Monday, 24 December 2018


Hi, my name is Abir and I am 17 years old. I was born in 2001 and since then I have lived in Badalona, it is a town located on the outskirts of Barcelona. I live with my parents and my two little siblings, so I am the oldest sister. Right now I am  studying my last year in high school, I still don't know very well what I want to dedicate professionally, anyway, I think I will make a scientific career.

I am 1.65 m tall, here in Spain that is to be in the middle height, so I consider myself a tall girl. My hair is wavy and black, my eyes are big and dark brown. I have been wearing glasses since I was 12 years old, but I am thinking about wearing contact lenses.

I am very hard-working and ambitious person, that sometimes stresses me a bit but it is okay, being that way helps me to improve as a student. I like to meet new people. I also consider myself a person who takes care of the rest, I think it is because of being the older sister in my house.

When I have time I like to go out with my family or with my friends, having fun with them is what a like the most. Whenever I can, I listen to music in English, that helps me to improve my level. And I love photography, I think it is a way to freeze all the good moments.  


Different, happier ending of Part One 
The handsome young man and Dorothy were already at the Municipal Building. He was thinking of some excuse to take Dorothy to the roof, then he said: Darling, why do not we climb the roof and smoke a cigarette? Anyway the Marriage License Bureau will not open until twelve, there is still half an hour before then. She nodded and took his hand.

As they climbed the stairs in silence, the handsome  young man did not stop looking at Dorothy, he had never seen her so beautiful. She looked like an angel in that long white dress, she was too innocent to deserve a punishment like death.

Suddenly the boy began to feel remorse, now he felt unable to kill Dorothy, even though he did not love her, they had spent many good times together, and after all, she was pregnant with his child. Could he live with that guilt for the rest of his life? probably not.

They were already on the roof, Dorothy seemed very calm and serene, the young man without thinking twice took Dorothy's hand, hugged and kissed her hard, closed the door of the roof and ran down the stairs.

He had a plan B, if he did not feel courage to kill Dorothy he would escape from the city, by the time the suicide note reached Ellen, he would already be far away and would never be caught.

The young man had family in Russia and they would surely welcome him for a while. In Russia he could start a new life, without money, but at least, he could sleep at night without remorse. Besides, maybe Dorothy, feeling lonely, would abort the baby and everything will be fine again.


If we talk about real friends, I can sure that you won't have friends for your money, but if people are interested in you just for what you had, that is a bit sad, because they don't love you they love your money, so they are not your friends.

A friend is someone who loves you no matter what, even if you are poor or rich, a relationship can not be built with money, but with love.

I wish everyone had that last sentence very clear in their minds, because you have to be careful choosing who are your real friends and who are not.

Friends that love you just for your money, when you waste all that you have, I can asure you they will not be there for you.


It is true, I totally agree with this topic. Nowadays, society is becoming a society of consumerism. People buy things that they don't need, just for the reason that it is Black Friday and we have to buy everything we can. It is like an obligation, or at least, people think it is an obligation.

In my opinion, it is good to have a day with bargains, but we need to realize the real objective with Black Friday, and other days like that one.

People need to be kind and humble with the rest of the world, I mean, on Black Friday people waste money on a lot of things, that maybe they will not use and... What about African kids? What about people don't have food? What about homeless? Those need more help, this people need money, and the only thing we do in days like Balck Friday is waste money on unnecessary things.

I wish people realized this fact and tried to change the superficiality in this mad world.


Relation between idea and thing/concept according to Platon

For Palton the idea does nor depend on the mind to be. For him the Word idea is not equal to concept, there are different definitions. For Platon, ideas are in the intelligible world, but the concepts of things are found in the sensitive world. Why does he say that? In fact, the concept can change according to the person, so, if there are several concepts for a single object, this can not be part of an intelligible world, but the sensitive world (there everything changes constantly), on the other hand the idea is unique (it does not change) that is why it belongs to the intelligible world.

