Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What happened to Gervais?

When the Golden Globes ceremony finished, peoples can't talk other else, look at what Ricky Gervais did, told, and the ceremony was convert in background, and very ingenious the form to joke.
Very funny when talk about Hugh Hefner :D
Look at the video with subtitles in Spanish.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Jordan Rice, little hero

I heard about this story today and I think that everybody has to know about this little hero, as his dad said.

Jordan Rice has become the hero of the Australian floods these days. He was 13 years old, was so shy and rarely said a word when he was with people he didn't know. But last Monday, he had the strength to ask a complete stranger to save his family before him. That was the last thing he said before the water current dragged him.

The car where he, his mother and brother were travelling was stalled by water. Only a man had the courage to tie his body to a rope and go to rescue them. Jordan didn't know how to swim and he had panic to water but he achieved to catch the man's hand and he begged the man to save his little brother Blake (10 years old) and his mom first.
The man managed to save Blake, but when he came back to save Jordan, the rope broke.

When the Emergency Service arrived it was too late. The car had disappeared swallowed by the mud. Dona (the mom) and Jordan could hold in a tree, but the kid forces disappeared and when his mom tried to catch him, both disappeared.

The story was on Thursday in all the pages of British dailies, surrendered to the courage of the child.
McErlean Warren, one of the men who participated in the rescue work, still has nailed the look of the child. He explains through tears that there was no more time.

I know that its a too sad story to end the week but I think that we need to know about it, to think about it and realise the things we have and realise what the important things in our life are, the family.

See you in class!