in Catalan but every week or two there is an article in English.

I've just seen that last week they published an article about 4 extraordinary women. They are trying to reach the 14 highest summits in the world. No woman has done that yet. One of them is Spanish: Edurne Pasaban. I remember reading an article about her in La Vanguardia Magazine some time ago.

I admire their willpower and stamina. I love trekking, but climbing an eight-thousand is another story!! I would love to experience such an adventure. I think it is also a journey of self-discovery, it is not only physically challenging, but also mentally challenging. Anyway, I don't think I'm fit enough.

Would you like to climb one of the 14 eight-thousanders?

The women's race for the 14 eight-thousanders

Saturday, 31 October 2009

My friend Denise

My friend Denise is from Paris and she's one of the most important people in my life. She's sixteen years old, she's slim and medium height. She's got hazel eyes, long, brown and straight hair.

Denise is cheerful and talkative, she talks very quickly. In fact, the first time when I met her at the airport, she began to speak French fast and I didn't know anything. But now, we understand very well.

She plays piano perfectly and she dreams about becoming a great pianist. When I met her, she played my favorite song on piano, the song is Kiss the Rain .

Although I see her only in the holidays, we get on really well and we are like sisters. All in all, I think Denise is a great friend and the distance isn't so important for a friendship.

Friday, 30 October 2009


Okey! I want to introduce a famous musician. But he doesn't need introducing. He's my favourite singer. His name is Chester Bennington. He's an American musician, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Chester is 33 years old, he's normal growth. He's got very short dark hair and black eyes. He's very friendly and extraordinary. He sings in my favourite rock-band "Linkin Park". He's a lead vocalist.

Chester was born in Phoenix, Arizona. He took interest in music at a young age. Later he struggled with cocaine and methamphetamine. Bennington eventually overcame his drug addiction, and would go to denounce drug use in future interviews. He worked at a Burger King restaurant before starting his career as a profesional musician. Chester's voice is very emotional and powerful. He expressed his anger and madness by shrill, and he expressed his lyric songs by soft tone. However his lyric songs, always will affect your feelings. Also, Chester raises money with his friends of the rock-band for the poor children. For example, at their last world tour they raised a lot of money for children of American shelters. One day Chester sold his car in the U.S auction "eBay" for charitable purposes.

I choose this person because he's very strong and talanted. And not looking at his hard childhood, he could implement his dreams. He was able to find strenght to overcome his drug dependence. And he didn't forget about the people who need help like him in his childhood.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

My interests

I want to tell you about my free time and how I spend it! One of my interests is football, football events and all details of it. I like it because I like sport. I like to feel a spirit of competition. My brain can't live without the adrenalin of sport. Football it's a kind of sport that needs speed, power and endurance. I like to spend my freetime with my friends playing football. If I like football, ofcourse I have a very big interest in football stars, competitions and other. I read football-magazines and spend my time in internet, in reading about different competitions. On weekends and after school I do all these things. Ofcourse on Satardays and Sundays nights we gather with friends or with my father and watch the League of Champions or Primer League of Spain or England.
My other interests are reading and watching films. First about the reading. I like to read very much, because when I read I live the life of my book-hero. I'm worring about his problems and I'm happy when there is a happy-end. Also it's relaxing to read a realy good book. When I read the book, I'm learning from mistakes of my hero and drawing a lot of conclusions. It's a very good exercise. It trains language, thinking and other parts of brain. What about films. I like it because films, describe me pictures which I was thinking when I read a book. Also, films are like a good book, but this book I don't read, I see it, and it's very fascinating. A lot films can cheer up your mood. And only a few films make you understand the morality of it. I have my own list of films, there are: "Green Mile" "Shawshenk Redemption" "Fight Club" "Pulp Fiction" "Godfather" "A Beautiful Mind" "Prestige" The Lord Of The Rings" "Braveheart" and others. I like a lot kinds of films: action, comedy, drama, science fiction... I like watching films and reading at nights, because it's the best time for thinking, hurmony and enjoyment of it.
I've got a lots of different interests, so I'm never bored. I can't do my choise. At this time I'm thinking that my favourite hobbies are reading and sport, because reading is a very moral thing and I think that I should be more clever.=) And sport is a competition. And I like to prove myself my possibilities.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My friend

