Monday, 26 February 2018



I think that comparies which use fashion spies they do it for two reasons:
First and probably most important to increase their gains.
And second, less important but useful to them it's to satisfy people.

These companies increase their gains because fashion spies are responsible to find or create new trends that people, above all Young people will use. Therefore they will buy a lot and gains will increase.

Finally I think that these companies, satisfy people because there are many Young people, adults and elderly people that they like good clothes and fashion spies facilitate people the activity og finding, buying and knowing what clothes to wear to look very good.

In conclusion, fashion spies are just another marketing gimmick but many people like their work  and it you are a fan of fashion this is your job.



After reading the book I can say that it is very interesting. I like foreigner in Britain beacuse I've  learned a lot of things and traditions from different places that I didn't know. Also I can say that the story contains many friendly characters that know the place where they live to perfection.

I love things and traditions that are different from those of Spain. For example, in London pubs close much earlier tan Spain, also the new year in London is fantastic, it is celebrated in Trafalgare square with Big Ben announcing the new year, with people screaming and laughing...

Another very interesting place is York, it's cross railway station is crowded and very big and beautiful but best is the whole story related to the vikings. In york there is the Yorvik viking centre, everything you want to know about them is there.

Another tradition that I like most is Christmas for many reasons. I've learned several things such as they eat a Turkey on Christmas eve instead of Christmas day. They have Crackers! These are cylindrical and made of different color paper, when a person stretches on once side, another person does the same on the other side and... surprise! It has a gift inside. These are very funny.

My favorite part of the book are the legends of Cornwall in Wales. The best legend is that of the piskies, they were Little old men about two centimetres tall, with read hair. They were cheerfull people and they also liked playing jokes on people!.

Finally, there is a tradition in Wales cardift that is very romantic and I love it. It consists of a Young man gives a love spoon to the girl he likes as a symbd of his afection for her.

In conclusion, I am very satisfied and happy because I've read the complete book and I've learned a lot about differetn places. Generally, this is a topic that I like very much an I hope to be able to visit those places very son!.

A Foreigner in Britain


A Foreigner in Britain is a school book that includes a lot of new vocabulary and some interesting expression. This book it's about Antonio and his trips in Britain, he explains his experiences in differents parts of the U.K and the friends that he met there.

This book helps me with my reading comprehension in English, I also learned new vocabulary like “Kilt” that is a Scottish skirt, and now I have an idea what life is like in Britain. I liked the book for the reasons that I said before but also for the interactivity with the main character and the stories he lived in his trips. On the other hand, I think that this book have some tips for fill it, like his romance with a one ex-girlfriend that in my opinion is not important to write in the book.

To conclude, I think it's a good reading book for first of batxillerat, if I could put a mark of it I would put it an eight. I had a good time reading it and I recommend for other years.    +

Thursday, 22 February 2018

The fashion spies


I think a lot things about fashion spies.

Firstly, I would like to say good things about fashion spies. Well, it's good that they have companies using fashion spies, because seeing the clothing style that most people prefer and they try to do the most used clothes, and most favorite clothes.

finally, I would like to say bad things about fashion spies. They use fashion spies, only for their business, and make people spend their money, of the companies. I wouldn't like to do that, only for their good and they aren't interested in the  rest.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Comparatives and Superlatives

Read the following sentences and list the 4 people starting with the youngest. Then list them starting with the shortest.

the youngest <---------------------------------------------> the oldest
jack, molly, nelly, ken
the shortest  <---------------------------------------------> the tallest
molly jack ken nelly

Molly is yourger than Nelly.
Molly is older and shorter than Jack.
Nelly is taller and younger than ken.
Ken is taller than Jack. 

Monday, 12 February 2018

The fashions spies

The fashion spies

I didn't now that there were the fashion spies until I read this essay and now that I know it, I think "seriously are there people who spend the day in the street looking for trends?"
I think that the companies that have fashion spies are intelligent because they observe how the population dresses to adapt their garments to what the people want and this way they sell more and people have what they want. If they asked me to be a fashion spy I would say to them that no, bacuse I am too lazy to do it.
In addition, young people nouwdays spend too much money on clothes and cosmetics. Every day when I go to high school I see the girls of first of eso with a lot of make up and I wonder are they have masks or something?, and also I see them wearing T-shirts so short in winter. I don't know how they don't catch a cold.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

File 3 + 4 exam

  • SB pages 20 - 35 (Files 3 and 4)
  • SB pages 130 - 133 (Grammar Bank)
  • SB pages 153 -154 -155 (Vocabulary Bank)
  • SB page 117 (Writing: An opinion essay)
  • SB pages 42  - 43 (PRACTICAL ENGLISH: Episode 3.  The wrong shoes)
  • SB pages 58 - 59 (PRACTICAL ENGLISH: Episode 4.  At the pharmacy
  • SB page 164 (Irregular verbs)

  • WB pages 17-29
  • WB page 36 (episode 3)
  • WB page 49 (episode 4)

The fashion spies

  • Do you think that young people spend too much money on clothes and cosmetics?

Yes, currently most young people tend to look at the brand of clothes they are going to buy more than the quality of clothes themselves. New clothes are also usually bought every time fashion has canged. 

In the case of cosmetics, it would be practically the same, since new creams, exfoliants, make-up base, lipsticks, etc are always being launched on the market.

An opinion essay

  • Live concerts are the best way to listen to music. What do you think?

