Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My composition by Desi Her

Currently, education is compulsory until the age of sixteen. However, the government is considering raising the age to eighteen.In my view, it's not a good idea for teenagers.

If this idea continues, they way reveal. I belive, many students do not want to study at college, although is a unique experience un life and very importan for your future career. I with everyone had the opportunity to attend it. Moreover, there were people that could not be forced to stay in school.

It is a well known fact that, If the govern continues, it will home adverse events. In addition, If they had stated this idea it would have begun later in the working world. Unless the government acts quickly, and approves this idea. As long as we are aware of the problem the situation will improve.

To sum up, the present school-leaving age is practical and efficient. In fact, these students can begin vocational training earlier. For these reasons, personally, I think that it should not change.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Description my House

The house we are living in is situated in the city of Badalona, We have lived there for more than ten years. This is a fairly large house surrounded with a luxurious garden.

My house consists of four bedrooms, a living-room, a bathroom with a shower, a dining-room, a kitchen and a toilet. It is air-conditioned and well-furnished. The living-room is decorated beautifully. There, on Sundays and holidays my family usually spends the time watching the TV or friends come home. My mother and my sister are diligent and hard-working women. They often keep the house clean and tidy.

On suffocating summer days, we usually take meals in the garden. It is fairly cool and quiet here. We enjoy our meals amid the melodious twitters of birds. On stormy and rainy nights the whole family members gather in the living-room, watching television or telling each other about their daily activities.

I love my house very much because it is the place where I lived when I got here from Argentina and because I have my space to study or to rest easily and I live happily.

A nightmare journey

Last summer I went to my parent`s village. One day there was a fire in the forest of the village.

We were about to have diner. Everyone was tired and hungry because we had had a busy day. Suddenly, I smelt smoke, and looked out the window and saw all the woods on fire. And by the time we realised what was happening, the fire was approaching the village houses. We managed to escape the house, my family and I were terrified, when we left the house we called the fire department.

In the end, Firefighters extinguished the fire after some hard work, thank God nothing happened to anyone. My family and I went home and everything was left in a scare.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

My move

I was born in Barcelona city but when I was two years old my family and I moved to Llefià, in Badalona, because I had allergies and where we lived there was a lot of moisture. O I grew up in Llefià and there I spent a happy childhood. But because of my asthma I couldn't live in that house.
Then, when I was five years old the council gave us an "ofificial protection" house in Montigalà, near the Carrefour. Although the new house was larger and it was located in a nicer place than the old house I didn't want to move and I was so sad and angry with my parents. Although it seems impossible, I already had all my life made in Llefià (at five years old I had my friend, my school, my street where the whole people knew me and where they pampered me...).
Leaving my old neighbourhood hurt me so mach, therefore my parents had to let me live in my old neighbour's house a month in order that rhe change wasn't so sudden for me.
But just the same day I started to attend the new school I forgot all the past. I quickly met friend an I loved my new life. I also managed to keep old friends and I met new friends, and it made me so happy. Now these new friend have become my old friends that I remain with the majority of them from twelve years ago.
House moveing has been one of the best things that happened to me because if it hadn't happened I wouldn't have known the people who are around me now, the people who I love.
But sometimes I think what would have happened if I'd stayed in Llefià.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

What NOT to do on Facebook

This is a funny one-and-a-half-minute video of a 10-year-old kid talking about what not to do on Facebook.

Do you agree with this kid?
Have you got a Facebook account?
If you do, what do you use it for?
Do you spend a great deal of time on it?
Do you know people using it badly?
Have you had requests from your family to be your friends?

Last but not least, are you using FB in English?

Language notes:

It's curious the way the English language converts nouns into verbs so easily.For example, in the video he says:
- Don't facebook-friend you boss!

Or I have heard many times "google" being used as a verb:
- Google it and you'll see!  - Ok! I'll google it!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Into the West

Hi guys!

A few months ago, I told you about Cameron Duncan, a New Zeland boy who died because of an osteosarcoma. Cameron inspired a lot of people in the world, and the people of the movie The Lord of the Rings, who made a song inspired on Cameron's story. This song won an Oscar, and today I want to share with you a little video that I made with this song.
It's just a few beautiful pictures with this awesome song: "Into the West". It's just like a personal tribute to this amazing boy.

I hope you like it!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

My dream house by Desireé Hernández

My dream house would be located in a very quiet place, next to the beach. In this way, I could enjoy the sunrise and sunset views.

From the outside, the house would have to look impressive, with quite a big door and large windows on either side.Inside, it would be very luxurious with a modern decor, and a warm fell throughout the house.

Moreover, it would have a bathroom in each bedroom, on each floor of the house. Also, I am going to have a living room very comfortable and a kitchen with all all appliances needed.

