Tuesday, 29 November 2011



The 8 secrets of success

This is a three-minute video which comes from TED.com

We all need some listening practice to improve our English, but not only that! 
Would you like to be successful? 
or a millionaire? 
or fulfill your dreams? 
Listen to this video and maybe we learn how!!

Everything he says makes sense to me and I like his humorous style.
But which of the eight secrets of success do you think is the most important? It's probably a combination of all of them, but is one of them more important than the others?
They don't mention "luck", do you think luck is important at all in life? for example, let's say in exams, is luck important?

You can share your opinions below.

You can check here Richard St.John's full bio and more links.

Monday, 28 November 2011

The best music...

These are my favorite songs, I hope you enjoy it:

S&M (Sado&Masochism) - Rihanna

Papi - Jennifer Lopez

Fly - Nicki Minaj Featuring Rihanna

Yoü and I - Lady GaGa

Marry the Night - Lady GaGa

E.T. (ExtraTerrestrial) - Katy Perry

Firework - Katy Perry

Last Friday Night - Katy Perry

The Time (Dirty Bit) - Black Eyed Peas

My free time

In my free time I do various things.
Whenever I can, I turn on my computer to chat with my friends or play computer games. But I always do my guitar homework and study the new songs for he guitar. Sometimes I study music theory, but I don't like music theory, because it is very difficult and very boring to study.
Occasionally I play videogames in the playstation 3, but I have to climb the staris, I don't play a lot.
On Monday, Wrdnesday and Frifar at eight o'clock, I preapare to go to the gym to do karate kyokushinkai.
I don't like sleeping in the afternoon, I prefer doing something else instead of sleepin.

My friend

My friend Alejandro Navarro is a very important karateca kyokushinkai.
He's thirthy-four years old, and ge's very tall, 1,90 meters tall, and he weights 100 kilograms.
In Novembre there ir a competition, The World Tournamente, fou years a go he was second.
He's got a beard of five years. The beard is very long, he has to plait the beard, tje beard arrives to gis abdomen.
He's very friendly, is vrilliantli at karate, he's won The Europa Torunament seven or eight times.


Two years ago I went to Argentina to visit to my family and my friends. The trip took 13 hours and I was very tired.
I visited a lot of places, for example: the house of my best friend, I went to see a football match, Independiente Vs Argentinos Juniors. After that, I played with my friends football and tennis. I ate a lot of "alfajores". I went to a concert, It was very good. I fought a cocodrile and I ate this cocodrile because It was very good. I was in Argentina for one month.

My free time

At the beginning of my weekends I usually go to the tennis club. In the club I play tennis and I stay to eat with my brothers and my friends.
After that I take a shower and then I go home.
Usually I play with my PS3 and after that I do homework. Afetr the homework, my father makes a barbacue an then we sit down to watch football.
My favorite part is when I go to the tennis club because I go with my brother and my friends.

An unforgettable holiday

I went to Palamós with my family last year.
As soon as we arrived, we went to the hotel to leave the bags.
My cousin Luis, likes exciting holidays, but I like to relax, so we went for along the shore the beach.

Suddenly, I left as if someone pushed me and I fell into the water dressed!
then I wanted to kill my cousin, but later that day, while my cousin was having a bath in the pool, I was took his clothes and left only a towel. When he left the pool, he had to go to his room with a towel.

Afetrwards, I didn't fell so bad, because I got my revenge and I decided, I don't like exciting holidays!

Description a friend

My friend Selena is very generous and cheerful.
She's sixteen years old, and she's tall.
She's slim and she's got a long brown hair and brown eyes.

Selena is sensitive and friendly.
She's intelligent but she's insecure and I think she should be more self-confident.
She plays football and she's very fast when she plays this sport.

She's studying Greek and Latin, she's very good at Latin.
She has good marks in this subject.

Selena and I are friends but we are a little different.
All in all, Selena is a fantastic friend.

My interests

One of my main interest is haning out with my friends.
I like shopping and watching films but my favourite interest is shopping, I love shopping!.
My friends and I sometimes go to the cinema.

My other interests are listening to music and animals cure.
Curing animals is completely different from shopping, but it is very satisfactory.
Every summer I volunteer an animal shelter, I think we have to help as we can.
I also like listening to music, I think it's fun.

I've got lots of different interests, so I'm never bored.
My favourite hobby is curing animlas, because I like help.

