Friday, 18 December 2015

Do they know it's Xmas? (Band Aid)

Band Aid was a group of famous pop stars who produced a song in 1984 to raise money for Ethiopia.
They came together with one message: make poverty history

The initiative raised millions of pounds and saved many lives.
Twenty years later, British pop stars of 2004 decided to record a new version of the same song with a similar objective.

It's got beatiful lyrics. Sing along and have fun with the song!

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Creative writing

What can you write in 5 minutes or less? Let’s find out!

Find a photo in the book or classroom 

and write what’s not in the picture.

Pentatonix - "That's Christmas for me"

This is a nice song that some students have recommended to me and I just love it! So I thought I would share it here with you. I hope you like it too!

 This one is for you to listen and sing along!

And here is one with Spanish subtitles. Enjoy! 

 Happy Christmas to you all!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Monday, 30 November 2015

My best friend

The first time I met Maria, I nearly gave her the ball! I was playing football through the park with friends and I wasn't looking where I was kicking.

I was playing football because I love it.

Fortunately, she wasn't angry with me, Maria was extremely sympathetic and nice. After I'd explained the situation, she was even laughing and told me "don't worry".

Finally, I gave her my mobile number and facebook ID. That day was the first time I saw her. Since then, I've seen her every day, Now she is my best friend. Sometimes I look at the ball and I remember that day.

A Narrative

The first day I was in Ibiza, my dog Will didn't enjoy it! My mother an I were cleaning the new house.

I was holding my dog when he saw another dog and it run so fast dawnstairs! I was so worried! What if my dog never returned home?

I shouted and I ran downstairs. I was looking at all the floors of the building while I remembered the big dog who was looking at my dog so I went out and I saw the two dogs fighting. I caught his legs and I returned him to the house but... He was injured!

Finally I took him to the vet and he healed in a short time then I was relieved. By the way I'll never again take my dog without leash!

My one day trip

Eight months ago, I had the most confusing moment in my life. My mood wasn't good because i was at the airport of Delhi flying back to Barcelona, that means my last day in India.

No one can come with you into the airport when they check passaports and tickets, so I told to my uncle that now he can go because I can handle and go lonely.

I was travelling alone for the first time and I was very nervous. Fortunately there are some things that you can know for sure, here are some important tips to help you get through an airport efficiently and on your own.
when the girl in the counter checked my ticket she was shocked, her first expression was "oh my god, sorry mam but your flight is already gone". I asked her to check again because I wasn't late. then she looked for the next flight and gave me the new ticket that was one day later,
I sadly took my tickets and tried to call my uncle while I was going out of the airport. But unfortunately he didn't take the phone. It was out of area or switched off. Then I tried to call many other relative but none took my calls.
I was so depressed and scared, I had never been in Delhi's airport alone before. Alone in an unknown city, I felt terrible for a minute. But then I asked someone for a taxi, and suddenly one man came to me and started putting my bags into his taxi without asking me anything. Then one girl came and told him to stop because I don't want to go in his taxi.
Later she shared some of her experiences about Delhi with me, that It's not a good idea to ask for a taxi in this city at this time and to go this much far, Punjab. I sat with her in a restaurant while she kept explaining me what she was doing in Delhi's airport at night times, Unfortunatly to her it also happened the same thing that had happened to me. She was going to England for vacations but she wasn't punctual.
Well, my airport friend was living in India since ever, that's why in front of her I felt very silly because she knew everything about India and me only some things, I found her very clever.
I exactly don't remember how her name in pronunced but I always called her "Ishika", her real name was very exotic, something like "Ishgyka". She was looking very pretty and spoke to me very sweetly and politely, never loudly.
After talking, we decided to get a hotel together and visit some places in Delhi next day, all in one day that we had. In the morning, she got up at 5:00 clock but I kept sleeping. Then when I woke up, It was 9:00 a.m. when Ishika was doing Yoga. So while she was finishing yoga, I had a shower.
Before going anywhere, I made a call to Barcelona to a studio in the street of my parents. They were very concerned and waiting for my call. I told them to stop worrying because I'm okay and in one day I'll be there.
Then, Ishika wanted to tell me the list of most interesting places in Delhi: India gate, Sansad bhavan,chadni chowk, Rastrapati Bhavan.
I thought that I would like to visit India gate first of all. I've heard a lot of this place in movies and other people.
While walking, she told me interesting facts of all the places that I mentioned before.
Now I was an expert on Delhi's places, I still remember how nicely she explained me about India Gate history:
"It is one of the largest war memorials in India. The monument was designed by Edwin Lutyens, the chief architect of Delhi. The fundition stone of India gate was laid by the duke of connaught, on 10th february 1921..."
It was 8:00p.m. when we arrived at the hotel. Day end, and my flight and her's were on a similar time, 12:00a.m. I decided to have some rest when she was putting some things in her bag.
We wanted to be at the airport at 10:00p.m. , she told to me about how to get into the airport and some more rules. And then we said goodbye to each other.
It was pleasure meeting Ishika, I'll never forget the experience I had thanks to her in one day.
I've got her number so often I call to ask how's life going, Last week, she told me about her next trip to Barcelona!! That means in a few days she'll be here. This time It's my turn to tell her about our city,Barcelona. Now I'm preparing a list of some places.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Christmas 2014... (a narrative)