Furthermore, I am going to have a garden at the rear of the house with a nice cold pool. The garden would have many flowers and very varied vegetation and barbecue.

Also, outside the duplex is surrounded by a wall and a gate. It would have a path to the house, and another path to the garage.

In conclusion, I love my house.

My first date by Desireé Hernández

On my first date I was very nervous, I thought: I can't wait!
We met at the school, hurried went the same way but to different classes.We agreed to met in the park. Right away I saw that he was a suitable person, a very cute boy and so cheerful, actually we realized that were devoted to one another.

While we were talking he had been looking at me in the eyes, now and then he laughed.
Afterwards, he walked me home and we said goodbye.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

3D Art

What do you think about this picture?

Breathtaking, isn't it?

I want you to know the name of the artist who made this amazing picture. His name is Edgar Müller, he is a Master of street painting uses the street as a canvas. If one looks from the right spot, its three-dimensional painting becomes the perfect illusion. He paints over large areas of urban public life and gives them a new appearance, thereby challenging the perceptions of passers-by.

If you want to know more about him, you can do it here: http://www.metanamorph.com/

Here you have a video where you can see how he makes the paintings.

Hope you like it!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Conditional Sentences

I've found this cool presentation which I think might be useful for you to revise the 3 conditionals.

View more presentations from Marga Alfonso.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Creative Commons licence

You may have noticed that I have recently published on the left side column of the blog a Creative Commons licence to our posts.

This is important to make clear the intention of the authors regarding intellectual property and to promote the sharing of resources, a free and vibrant culture. I sincerely believe that copyright is one of the great issues of our time.

I was specially thinking about Mireia's creative work in her videos where she puts together a bunch of nice pictures to illustrate a song or writes the subtitles in English and Spanish to some nice videos. I wouldn't be surprised if other teachers and students may want to reuse and share them on other sites, which is fair enough I think, as long as they give credit to the original author and do not make money with it.

There are many licences you can choose from. I have chosen the following licence. Click on the link to see the details.

Creative Commons Licence

If you are not cool on that you can always include a more restricted licence at the bottom of your posts.

I have seen that our blogger classmate Carlos also uses the same licence in his blog animax.

If you want to learn more about what Creative Commons is, I advice you to watch the following explanatory video (here you have the English and Spanish version of the video).

Do you think it is a good thing the whole idea of the Creative Commons?

If you would like to watch it again in Spanish, click on the video below.


Do you like living in a house like this?

Are you very stressed? Are you tired of your life? So, probably you hope to have a holiday. There is a ideal house where you will make the most of your holiday.

This is a detached house that is perfectly situated in one suburbs which is very quiet and there's not any noisy. There is a lot of shops, but it's convenient to live. Also the people are really friendly and warm.

The house is spacious. It was two bedrooms with a comfortable double-bed, a nice chest of drawers and a superb balcony. The bathroom has a spa bath which makes your body really relaxed. In addition, the kitchen is where you can do your favourite food, there is every kitchen appliance that you need, for exemple, mocrowave, furnace, ect. If you don't feel like cooking, no problem, there's a perfect restaurant situated a fifteen-minute walk from the centre. The living room is quite spacious with a nice coffe-table, two very comfortable armchair and a great TV. Moreover, there is Internet, with your computer you keep the communication with your friends. The house has quite big terrace and at night you can see a breathtaking sky with infinite stars, you will feel that is not real!!

This is a magnificent house. Is ideal for one person, couples or friends. The price is very economic! Don't lose this huge chance!!

Monday, 1 November 2010

My first date...

I'm very nervous, there is only one hour for him to pick me up.I'm excited because it's my first date, I hope it's memorable.
The doorbell rings, is it him ? very punctual I think. As he approched, I could feel the soft fragance to dislodge his skin. He took my hand and we went to his car. During the journey, we listened to a song that I like "Need you now", I love it. Getting out of the car, I adjusted my red dress while he was smiling at me a little nervous and cheeky. We were on a beautiful beach, illuminated by the moonlight. In the background, at the end of the bridge I saw a small table with candles, and he said:"Will you follow we?"
A well decorated table, with a tasty dish of Balognase spaghettis waited fot us. The dinner was ideal:we talked, we looked at each other, laughted and shared magic moments.How quickly the time went by, it was late we had to go back. We began to walk towards his car. This time they played a lively song, he was funny as always and began to sing himself.
We got to my porter's lodge while I was looking for my keys, I heard a noise. I turned round he, in a shy way approched and handed me a red rose. I hope you've enjoyed it, he said and with a simple kiss on the check he said goodbye.
I'm in my house and I think every second about what leved. I can't believe it! It was a perfect evening.