My friend Sara lives in the same street as me. She's fifteen years old, and she's shorter than me. She's slim, and she's got long curly hair and black eyes. She's got big lips but she loves the lipgloss. Las week, she finished her favourite lipgloss and was very sad. Next Friday, she's making funeral for it! She's very crazy!
Sara is quite confident and friendly but, sometimes, is bossy and selfish. She's very talkative, and she talks very loud. In fact, she's always talking. Last summer we were thrown out of the library 'cause she wasn't stopping talking and laughing. She was very happy 'cause she hates the library. Sara definitely prefers internet to work. When I go to her home she's always in internet. She's what doesn't exist!
Although Sara and I are different but equal in some things, we get on really well. She's like my twin sister. All in all, I think Sara is a great friend.

Monday, 26 October 2009

My Interests

One of my main interests is singing. I like to sing almost all songs but my favourite style is R&B and the romantic songs: it's so beautiful and sensitive! I like to sing with other guys and girls and i've got a little singers band with other three friends. It's very funny! Every weekend we go to the park to sing. But my real dream is singing with another guy in the Hollywood Palace. Nothing is impossible!
My other interests are swimming. I love watter and when I'm swimming I'm in peace with me and with the world. I don't like practising other sports at all but swimming is different. Swimming is relaxing and funny and I can think about other things when I'm swimming.
I've got lots of different interests, so I'm never bored. But I can't choose between my hobbys, I love both. And I'm really happy when I can sing or swim.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

My best friend

Chen is my best friend. She is a sixteen years old girl. She is tall and slim, she has a slender figure. She has got a really long hair, quite dark and very straight. I like too much her hair, because is very natural. She is a sweet girl, she has a nice face and lovely smile. Everybody say that she is a model!

Chen is very friendly, so, she has many friends. She is usually cheerful, and she is charming. She is never boring because she is good at many things. She draws comics brilliantly, she sings perfectly and she dances very well. Last year she had a singer’s competition, everyone was enjoying her singing. She sang perfectly and excellently!

I think Chen is the best friend that I have. We get on ready well, we can talk about anything! Everyone should have a friend like her!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

My description of my cousin

My cousin Daniel is a one of my little cousins. He's eight years old, and he's a little short for his age. He's a bit thin, and he's got short brown hair and green eyes.

He's so cheerful, funny and friendly. He's very affectionate with who he knows. For example, when he sees me, always runs to me and gives me hugs and kisses. He's the most imaginative and crative person I know. In fact, when he was very little, he always played to be a dragon, and now he plays with the bionicle figures of dragons and mosters. He's very impatient and active, but when he watches TV he's very quiet and attentive. He's not a good student, but is very clever and he has a lot of memory. I remember, when he was 3 or 4 years old he knew the dialogue of the film Shrek by memory. He loves animals, especially insects, and he knows many things about them.

Although Daniel and I are differents in some things, we get on really well. All in all, I think Daniel is a great cousin.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Description of my friend

My friend Kevin studies in the same class as me, we always sit together, He's slim and has long dark brown hair.

He is very friendly and fun, likes to talk about sports and entertainment, including games, movies, etc..., He loves sports, like football, tennis, pingpong, basketball, etc...,

Monday, 12 October 2009

my inteeerest

Hello, I'm Judith and I speak about my interest.

My first interest is going to the disco.
I like it because I dance, listen to the music, sing and I meet other people.
I never sit on the chair because I love dancing.
I go to the disco every Friday night, sometimes Saturday night, but I prefer to go on Friday’s night.
Last weekend I could see my friend Alicia after 1 year.

My other interest is theatre. I like to put myself in the skin of the other people and to play his or her role.
I really can't have the chance of doing theatre.
I’m never bored when I see a play in the theatre.

I go to see it twice a month.