An example of a concept would be the table. We all understand what a table is, because all of us have the same idea, in contrast, when we talk about the concepts is different, I mean, my concept of table will be different from the concept "table" of another person. Maybe I can imagine a brown table, and another person imagine it green. For this reason, Platon says that there are several concepts for a single idea. The concepts are in the mind, but the idea is independent of the mind, the idea is beyond. The idea trascends the things, it is an objective reality (unique, it does not change), while the concept is subjective (varies according to the subjects).

There is an important name that you have to know, it is "Demiürg", this is a formator God that gives form to the idea, for example, to form a case what the "Demiürg" would do is to take the idea case, take a little mass and create the case, shape the case. So, the idea would be used as a mold.


First of all, being with my family, spending time with them, seeing them happy, with health, that's what makes me happy. 

Going out with my friends, having fun and laughing a lot, that satisfies me. Sometimes the best plans are those that are not planned. I remember once, I was sick and I felt bad, so a friend of mine came to my house and took me to the cinema, we saw a fun movie, we were laghing all the way throw and when we left the cinema, I felt cured of my cold. 

My perfect plan for a winter afternoon will always be to curl up in a blanket, with a hot ColaCao in my hand, and listen to music or watch a movie. 

That may sound a bit silly, but it makes me very happy to get good grades, I feel proud of myself when I get excellent, although for this there is much effort behind.

Waking up early in the morning, going out to the street and listening to the birds singing while the wind blows in my face. It sounds very cheesy but sometimes the small details can make us the happiest in the world. 

Trevel. I think it is one of the things I like to do the most. That emotion that I feel, and those nerves that one has before taking the road are the most. 

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Follow-up to a TED Conference

What adjectives would you use to describe it?

funny     persuasive     courageous     informative     beautiful

jaw-dropping     ingenious     fascinating     inspiring     disappointing



-          Write 3 words you want to use more often:
_______________      _______________      _______________

-          Write 2 longer expressions with their equivalents in your language:
_________________________     =      _________________________
_________________________     =      _________________________

Useful language:
·         What I found most surprising was ........
·         I think the most interesting thing about the conference is......
·         I already knew ...... but I was shocked that ......

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The Theory Of Ideas by Plato

The Theory Of Ideas by Plato

The Theory of Ideas raises the existence of two worlds: the intelligible world and the sensitive world.

The intelligible world is eternal, unconceived, immobile and, therefore, it is a world in which nothing changes. Here it is where there is the "eidos", which is what determines the ideas, the real being or knowledge ( episteme ). In the intelligible world the ideas represent the essences of the objects of knowledge. Those ideas exist indepently of the subject that thinks them and of the objects of which they are essence so, the ideas are unique, eternal and immutable.

However, the sensitive world is submitted to change, here it is where we find the things that are susceptible to opinion ( doxa ). Therefore, this one will not be permanent, not fix, not dtermining and in consequence it will never have validity for the knowledge, that is, you can never say what they really are. Here, we receive sensations ( aisthesis )  and they are these those who fill the sensitive knowledge. Thanks to the aisthesis we catch the sensitive figure, the images and they allow us, therefore, the capture of something that belongs to the plane of the things.
In this way, Plato, with the methesis, explains to us the relation among the sensitive world and the intelligible world. And with the mimesis he tells us that the things of the sensitive world are related to the ideas because they are an imitation of the above mentioned, so that things are a mimesis or imitation of the ideas.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Writing Workshop 1


A) Brainstorm the content

1.    Think about the topic and if necessary, research it.
2.    Remember / revise the topic vocabulary.
3.    List the main points before you start writing.
4.    Think of examples to back up each point

B) Organize the paragraphs

1.    Decide how many paragraphs you need.
2.    Decide on the content of each paragraph and list the main points.
3.    Use linkers to connect your ideas.

An article:

The Spanish: What we are really like

Paragraph 1:
The stereotype of people from my country
(noisy, are always late, like paella and bullfighting, sing flamenco all the time)

Paragraph 2:
What’s true / what’s not true about the stereotype

(true: noisy, like paella, Not true: not everybody likes flamenco or sings it!....)