Last Christmas, my family and I went to a hotel in Salou to spend there the Christmas Eve. It's strange not to spend the holidays at home but this year we wanted change the atmosphere.

Surprisingly, the hotel was quite crowded to be Christmas, it was really weird. Continuing my magical night, my family and I had dinner there, the truth is that the food was really good. When we finished dinner, we decided to go to the hotel disco club. There was loud music and people dancing. Personally, I'm not a good dancer. So you can imagine that was an embarrassing night. While I was dancing I dropped the drink on a person. It was terrible!.
After all night smelling of alcohol, I would return to the same hotel this year. I'm still thinking that night was magical because the truth not matter what happens and where it happens if you're with your family.

My first boat trip

I remember my first boat trip it was in June for the end of course trip and we went to Rome. I had never travelled by boat and I was very nervous I remember that all the time I was thinking about the Titanic film and in my mind all my thoughts were about boats sinking.

When we were on the deck all my classmates were very excited, delighted and quiet and I felt like i was doing the latest thing in my young life. When my classmates were taking pictures I was sitting on a bench looking for the travel sick pills in my bag. I was very embarrassed because I couldn't see the sea and enjoy the views like my classmates.

Suddenly, I remember that my best friend came to me and told me that the boat had started to move. After many attempts my best friend convinces me to see the beginning of the trip. No word can describe that. It was fantastic and beautiful. It was at 11 p.m. and Barcelona looked wonderful that night. I felt free I didn't know why but it was amazing to see you were moving away from your home. It was the beginning of an amazing trip.

Now i love traveling by boat. I can't wait to do another trip by boat.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Your vibe attracts your tribe

Your energy is contagious, make sure that's a good thing. Be an example of the standard you expect in others. Those who...
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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Be yourself

"If you think happiness is somewhere else or with someone else and you run after them, you will never arrive." Learn to...
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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Mother Teresa

A beautiful aspiration to live by this #ThoughtfulThursday!
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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Monkey bars

"Learning to LET GO should be learned before learning to GET. Life should be touched, not strangled. You've got to...
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Locked Away, by Adam Levine

Have a nice weekend!


Friday, 30 October 2015

Personal Profile

Hi! I'm Dorca . I'm fiteen yerars old but i vuill be 16 on the 11th November . I'm from Bolivia but i live in Spain in Barcelona .I've lived there my whole life .