In my opinion, live concerts are a funny to listen to music and it is a great experience, because you can see your favorite band or singer in person without a screen in between, listen as he plays or sings without vocal arrangements.

Also, when you are at a concert you can sing your favorite song along with all the fans that are round you while still being able to hear the voice of your favorite band or singer.

There are also times where your band or singer makes a show for all the fans who have attended their concert.

Finally, it is a way to spend a special and unique day with your friends, you can meet new people with your same tastes and maybe start a new friendship.

Reader Assignment

Fortunately, I was able to visit all of Scotland. I traveled all the way to John o'Groats which is located in the far north of Scotland.

Then, I took the ferry to the Orkney Islands, when I got to the islands I went to see the selkies, which are the most fascinating animals of Scottish mythology, selkies are seals capable of taking human form.

In the afternoon I went to the ring Brodgar which is the circle of stunes, where you can find Viking runes engraved on them and, you can also see the sunset. That was a magical exeprience that I can never forget.

On the third day, Martin and I went to drink the
best scotch Whiskeys in the Highland Park distillery, although I prefer beer from the Swannay Brewery distillery.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

The Fonix 2018: Clean and Healthy Planet - "CLEANUP DAY" (info updated)

If you are happy to participate, the best video-presentation will be sent to The Fonix contest by your teacher.
There are 3 categories and each school can only send one video for each category.
The three categories are: 1st and 2nd of ESO, 3rd and 4th of ESO and 1st and 2nd of Batxillerat.
Here you have all the information about it and about the prizes.

The FINAL PRODUCT must be a video-presentation.  

Good luck and happy learning! 

  • Apart from the link that The Fonix has provided for you, here are some interesting TED conferences which you may like to listen to for inspiration. I have the feeling that if you really want to go for the prize you should take some action in your community: that is, identify and explain the problem and then do some Community Action Project. For example, educate the community, organize some clean-up day, collect signatures, etc.  

(information update 4/1/2018)

Dear all, 

I have written to one of the organisers to ask for more details since this is the first year that they are asking us to make a project. You can read below the most relevant infomation that she mentioned:

"Nosaltres posem 6 inputs com exemples  per que n’escolliu 3, tot i això si en tinguessiu altres també servirien.

El video, de maxim 5 minuts, pot incloure els esrtudians explicant el powerpoint, pero tambe serveix qualsevol altra format (sense que surtin en veu en off, actuant, fent entrevista altres persones, amb un prezi, pdf, etc, aqui entra la originalitat tambe a part de detectar el problema de salut indicat en cada etapa.

Us posem unes indicacions tambe:

Heu de presentar un video de maxim 5 minuts, on , sobre un tema generic proposat per la UNESCO , enguany CLEAN AND HEALTHY PLANET  (veure la rubrica de cada etapa), els alumnes hauran de

  •  identificar un problema relacionat amb el tema  en el seu entorn (de col.legi, vivenda,carrer,  barri, poble),  creant debat.

  • organitzar-se en grups una vegada escollits els millor temes que tinguin més possibilitats i cercar i processar informacio al respecte sobre el possible  problema /problemas detectats


  • Que els equips decideixin quin es el millor format, sempre en presentació animada (que inclogui posters, videos, infograma, …etc.on surtin o no ells mateixos actuant, etc.) per explicar la possible solucio al problema que han trobat i donar una solucio presentada en forma audiovisual en forma de video en AVI o MP4, on plasmaran la seva solucio al problema detectat en un video de maxim de 5 minuts .El video amb la veu en off o amb ells com actors, sempre ha de ser en llengua anglesa.
  • Presentar a la classe el seu projecte i solucio al problema i escollir entre tots els grups i professor quin será el projecte a enviar a la final

El centre seleccionarà un unic projecte d'un equip de cada categoria i enviarà el projecte en format vídeo AVI o MP4 amb un maxim de 2 megues de pes.
Els projectes es publicaran al canal de YouTube del Fonix."

The fashion spies

From my point of view, companies are taking advantage of people's clothing, because they know what people like, and the shops can increase the price of trendy clothes.
I am sure that everything in this world is categorised, but specially clothes are very important for the society. Specially during the teen years. It seems like if you aren't in the fashion, you do not belong to them. In my opinion, every person should wear what he or she likes. The type of clothes that makes him or her comfortable, but currently, in our society this is not happening, people are beeing carried away by the stereotype and fashion, because they don't want to be crticized.
If I were asked to be a fashion spy, I would accept the offer because I have curiosity for this kind of jobs. I think it's a way to study how humans are developing in this society.
I strongly believe that young people, like me, are spending a lot of money on clothes, but more in particular, in designer clothes like ''nike'' or ''Hollister'' or clothes like those.
People are buying these expensive clothes just because of the brand, and they think that if they don't wear this type of clothes they will be less popular or something like this.

Thursday, 1 February 2018


Fashion is a category that has existed for a long time. Every season a new trend emerges, but in reality it is all very false. Fashion as a term is very general, everyone can dress as he or she likes. On the other hand, fashion as a category, its only interest is money, so it is purely an economic issue, where people are manipulated to buy what companies want to be bought.

For that, fashion companies use fashion spies to know what people are interested in, and that way they can earn  a lof of money. Going back to what I said before, fashion comes from us and not from fashion companies.

In the case that someday they asked me to be a fashion spy, I would deny the offer, because it seems to me that companies play a lot with people's lives, presenting their clothes with the thinnest models, which causes the youngest girls always to think that they are fat and ugly.