Tuesday, 20 November 2018


Elite, is a series of Netflix for teenagers. Three poor teenagers run out of school because it collapses. They are granted a scholarship to enter a school of people with money. When they arrive at the new institute they face the reflection of their new rich classmates. Two stereotypes are shown: the rich and arrogant people. And the humbre poor people who do not realize the manipulation.
Through out the story we try to discover the mystery of a murder inthe high school.
I recommend this series to all my people, because it is very entertaining, and you enjoy a while. you also learn many values, I encourage you to see it

Monday, 29 October 2018


Castle is an American detective series starring Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion. The series is about a writer, Richard Castel, who spends time with the New York police, assisting in homicide cases with Inspector Catherin Beckett. Day after day, they fall in love more and more,  finally they get married in the second season.

I recommend seeing it because the truth is that the crime scenes are very original and the cases are different from each other, besides Richard is a very funny man and the chapters are very entertaining. 
I hope you enjoy it!


I'm going to explain a little bit about Abir.
Abir has been my best friend for four years, I met her at school. She's 17 years old, like me. She is studying the second year of 'Batxillerat' in Badalona, and currently she doesn't work, because she doesn't have enough free time.
Her parents are from Morocco, and she and her two younger brothers were born in Spain. Her mother tongue is Arabic, but she also goes to an English Academy four hourrs a week to improve this language, and because it will serve her in the future. As you can see, she is multilingual, she speaks Catalan, Spanish, English and Arabic.

She is very kind polite with others, she always tries to help when someone has a problem, she is very supportive and very emphatic, she knows how to put herself in the skin of the other. She is very careful with her things, for her everything has great value. Another value that characterizes her, is that she is very independent, she does not need anyone to be behind her all day, and also very responsible and organized. She is very self-confident and very positive when faced with a problem and has great abilities to overcome them.
SHe is very curious girl, she likes to learn new things. She also loves to be with her friends, go shopping, go for a walk. Without forggeting that she adores her family, and always spend  lot of time with them. If she has free time, she likes to go to the gym, exfoliate, free herself.

I have a lot of conficende with Abir, because we see each other in class every day. During the summer there is no school, but we go out for dinner, explain our problems.
Next year she wants to go to the univerity, she does not know what degree to do, but she knows that it will be related to sciences. Years later, she wants tostart a family and get married.

I hope that when you meet her, you get along very well,


Elite, is a series of Netflix for teenagers.
Three poorteenagers run out of school beacuse it collapses. They are granted a scholarship to enter a school of people with money. When they arrive at the new institute they face the reflection of their new rich classmates.
Two stereotypes are shown: the ricch and arrogant people. And the humble poor people who do not realize the manipulation.
Throughout the story we try to discover the mystery of a murder in the high school.
I recommend this series to all teenagers who want to entertain themselves for a while, and to all people who like intrigue and mystery.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018


There are many ways to learn languages specially English, which is very important language. It is becoming more and more widespread and son we will need it for all kind of Jobs. Also, if you love to travel, English will be very useful for you.

Sometimes attending your English clases is not enough, and you have to find other ways to supplement your learning. Here you have some tips that will surely help you to improve your English.

1. Working on pronunciation is very important and there is not a better way to do it than watching movies and videos in English. I recommend that you suscribe to channels in English. Youtubers and Influencers are very fashionable nowadays, watching their daily routines in English will help you learn a lot of vocabulary and above all improve your pronunciation.

2. The mobile is a tool that we use almost 24 hours a day, how about changing the settings of your cell phone from Spanish or Catalan language to English? There are very interesting words to learn like: low battery, reminders, wallpapers, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

3. A very useful technique to learn everyday household words is to write them on papers and paste them on the object. Visual memory helps to learn without realizing it.

We live in a world of facilities, everything is simple and fast, so let's take advantage of it to learn.