I love living in Barcelona , but i like to travel but i have no resources now .
I love singing and playing the guitar in my spore time . It is my passion and my world . I love the experience .
Sometimes singing a lone in my room and sometimes singing in public as i am more or less used to it , i'm not shy because is my passion . I love music .

I am a very quiet person i'm not so out going friendly but when i speak .I like to be discreet i do not  like to call the attention of everybody .I do not like people who think they are more than others my opinion is that are well equal and should treat each other with respect .

I think if you treat a person well yopu also deserve to be treated in the same .

A personal profile

Hi! My name's Xin xin. I'm sixteen years old. I'm from China. I live here in Badalona  with my mum  and my brother and my father are in China.
Italy is my favorite country I'll like  to live there in the future when I'll finish my studies.
And In my free time I like getting together with my friends. I like whatching TV, go to shopping and chatting with my friends and my family.
I'm studying scientific batxillerat at high school, but sometime i find it difficult because of exams.

And what's about you?

Free life

Hi! My name's Martiandy Segura and I'm seventeen. I'm from the Dominican Republic. I live with my perents, my sister and my brother.

I consider myself fanatical about sport, I love all types of sport that need strenght, resistance and courage. I'm like, in one futur not very distant, stand makes skydiving (it can be said that I like to confront my fear). In my free time, when I don't do sport, I like being with my friends, speaking, playing, etc.

All in all, I'm a happy person, I like smiling and being grateful for life. This is me.

Personal profile

Hey! I'm Sarandeep Kaur, seventeen years of age. I've lived in Spain for 9 years but I'm from Punjab in India. In my family we all speak in Punjabi but with my brother I usually speak in Spainish.

Spain is my favorite country and I've decided to live here my whole life. Seriously I dont want to move to live in another one, but I'd like to travel more actually, just for visit. I love Paris and London, surely one day in the future I'll visit them with my bestie. She also has a wish to visit it. Jassie ( my bestie) doesn't mind living there, she finds them a perfect place to live, It's really silly thought! because the people there isn't as afectionate as here, or are they? I don't think so...

Now I'm doing the scientific batxillerat at high school, sometimes i get tired because we do a lot of exams but that doesn't matter because i love science.

Do you also find science really intresting? Where would you prefer to live and visit? I'd love to hear from you, Available open whenever you want! :)

My personal profile


My name's Jazmin Gil and I'm fifteen yeras old. I'm from Spain, and I live with my mum in Badalona. I've lived there for my whole life and I'd like to travel abroad. Fortunately, I speak more than one language.

Resultat d'imatges de imaginACIÓN tumblr en inglésIn my free time I enjoy writing, drawing and reading books. I'm so imaginative and I can't resist using this imagination in my life. Really, sometimes I feel that the real life is boring, so I try to change it.

At the moment I'm going to extra classes after schcool because I'd love to improve my English.

What about you?

Global English Chat

Hi! I'm Laia Ródenas Díaz. I'm sixteen years old. I live with my mother in Badalona, Spain. I've lived there for my whole life. I speak Spanish, Catalan, English and a little German.

In my free time I like hanging out with my friends. We're all really into videogames and we play every day together. Jose (my friend) says i'm good at playing League of Legends (LOL).

At the moment i'm watching animal documentaries, I love animals, by the way also I love anime and a lot of series, it is awesome!

Do you like animals? What's your favorite one? :D

Hi guys

Personal profile

My name is Pablo Burgueño. I'm sixteen years old and I'm from Bacelona in Spain. I live in my mother's house, whit her and  my brother.When he was little he lived in another house.

In my free time I like talking whit my friends an doing sport. I've played basketball since I was 5 years old. I love basketball, it is my favorite sport.

At the moment I'm beginning to study first of batchillerato. I'm new in the class becouse I come from another school.

Do you like practicing sport? What is your favorite sport?
Resultado de imagen de nba match

Hi guys.

Global English Chat

My name is Maria López. I'm sixteen years old and I'm from Badalona in Spain. I live with my mother, my brother and my dog Kaiser. I've lived here for my whole live.