Between these two interests I like more going to the disco on Friday nights.

byyeee. xxx

Sunday, 11 October 2009

My interests

One of my main interests is sport. I like watching and playing all sports, but basketball and soccer are my favourits. I love watching skateboarding and BMX bikes competitions on TV. Basketball is the sport that I like to play more, but I don't like much watching it on TV. I wont to play basketball or soccer at the park everyday like when I was younger. But now I don't find time and people to play.

My other interests are photography. I really like taking pictures. When I go outside or travel I take a lot of pictures of landscape, animals and plants. This Christmas I was very happy because my parents gave me a camera that has so many effects. With this camera I can take amazing pictures!

I've got lots of differents intersts. But my favouite hobby is sport. I don't know why, but I've like it since I was a kid

Aprende Ingles En 7 Dias, Ramón Campayo (Editorial EDAF)

ISBN: 978-8441419469
Publisher: Edaf Antillas (July 2007)

Ramon Campayo, holder of numerous world records for memorization and bestselling author develops a prodigious mind, we were surprised with a book above for language learning, in which he demonstrated, with its revolutionary approach, how the reader was able in just seven days to defend itself in any language in an efficient and reliable.

Friday, 9 October 2009

One of my interests is paying basquetball. I like it because it is one sport everybody can take part. When I'm bored, I usually play basketball.
My other interest is music. I enjoy listening to music. Music is very important to express your feelings, because you identify with music. I like listening to music when I arrive from school, before I go to bed.
But muy favorite interest is music, because when I listen to music I'm never bored. While you listen to music you can sing, dance...

See you soon!

In my free time...

My name is David, and I like watching films a lot, because the films can watch the world from the eyes of one camera, directed by someone person with "art".
Sometimes I remenber films forever, because it is the sensation it causes to you, and this stories are short but also very funny, emotive, exciting...
My other interest is the videogames, I have various videoconsole, dedicate aprox. six or seven hours a week and it ocupies almost all time of my free times, the other half I dedicate to sports, I play football and basketball, football has little dificulty, but I like it, in basketball you needs to work your coordination and aim more than football to improve, but it is very funny.
And I finished.

My Interests, xD!

Hi, my name's Carlos and I've 16 years.
My interest is Art, I really like the Anime and the Comic, for that reason I like drawing. I'd like to create my own Comic and be a professional

Mis Hobbies

One of my main interests is sport. I like both playing and watching sport, especially football and tennis. I'm in the school teams for both. On Friday, I really enjoy playing football with my friends in the pitch. I also like watching football and tennis on TV with my friends or my family. I think football is really exciting!

My other interest is computers. The computer is complete different from sport, In the computer I play, speak in the messenger, get into the facebook and spend some time until I go away to in play football but the computer is very entertaining at least for me.

I've got lots of different interests, so I'm never bored. But my favorite hobby is football because I like being outside and I'm very good at it.

Lucas Fleita 1º Batx A

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

My essay

Hi, my name's Malika and I'm sixteen years old. I'm a bit bored at the moment because I'm studyind for chemistry examination. But when I'm not studying, I like doing the usual things.

One of my main interests in French, I study French and I love speaking French with others, listening to French music and translate the lyrics, read magazines, watching French films, etc. I have been to France a lot of times and I have many French friends, my best friend is from Paris and we speak every day, it's really exciting because I can practise my pronunciation with her.

I don't have a second interest, I like doing many things, going to the cinema, hanging out with my friends, going to shopping, whatching a film with my friends or family, going to beach...
I've got lots of different interests, I think I'm never bored because I've got many options.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Dear class,

This year I thought that it would be a good idea to have a collaborative class blog.
In this way you can read each other's compositions, make comments and learn from each other.  It could be more motivating and definitely more interactive, don't you think? Usually only the teacher reads your essays, but now in this blog you can get a wider audience.

Also it would be interesting to share resources, interesting videos or websites that we find useful to practice our English, etc. 

I hope you think it's a good idea. Remember that the more you read and write, the more you learn.

Happy learning!