My friend Artur

His name is Artur Riera, He is 16 years old. He goes to chool with me and He is my friend. He have a brown hair and brown eyes, He is slim.
Artur is very friendly and funny. He is very talkative and hard-working. He is a good student in the maths class. He does karate and He usually plays basketball.
He listens a lot of music for example: Oasis. He plays games with his PS3, action games, sport and adventure games. He is an expert on computers. Artur plays the guitar very well, he goes to a music school.

What I do in my freetime (Jose Consuegra)

In my freetime I like to keep myself busy, normaly I have not got so much freetime because i study in the morning and in the evening but when i have it I like reading whating movies and television series but what i like most to do is swiming with my frieds outside and i like going to run when its good wheather along the promenade.

The sports that i like practising are soccer and basketball, and when i have the change i also like swim, i love it.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

My memorable Experience

Four years ago I went to France, to Paris, I had never been in France before I went there. I went there on my holidays, and I went with my parents. This experience was very exciting. As soon as we arrived, we went to the hotel, and it was so beautiful. The hotel was very big, glamourous and luxurious. After that, we went to Paris city...

At first, we went to visit the Eiffel tower, it is fantastic.
Afterwards, we went to an expensive and romantic restaurant. The food was wonderfully good, was terrific. I had never been to a restaurant so luxurious until we went there. After that, we returned to the hotel.
The following day, we went to Disneyland Paris. All the day was fantastic and incredibly exciting.

All in all, these were my favorite experiences, my favorite holiday...
By: Joel

Description - My best Friend

My friend Anna is in the same class as me at school. She's sixteen years old, and she's short. She has brown eyes and she wears glasses, but she usually wears lenses. Her hair is so beautiful...
Her hair is long, straight, lovely, shining and soft. Everybody loves her, and she's the best friend a person can have, you can always rely on her... she's brilliant.

Anna is cheerful, happy, pretty, confident, sensitive, helpful, polite, friendly, sociable, sensible, intelligent, generous... in the main, she's amazing. In fact, she's very intelligent although she thinks otherwise.
When I need it, she always helps me. She loves music and she's always trendy. Also, she dances brilliantly.

She's my best friend and we get on really well, I love her too much. All in all, she's a beautiful person; I never want to lose her.

Everyone should have a friend like her...
By: Joel

In my free time...

One of my interests is music:

I like it because it's the only thing that gives me freedom, that lets me free.
When I have a lot of problems I want to play music.
I do it when I can, when I have free time, or when I have a break.
In my free time I want to play the piano or flute, or compose my own music.

My second interest is surfing the internet:
I like it because it gives me entertainment and a wide range of possibilities to do.
I do it when I can, when I have free time.

Obviously, I prefer music, because it's my life...
By: Joel

Thursday, 24 November 2011

An unforgettable holiday

I’ve been to Bora Bora with my best friends Marta and Andrea. We went to a hotel in Motus. As soon as we arrived, I went to the bungalows in the water and we left our bags there.
Then we went to the spa, because we like to relax. Afterwards we went to the beach. Andrea likes to relax and she sunbathed on the beach. Marta and I like active holidays, therefore Marta and I went to swim with dolphins, they are very beautiful. Then we dived. We saw corals, and stingrays. Afterwards we went to feed sharks.
Later, we saw monuments and stone temples, in Anau, Vaitape and Faanui and took photos. Then we bought souvenirs.
Ultimately Marta, Andrea and I went to the hotel and we saw fishes, stingrays, turtles… through the ground glass. We ate mahi mahi and we slept in the bungalow.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Unforgettable holidays

This summer my family, a friend, Miguel and I went to Germany. We arrived at 18:30 at the hotel. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, Miguel and I went for a walk around the hotel. My family like relaxing holidays but Miguel and I prefer an active holidays.
That night, when we finished dinner, Miguel and I went to the disco. We danced in the disco while two girls ask me " Wie spät ist? (what time is it?). After that, at half past three Miguel and I went to the hotel.
The next day, at five o'clock, we went to museums and saw the Brandenburg Gate. Later, we went to dinner at a restaurant. At the restaurant we ate Bulette and Berlinen Pfannkuchen.
In Germany we saw many monuments, and three of the six night, Miguel and I went to the disco. It was an unforgettable holiday.