In my free time I like getting together with my friends and my boyfriend. I hate sports, I prefer listening to music. I love eating fast food with my cousin Maria del Mar.

Right now, I'm watching ''Gran Hermano'' on the TV with my mother and my brother.

Do you like reading? Who is your favourite writer?

Hello eberybody!

Hello! I'am Roban Preet Singh and I'm sixteen years old. I live with my parents, my brother, uncle and aunt in Badalona, Spain. But we're from India. We came here in 2007.

I like living in Spain but I'm bored now because I want to live in another country for example London!. Anyway let's change the topic. In my free time I like watching hollywood movies because I love movies. I also like listening to music. At the weekend I like getting together with my friend, so we often got to the market. One thing I don't like is the food in Spain. It's awful!

At the moment, I'm doing homework and I'm tired because I have to do a lot of work.

What about you? I'd like to hear from you, so I will wait for your answer.

My personal profile

Hi! I'm Albert Rodríguez and i'm sixteen. I'm from Badalona in Spain.
I live with my parents and my brother.
I've lived in  Badalona for my whole life.

I love playing games with my friends and listening to music. 
Also I like watching films at the cinema. 
In Spain food is tasty!

At the moment I'm quite bored because my friens are busy. 
I'd love to play sports with them, so I look forward to chatting 
to lots of people here to make a lot of friends!

Do you like sports? What sport would you like to practise?

Personal profile

My name's Edgar Herrezuelo. I'm sixteen years old and I'm from Badalona in Spain. I live in a house with my mum, dad and pets. I've lived there for two years.

I love living in Spain, but I'd like to travel more one day. I've always wanted to go to Australia because I love exotic animals and reptiles. But I hate the great distance between Spain and Australia.

At present I'm very bored and tired because I'm doing A levels. I love exotics animals, so I look forward to visiting exhibitions of animals

A personal profile.

Hi, my name is Rouben, I'm eighteen years old and I'm from Spain. I live in Badalona town in the west side. I live with my parents and my brother.

I've lived there for my whole life.

I like going to play basketball and playing computer games, for example "League of Legends", this is an on-line game.

I don't like "telecos" the are wirepeel, it's awful and they aren't charming.
At present I want to study computer Technologies, but at the moment I'm studying "Batx Tecnlolgic"

Good bye!

What about you?

A personal profile.

Hi, How are you? 
My name's Andrea and I'm sixteen years old. I live in Spain with my parents and my two sisters. I've lived here for my whole life because we like Badalona town. 

In my free time I love spending my time getting together with my friends, It's so awesome speaking with them. So when I want to relax just what I do is listening to music and I sing my favourites songs. I don't mind who hears me because I think It's so funny. 

I don't like extreme sports or general sports. I think that with the extreme sports you could die and that It's awful! 
Anway, I can't do any good sport. 

Actually, I'm studying scientific "Bachillerato"  but I'm still confused about what I can study when I finish. I can't wait to know how my life will be in the future. It's a big surprise. 

Wouldn't you like to know how your life will be in a few years? 

Friends Match

Hi! I'm Kamal and I'm twety years old. I live with my parents and sister in Badalona in Spain. We all speak Spanish, English and Punjabi.

At this moment I'm studying and working. In my my free time I like getting together with my friends, and playing football. Usually I go to the gym. L love wathing TV programs and playing Computer games.
Right now I am going to play football with my friends.

Do you like playing football?

Global chat

Hi friends! I'm Alina Briggitte Fabiani Lasso. I'm sixteen years old and I'm from in Spain but I was born in Equator. I live in a flat with my mum, dad, grandmother and my dog Dosty.

I like living in Spain but one day I would like to live in Italy. In my free time I like getting together with my friends. Now I'm 16 and I wold like to try to do a lot of extreme sports that I couldn't do when I was fifteen like parachuting, puenting, fly-board and more like this, but my favpurite sport that I will never stop doing is kick boxing but I was lucky because I have the best coach.