Saturday, 20 October 2018


I am going to describe a friend of mine called Amal, she is 16 years old and she is from Badalona. She lives with her parents and little sisters, sometimes her grabdmother and grandfather come to Badalona to visit her, at present they live in Morrocco. The fact is that her extended family lives here in Badalona so they can see each other very often. Amal is studying fist os a social baccalaureate. At the beginning it was not clear to her, she was not sure if she was capable but finally she plucked up enough courage and now she is doing it very well. 

She is incredibly friendly, she is really outgoing and nice to other people, she has a very strong personality that helps her to be independent and, sometimes, she is a bit loud, but that is because she is very funny and she likes to laugh very loudly. When we go down the street and she starts laughing, all the people turn to watch us and it is embarrassing for me, but it is okey. In fact, what I like most about her is that she always makes me laugh, and it is something that I should thank her. About how she looks like, I can say she is a beautiful girl. She is medium hig, which is a veil worn by some Muslim women, which usually covers the head and chest. She usually wears trainers and trousers or colorful dresses.

She likes to go out with her friends, and have some drinks or eat out. When she is resting at home she usually listens to music or makes muffins, she likes to cook desserts, she says it is a way to relax.

At the moment she is studying baccalaureate, but in two years she is going to do a law degree, because she wants to be a lawyer. This summer she is going to do the theoretical driving test, and I am sure she will pass it. 


This girl is Sana, she's 16 yers old and lives in Marocco with her family; the parents, 2 brothers and a sisters. She a sudent in a high school, I don't remember how it is called, but i know she studies the scientific Batxillerat, I mean, the equivalent of it in Marocco.

She's very beautiful, her skin is very tanned. She has big and green eyes, her hair is very long, wavy and brunette. She's taller than me. She has a mole in her forehead. She's absolutely hilarious, but sometimes she's very bossy. She's very intelligent, the most intelligent in her class.

Sana wants to be a Police officer in the future, because she likes it, i don't know why. Also she's likes travelling a lot, the same as me, so we are going to decided travel together, we are going to go to Sahara, a chance to get to know ech other better.

I've known her since I was little. I visit her when I travel to morocco. When i visit her we make a lot things together, for example go shopping, or talking about the life. When we grow up we will travel a lot.

She doesn't like eat a lot of chocolate, and candies, the opposite of me.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Barack Obama

Barack Obama is an American politician who became the 44th president of the United States of America. He was born in August 4th, 1961 in the city of Honolulu, Hawai and nowdays he is 57 years old. Barack Obama is a son of Barack Obama Mr, a Kenyan economist; and Stanley Ann Dunham, an American anthropologist.
Barack Obama is a very extrovert, reliable and capable person. He has a great leadership and also he is altruistic because he wishes the good od the persons in a desinteresed way. H ealso listens to the opinions of other persons even if they are in contradiction with his opinions, it helps him to take better decisions because he can see other points of view.
Barack Obama is keen on basketball, he actually adapted the tennis  court in the With House grounds into a basketball court. He likes to play poker and golf. Also, he likes to read and write books. He wrote "The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream".
One of Barack Obama's future plans is to write a book or to support young democrats. He said that he would like to create plataforms to form, to give power, to connect and to encourage the next generation of leaders.

Are we too dependent on mobile phones?

The mobile phone is a device that receives ans sends out communications to long distance and is connected to a telephonic network. The mobile phone was invented in 1854 by Antonio Meucci and since then the frecuency of use of this divce has increased notrably.
Nowdays, people don't go out to the street without their mobile because we can do meny things with it. With this device we can make calls, take photos, put alarms, see videos...
I think that the mobile phone is an adventatge and simultaneously a disaventatge, because thanks to it we have left aside many things that we were in the habit of doing. The people should control the use of the mobile phone to enjoy a bit more what we have araound us.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Melanie Magallanes

My classmate Melanie is medium height, she has curly and brown hair, her skin has the same color like canella, she had brown eyes and big mouth. She always wears very nice, and I never see it without high heel shoes. She's a very nice person, the best of class, she always help and with very good character, one thing that I like a lot of she, she is very neat and meticulous with his things, everything must be in its place, if every thig don’t stay in its place, must mean that it’s wrong placed.
When I got to school, she approached me to talk to me so I wouldn't feel alone. Later I found out that his older brother was also going to our class, unfortunately now he is not going to our class, but I see in the break. This year we don’t talk as much as last year but once in a while we give a big friends hug.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Friends (making conversation)

Do you agree?