Description of a friend

My friend Miguel is seventeen years old and he's fairly tall for his age. He's slim, and he's got long, brown hair and green eyes.
Miguel is quite confident and friendly. He's very talkative, and he talks with most people. He's always talking, particulary with his friends. He's brilliant at maths and science. Miguel speaks English well because he lived four years in London. He's very simphathetic and he helps his friends.
Miguel and I are good at maths but at the other things it's very different. All in all, I think Miguel is a great friend. Everyone should have a friend like him.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My typical weekend

On Friday, after school I like having lunch early and then, I usually play with the PS3 and sometimes I check a little bit my facebook. Then I hang out with my friends. When I return home I dinner and watch TV too.

On Saturday, I like getting up late and having a quick breakfast, after that I do some homework. In the afernoon, I have lunch and then I hang out with my friends. Sometimes on Saturday I have dinner with my friends and, then, I go home to sleep.

On Sunday, I get up later too and in the morning I like playing with the PS3 and checking facebook too. In the afternoon I do the rest of homework, and if I have time I like watching TV.

Víctor Sáez

My Celebrity

Jorge Lorenzo

First of all, Jorge Lorenzo is a motorcycle road racer in the MotoGP Championship. He is very friendly, sensible, and the most important thing in my opinion: he is the best. He runs for official Yamaha team and he is the 1st rider of the team. On the last championship he won it, although he also won twice the 250cc championship.

Jorge is a very important sportsman in Spain, but we can't forget Dani Pedrosa, because inasmuch as his personality he is more cheerful than Dani, but Dani is more sensible. And finally, on the asphalt I think the two are very good.

Víctor Sáez

Friday, 11 November 2011


My best friend is one of the kindest persons I know. She is dark-skinned, medium height, and slim in aspect. In dress and manners …what can I say? She always makes the right choice! (Although, almost all her dresses are black. That is a little boring, at least for me).

She has got a lot of qualities, but there is one thing I love the most about her: She always tries to help as much as she can. Maybe that sounds rare, but for me it’s an astonishing quality.
She has got a lot of hobbies but the one she loves the most is manga. All her drawings are made as is due. Maybe that’s why all her drawings are just mind-blowing. She is very professional, organized, businesslike and yet somehow a little clumsy.

I haven’t seen her for 5 years now! But I can still make a guess about how she looks like. I suppose she is taller and maybe less butterfingered. I’m sure she has got good-looking features.

I’m sure we’ll meet soon or at least I hope that.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My best friend

My friend Victor is in the same class as me at school. He's sixteen years old, and he's tall for his age. He's thin, and he has got fair skin, green eyes and short red hair.

Victor is very cheerful, he's never angry. Also, he's very generous and polite with all people. We never fall out. I count on him a lot because he's very sensible.
He's good at sports. He used to play basketball two years ago. He played brilliantly!

Although Victor and I are very different, our friendship is very strong!

What I like doing in my free time

One of my main interests is skateboarding. Every day I go to skate to the skateplace of Los Planos. I have a lot of friends in the park. At nights I watch videos of my friends or professionals riders. At the weekend I go to Barcelona to practise, I like the places there. Once a month I compete in contests with other people of other cities: last year I finished third of Cataluña.

My other interest is playing football. I love playing football with my team, the CE Sant Gabriel. Sometimes I go to stadium to play matches versus other teams. I like it because is a collective sport.

I love the two sports, but I love more skateboarding, because it is more freedom; I skate when I want, and not when the trainer wants. In addition, with skateboarding I travel to other cities and countries!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

My best friend

I’m going to talk about my best friend. She’s Marta. She was with me in the same class at primary. She’s seventeen years old, and she’s medium height and fairly slim. She’s got brown hair, and it’s long and straight. She’s got brown eyes.
Marta is quiet cheerful, friendly, imaginative and funny. She’s very affectionate and sociable. She likes order, and she’s very tidy and organized. She doesn’t like untidy people at all.
She’s quiet and shy. It’s difficult for her to make new friends.
Although Marta and I are very different, we get on really well. All in all, I think Marta is my best friend. I love her because is patient and charming with me.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Description of a person

My friend Sandra, She's seventeen years old.
She's slim, and she's got short, dark hair and green eyes.
She is farly tall. We have been friends for six years, thanks to school.

She is quite friendly and very confident. In fact, she is very talkative,
She's always talking. We studied together but she left her studies.

Sandra is a very special person for me, because when we're together
time is short. I like very much to be her friend. She is a very good friend,
the best!