Right now, I'm studying because I have some exams the next week or this one, depending when you read this.

And tell me, Do you like sport? Which one? Write me soon.

Hi guys.

Personal profile

Hi, I'm Abdul Bakkali and I'm sixten years old. I'm from Badalona in Barcelona. Ilive with my parents and my brothers.

My hobbies are sports, I love playing footbal and going to the gym in my free time. I like getting together with my friends, usually we go to buy clothes and meet friends. I also like to listen to music  and this morning I was with all my friends, it's was awesome. I've always wanted to go every summer to Marroco because all my family lives there.

Right now, I'm studying for an exam. I'm also doing the homework because I want to go to the street with my friends.

My personal profile

My name is Tyffany Izebere Pérez and I'm sixteen years old. I was born in Cádiz but I've lived in Badalona since 2004 with my mum, my dad and my brother Samuel.

In my free time I like listening to music and getting together with my friends. We're very different from each other and sometimes we get angry but I love them for anything. I also love reading; I always read romance novels because they're my favourites. I think reading is a good way to forget everything for a little bit. What do you think?

At the moment I'm studying first of Batchillerat and I would like to get this tittle so I'm trying to do it the best I can.

Finally, this is me, so what about you?

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Respect yourself

"The mental and physical space we create by letting go of things that belong in our past give us the option to fill the...
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Monday, 19 October 2015


#ThoughtfulThursday Reminder: Happiness is created and restored within!(If anyone knows the original artist of this please let us know. We want to give credit and collaborate!)
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Sunday, 18 October 2015

The magic of gratitude

Gratitude is preventative self-care! #GratiTuesday: Before the stress of the day has a chance to creep in, make it...
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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Nourish your soul!

Life is too short to not go for the things that feed your soul. Start nourishing your soul today. There is no time for anything else. #SundaySoul(Quote by Sweatpants & Coffee)
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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Better, not bitter

"Stop running away from the people and things that challenge you the most. Go to them and thank them, they were just...
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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Readers 1st of Batxillerat

  • The Queen and I. Burlington,  Original Reader. ISBN: 978-9963-46-910-9
  • A Foreigner in Britain. Burlington.  Activity Reader.  ISBN: 978-9963-51-025-2
  • The secret diary of Adrian Mole. Burlington.  Activity Reader   ISBN: 978-9963-48-877-3

A committed heart

Make following your heart the whole point, it will not lead you astray. The universe favors a committed heart....#projecthappiness
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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Your true nature

Every human has an Emotional Guidance System and it's our most powerful truth detector - we know something is our true...
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Thursday, 17 September 2015

The mountain

"The only zen you can find on tops of mountains is the zen you bring up there." ~Robert PirsigWherever on the mountain you are standing, happiness is there, directly beneath your feet. #WednesdayWellness
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Thursday, 7 May 2015

A formal letter

Chanel                                                                                                                        C/ Sant Jeroni
25, Rue Royal                                                                                                             08917, Badalona
75008 Paris (France)                                                                                                  Barcelona (Spain)

Dear Maureen Chiquet Director of Chanel's Company,

I am writing in regard to your animal experiments to test your exclusive products in them.

I am very interested to know why such a unique company and directed mostly to upper class, test its products on animals like cosmetics companies low-end?. Could you let me know why Chanel commits such as barbaric and unnecessary actions?. I would be grateful if you answered these questions, but first I am going to expose my ideas.
First of all, laboratories test their products on live animals because it is cheap. However, it is not because the results have greater scientific value.
Secondly, millions of animals are subjected alive to all kinds of tests for cosmetic products, you subject them to various tests, some particularly cruel and painful. Year after year, they are repeated unnecessarily and merciless. Please remember that these are live animals with a nervous system that feel the same as us.