  1. Your best friend can't be a member of your family.
  2. It's difficult to have a best friend of the opposite sex.
  3. It's impossible to stay good friends with an ex-partner. 
  4. Men have more close friends that women. 
  5. Men keep their friends longer than women.
I agree.  /  I strongly agree. 
I don't agree.  /  I strongly disagree. 
I'm not sure.   /   It might be true.
(I think) it depends.
For example,.....  /  For instance,.....

As far as I'm concerned, ......
As I see it, ......
Yes, but.....

Thursday, 7 June 2018


I would talk to him trying to convince him not to cheat more in the exams and help him to study more before important exams. Also, if he continues cheating he will change and he will be hypocritical and I wouldn't be his friend anymore.

First of all, I don't like going into people's issues. So if she thinks that she's doing well, she should know. But if she is thinking about beeing unfaithful, I will talk with her, because if she doesn't want to be in a relationship with that boy, it's better break down that relationship to avoid pity

First. I'd try to convince my brother to stop smoking, because it's really bad for the health. If I can't convince him, Ill buy him an electronic cigarrette which is better than common cogarrettes, but I will never buy him any type of drugs.

Stephen King's Biography

Stephen King was born on September 21st, 1941, in Portland, Maine. He graduated from University of Maine and later worked as a teacher while he was becoming a writer. He was also published books under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. King's first horror novel was ''Carrie'', which was a huge success. Over the years, Stephen King has become known for titles that are both commercially succesfull and sometimes critically acclaimed. His books have sold more than 350 million of copies wolrdwide and they have been adapted into numerous fantastic films.
King stayed close to home for college, attending the University of Maine, at Oronto. There he wrote for school's newspaper and served in its students government. While he was at school, he published his first short, which appeared in ''Startling Mystery Stories''.

Resultado de imagen de stephen king

Giving an advice

You are completely against smoking. Your brother asks you to bring him a
carton of cigarettes from the Duty-Free Shop when you go to London next
week so that he can save some money. What would you do?
If I knew that my brother smokes, I would it to say my mother and I wouldn’t buy
the cigarettes carton because it goes against my ideals.
Moreover, I would talk with him and I would warn him about all the problems
that tobacco causes.
You have noticed your best friend cheating in an end-of-term exam. A lot of
teens cheat, but you and your friend have always been against it, up to
now. What would you do?
If I knew that my best friend has copied in an exam I would respect his
decision because it is his problem and if I said something I would annoy him so
Also, I would talk with him and I would tell him that If he doesn’t study, he
has to assume the consequences.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

A Biography

A Biography (Ernest Dift)

Ernest Dift is a Spanish Youtuber that has changed my point of view. Manly he takes care about the people that want to do a change on their live and he encourages people and he helps us to have a healthy lifestyle (a healthy body and a healthy mind).
He was born in 1994 in Catalonia, Spain (specifically in Barcelona). He started training when he was 15. He said “At that age, it was the first time I experienced the incredible feeling of lifting weights in a gym”. He likes the personal progress and improve his mind. For this reason, he reads some books about the personal progress and about the wealth that you can use to improve your mind and after that he shares his experiences and point of view with us.
After three years training, between 18 and 19 and with his unstoppable desire of knowing the world he convinced his parents and he moved to Leeds in England, where he spent 9 months trying to make a living. There, he found his first job with a contract, on the maintenance team of a gym.