Moreover, today many laboratories are working in the recreation of artificial human skin models in 3D as an alternative to animal testing to see how that product could affect the human body. In addition, it can examine the product and its effects on the different layers of the skin. I think it would be a good alternative and If we refer to Chanel with its large number of consumers and large profits could financially afford this wonderful alternative.

Finally, the cosmetic animal testing is not specifically required by law. To promote a product must be shown to be safe, and that can be done using validated non-animal tests, using combinations of existing ingredients that are safe to use in humans methods.
Could you please consider my letter and please tell me which alternative are you going to use?. Please do not forget that we can exert pressure as consumers. Some laboratories may prefer the economic interests to the ethical, but we can modify its policies through boycotts and protest campaigns. And if Chanel changed, everybody else would change. Beauty is not cruelty.

I look forward to hearing from you, Thank you very much for reading my letter Sir.

Yours sincerely, Yusra Yacubi.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A formal email

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to complain about my recent holiday, which I booked through your travel agency. Let me run through some of the main problems I had.

Firstly, the brochure claimed that the accommodation was fantastic, whereas the hotel was dreadful; the beds were broken, there wasn't any air-conditioning either swimming pool and the building was really run down. I tried to keep calm but I came to my senses and I realized that it was a real mess.

Your advertisement also mentioned that it was located in front of the beach but I had to walk through a long path to arrive at the sea, which was full of dangerous fish and pollution.

To make matters worse, the staff were really miserable and the hotel activities were completely mindless. When I tried to complain about all of these issues, they all just ran away. However, it's clear that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

As a result, I would expect a complete refund of all expenses incurred on my holiday.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Ona A.

Monday, 27 April 2015


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to complain about a local supermarkets chain which throws away unsold food instead of giving it to charities for homeless people.

First of all, I was appalled by this situation.There are people who are suffering a bad situation and see that supermarkets throw food is nonsense. If they really do not need this food because they can not sell before the sell-by-date, why they not give this food to people who need it? Sorry, but I do not understand.

Secondly, I wish this could change as soon as possible because many people could eat and not have to search in the trash since I find it outrangerous.

Finally, I would like to receive an email to know if you will do some change.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
Thais Cebrián.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


On today's day, it is known that more young people are being addicted to the fact of spending or better said, wasting money on things that are not necessary.

On the one hand, contributing to the country's economy shows an advantatge when investing money. People who can afford buying expensive stuff are more likely to be shopaholics than a middle-class person. Unbelievely, some rich people are found to be spending/wasting money on things in order to change their bad emotions. In other words, going shopping can be a therapy against psychological problems as depression or loneliness.

However, on the other hand, the fact of giving away money to companies whose goals are nothing, is a morally wrong decision. Why investing money in economy when you can help helpless people who don't even have anything to eat, from the third world? It is not human survival our priority? So, instead of being mean and thinking about ourselves while buying unnecessary things, we should donate and contribute to companies who can supply food to hungary people.

To sum up, we should all stop our addition in wasting money on us and provide part of our money to people who really need it. 

Thursday, 5 March 2015


Nowadays, reality shows are a very popular form of entertainment. I'm sure you find reality shows on most channels. There are different types of reality shows.

Firstly, I think that these programmes are a lot of variety. Not everyone like the same type of program. Some people like music or dance shows, while others prefer programmes where people show their privacy. In fact, people show their talent and they can get a job for this opportunity. Moreover, people can get their dream. Another advantage is that the people meet new people and have new and interesting experiences.

However, if you compare reality shows with other programmes or movies, we can see that reality shows dominate. I believe that there should be more series, movies and documentaries as they interest us all. In spite of music shows, dance shows, etc that are good to discover your talent, the reality shows on the people who show their lives don't contribute to anything of interest at all.

To sum up, I think that reality shows are good entertainment for a little time but not to see a lot of time. It is a good distraction. Nevertheless, I think that there should be reality shows but not in so many channels and so many times a week.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A for and against essay: Death penalty

Nowadays, in many countries as the USA or Japan it is executed a penalty called Death punishment or Death penalty. It is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. However, it is a very delicate and criticized topic by people. There are many disadvantages and some advantages to this penalty.

On the one hand, it is clear that there are strong arguments against this idea. Prisons have plenty of innocent people, one effect of this is that there are many people in prison who have been judged unfairly every year, without a hard evidence or false evidences, there are many kinds of cases. As a result of this, there are innocent people who have suffered the death penalty. Another argument against is that innocent people are sentenced to death with materially greater frequency than was previously supposed and that convincing proof of their innocence often does not emerge until long after their convictions.

On the other hand, the relatives of the victim feel that the murderer (or not) deserves to die, and suffer the penalty which painfully the victim suffered before. This means that the remuneration of the crime is the just punishment for the evil that has caused and is therefore proportional to the crime.             As consequently, people will live quieter without another criminal. In spite of this, would Penal servitude for life be a better alternative than the Death penalty for criminals?.

Personally, I believe that no one can kill another person, no matter what he or she did.  Because I think that if I kill a criminal I would become another criminal, and down to their level. In addition, executing the Death penalty kills also innocents that could have proved their innocence during their stay in prison without dying. But even if that person is guilty, death will not be the solution, while he is alive he will receive his punishment which could be life imprisonment as an alternative. I strongly believe that the lack of freedom is the only fair punishment for a guilty.  From my point of view, death penalty is murder by the government it violates the right to life. We ask justice for a murdered person killing another. It is utterly contradictory. To sump up, Capital punishment contradicts our moral beliefs and claims of a fair and just government.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A for and against essay

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of becoming vegetarian or vegan

Despite the fact that people every time is more conscious about the suffering of animals caused by humans, meat-eating people continue with their same habits. Furthermore, many people argue that they are not doing anything wrong. But luckily, there are a lot of vegetarian or vegan persons, and being one of them has both advantages and disadvantages.

On the plus side, a good vegetarian has better health than a meat-eating person. That’s because meat has lots of substances that harm our body, and also it takes more energy to digest meat than vegetables. Another important point is that it is not necessary to kill animals to feed us. If we were carnivores, we should have specialized claws and teeth like all carnivores. And if we were true omnivores, our digestive system could easily digest meat.

However, for every plus there is a minus. One disadvantage is that it is difficult to stop eating meat if you have been doing it your whole life. The adaptation is an important fact that not everyone passes, because social influence may affect our new decision. For instance, people can laugh at you or you can have uncomfortable meals. Last of all, some vegetarian or vegan people are not informed at all, so they should investigate and know well what to eat not to miss any nutrients in the diet.

To sum up, although most people think that being a meat-eating is the best option, I think that they should consider all the meat damages and the suffering produced in slaughterhouses. 

Monday, 2 March 2015

British Pronunciation

Hi guys!,
I share with you a very interesting video, because I think that it will be very useful for future speakings.
See you in class!.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

A lovely song

I want to share this song with all of you. I fell in love when I heard it the first time. It's a good way to learn English: listening songs with subtitles.
Happy weekend!

Friday, 30 January 2015

A description

I admire people for what they do, and the works and actions that Angelina Jolie has done during her life, have led me to admire her. Angelina Jolie is an American actress, director, writer, producer, humanitarian and philanthropist.

Angelina started her career as a model since age 16. But then, after her studies at Academy of Acting she appeared in several films as The Bone Collector, 60 Seconds, The Exchange. Although she rose to fame in her debut as protagonist in Lara Croft (Tom Rider), and Mr. and Mrs. Smith where also met her current husband Brad Pitt. She has a great ability as an actress, and her beauty that distinge her of all others.
But her best striking feature is that she has spent all her life, and even still devoted to humanitarian work. That not only makes her special, but unique. I think she succeds at this brilliantly.