When he came back to Barcelona, he started to train to be a personal trainer and after that he followed the footsteps of Steve Cook (an American fitness Youtuber) and he opened his YouTube channel when he was 21 years old.



I send you this email to help you and about the issue that you spoke to me about.

I think you should talk to your friend and tell her what you think, she can say that ou are exaggerating or are your imagination but you had better say so.

Tell her why think it, and it may be she ses you're right or she explains why you are wrong and you realize that you are wrong.

If I were you, I would do it.

I advise you to do this because I think you don't want lo lose a friend because one day you can't stand hold on to her boyfriend and bounces against him, for example.

Good luck, be brave and tell the truth at all time.

PD. Don't try to break the relationship of she and her boyfriend, it's a free tip ; )

My gap-year

My gap-year:

If I had enough the money, I would go to Ireland and Switzerland.

I want to go to Ireland because I've always been attracted to their culture and their landscapes.

I want to o to Switzerland because I went there when I was about two or three years old with my family and I don't remember anything about the trip.

When I go to Ireland, I would eat its traditional dishes such as Fish and Chips, pancake and the famous beer, Guinnes.

When I go to Switzerland, I would eat its traditional dishes such as Fondee of cheese, chocolate and beer in a traditional ger.

In Ireland, I will learn:
Its language: Irish is spoken mostly in small areas, although it is spoken throughout the territory and irish is spoken to a leeser extent in Nothern Ireland, which is part of Great Britain.
Its music: I would like to learn to play the violin in the plac where it was created.
And its dance: I would like to learn to dance the beautiful Irish dance.

In Switzerland, I will learn:
I would like to learn about CERN and visit Albert Einstein's house, I would like to go to the traditional factory of Emmental cheese and learn to do it and al I really like the mountain and I couldn't leave without visiting them or not the villange or the farm of Sant Bernardos.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

My gap-year

First of all, if I had enough time, I would like to go to all places in the world, but there's a place that I've kept dreaming about travelling there since I was a child. This place is Hawaii. But, why have I chosen Hawaii? Because I really like Hawaii's landscape; the Pacific Ocean, and its culture.
What would I learn? I would like to learn alot of things in Hawaii, but specially surfing and swimmming underwater to observe the coral reef. And obviously, I would like to practice and improve my English. Also, I would like to learn a lot of things about Hawaii's culture and traditions like moai and firebreather.
What would I eat? In Hawaii, there's a lot of exotic food, but there are three meals that I'm sure I will love if I can taste them. These are ''lomi lomi'', wich are made with vegetables adn beef, ''kalbi ribs'' made with shark rib and traditional vegetables of Hawaii, and finally; ''lau lau''' made with pig meat wrapped with ''taro'' sheet.
Resultado de imagen de hawaii
Resultado de imagen de hawaii  Resultado de imagen de surfing hawaii

Biography of a classmate

Biography of a classmate.

Ariadna Montesinos Royo was born in March 22nd, 2001 in Sant Pau, Barcelona. She is a student of the scientific Batxillerat in INS La Pineda. Her mother, Alicia Royo Martin, works as a butcher and her father, Andreu Montsinos Ruando, works as an engineer.
Ariadna Montesinos has had many pets, nowdays, she has a rabbit called Moustache and a cat called Pearl. She was doing rhytmic gymnastics but she gave it up because this sport caused back pain to her. She studied Compulsory Secundary Education in the high school INS La Pineda. In this high school she has made many good friends and very good memories.
At the moment, Ariadna Montesinos is studying scientific Batxillerat in INS La Pineda to go to the university become a teacher of chemistry. She surely will fullfill her dream.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Reader assignment:

Writing suggestions:

Friday, March 23:
Today I had to go to the institute to pick up my second trimester grades, then I returned home and spent the afternoon watchimg my korean online series.

Saturday, March 24:
My mother got angry with me for not accompanying her to the Boqueria, in Bracelona. Meanwhile, I cleaned the house and I started to see my chinese online series.