Angie is taller and slimmer than me, she looks quite exotic. She gorgeous, her hands are long and elegant. Her nose is short and her lips are thick. She has got thin and black hair. However, her natural hair is blonde, but since she was young she dyed her blond hair to black, and in my opinion I think that it looks more beautiful in her because it highlights her amazing and cheerful big blue eyes. She is an intelligent and strong woman. Angie is also a very patient, understanding sort of person, which makes her a good listener of people with needs. She lives her life without prejudice and without thinking others will say.

In the 1990s, Angelina Jolie became a popular actress. She gave a star-making performance in the 1998 television film Gia based on the short, tragic life of model Gia Marie Carangi, which won her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.
Another great dramatic role in Girl, Interrupted brought Angie her first Academy Award for best supporting actress. She has continued to take on a variety of interesting roles, such as an adventurer in the Lara Croft films.

At first, she appears to be like any other actress, but are her actions that differentiate her from the others. She is an example of the ugly duckling can become a swan. What I admire most in her is that when she was young she fell into drugs but devoted all her time to people in need and due to that she could be recovered. She adopted two orphaned babies, one Vietnamese and other African girl. She was a single mother for a long time, until she met Brad Pitt and had several children. Now they have 6 beautiful children. She is a very special person to me, I think she is a role model. I also in the future will continue these steps. She as human made mistakes, she is not perfect but she is not her mistakes.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A description

The person I admire the most is my dad. He is the one who taught me that even if you lose everything in your life and you have nothing, never lose the faith in yourself and the faith in god. I feel lucky because my father's presence has always been there when I needed him, no matter how far he was from his family.
My hero is physically a handsome guy. He is tall, well-build, he has a dark short hair and a brown skin just like mine. In dress and manners, he looks very smart when he wears my favourite color's outfit.
My father is a cheerful and generous person. He gives his hand to everyone who needs help, no matter what the consequences can be. I love his sense of humour because his old-school jokes always drive me crazy. My dad is an organized, businesslike person and always tries to give his best at work as well as at home.
I feel blessed by his presence in my life. I thank god for giving me such an adorable and charming family.

A personal description

A person that I really admire is my friend Paula. She lives in Madrid, so we don't see each other much because of the distance, but when we meet in summer, it's as if we had been together all the year.

Paula is shorter and slimmer than me, although she is quite attractive. She has long, curly, brown hair and big, blue eyes. She is used to wearing high street clothes because she doesn't follow fashion at all.

However, we've got similar personalities: she is really affectionate and reliable, and they are things that make us get on well. Also, she is pretty sensitive because she understands other people's feelings and tries to help everybody. At first, she seemed to be an unkind girl, but life always surprises, and I realized she was so friendly.

I look forward to seeing her as soon as possible. I've got lots of friends who I see very often, but she is probably my best friend.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

We are built to be kind

This is a four-minute video published by some researchers at the University of California. Let us watch it together and do the worksheet below.


Raise your hand when you hear the following words in the video.
Do you know the meaning of all of them?sympathy       offspring       genes       empathy       
frontal lobes        requires        
cognitive achievement        wealth       charity       strength    
personally fulfilling         engage          on behalf of

According to the researchers at UCLA, are the following statements TRUE of FALSE?
1-      If you feel physical pain, a part of your brain hurts.
2-      According to Darwin, compassion is really old in the nervous system.
3-      Compassion, the feeling of caring for someone in need, activates the vagus nerve, the longest bundle of nerves in the human nervous system.
4-      Upper class individuals have a lot of compassion that's produced by lots of wealth.
5-      Lower class individuals give more.
6-      16 percent of what we do is really about maximizing an individual's personal gratification and desire
7-      The brain really cares about other people.

What the difference between empathy and sympathy? Match the words to the definitions.                                
It is about finding a silver lining
It is about making an emotional connection with someone
According to this other three-minute video what is the best thing to say when someone shares something with you which is very difficult?
Do you agree? Why? Why not?