Sunday, March 25:
Today my mother woke up my father and me at 6am to go running until 8am. I came home tired after going out to run, yesterday I went to sleep at 2am. After breakfast we started cleaning the whole house. That day really exhausting.

Monday, March 26:
It was my lazy, I didn't do anything practically all day apart from reading and listening to music. Even though I did the home work they had given us for Easter.

Tuesday, March 27:
My parents and I went shopping for the week at Carrefour and when we got home we did a movie session.

Wednesday, March 28:
I had to take care of my neighbor's two children, although they paid me 30 euros for 4 hours, so it wasn't so bad. Also their children were so cute and calm.

Thursday, March 29:
This was the day to go shopping. It was super fun.

Friday 30th and Saturday 31st of March:

Today my mother made us go out for a walk with my father and me throughout Barcelona. It was fun and at the same time tiring.

Sunday, April 1:
I spent the whole day doing the Easter homework.

Monday, April 2:
It was the last day of Easter rest. Tomorrow will be the day of returning to the institute and I will have to get up early.


What would you do?

  • You have noticed your best fri8end cheating in an end of term exam. A lot of teens cheat, but you and your friend have always been against it, up to now. What would you do?
I would talk to my friend and ask him:Why did he cheat on the exam? Maybe he didn't prepare well for the exam? But in any case it wouldn't be something about which he was angry, just surprised.

  • Your sister has a boyfriend and one day she asks you to answer the phone and tell her boyfriend she's ill and that she can't go out that Saturday night. You know she's planning to meet another boy that night. What would you do?
I would ask her if something had happened between her and her boyfriend, about which she was angry with her boyfriend and he still doesn't know about his anger? And if so, I would advise her to talk to him. And if that isn't the case, I would advise her not to do it.

  • You are completely against smoking. Your brother asks you to bring him a carton of cigarettes from the Duty Free Shop when you go to London next week so that he can save some money. What would you do? 
I don't know what I would bring, not only because I am against smoking, but also because taht hurts. I would advise him to quit smoking, although he may not pay attention, he would still try.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

A Foreigner in Britain

  • Write about what you’ve learned from the story.

A Foreigner in Britain is a good book specially if you want to get some
information of an English city or village and have a nice and organized trip.

I have learned that even though London is known as a very modern and
cosmopolitan city, it is also very traditional. For example, one of
the most distinctive traditions that we can find is the afternoon tea. At
around four o'clock, everyone in London tends to prepare a good cup of
tea at their homes or goes to a tearoom to enjoy a variety of teas and atmospheres.
On the other hand, London has a great mixture of cultures and its diversity
is what makes it a very special city. People from almost every part of
the world live there and, if eating different types of food is what you like
to do, going to London is the first thing you should do. For instance, Indian
food is especially popular and it is very easy to find  good indian restaurants
around the city. Another example of its diversity is the Caribbean carnival.
This carnival takes place towards the end of August, in an area of London
called Notting Hill, where people of all cultures gather around to dance
Caribbean music, taste different foods, and overall to have a great time.

Lastly, I have also discovered that the townspeople and the Oxford
university students haven’t got on well with each other for more than 600
years because of a fight that began between two drunken students and a
tavern owner that finished with hundreds of students and townspeople deaths.

Description of Barcelona

I live in Barcelona, wich is an important city in Catalonia, Spain. It has a population
of over 1,609 million people.

My hometown is Bogota, Colombia. Known for “El cerro de Montserrate”, the most
famous lookout of the city, for being the capital of the country, and a lot of differents
points of interest like the famous restaurant “Andrés carne de res”. Bogota is a big
city, very traditional and full of nature.

The weather in Barcelona is very hot and humid in Summer, cold in winter and
warm in Spring and Autumn but normally, the weather is sunny.

It’s one of the most touristic cities because of its Mediterranean gastronomy, its
famous architecture and its history and culture. A few of the most important artists
lived here. Antoni Gaudí, famous for his builidings and different structures like
“La Sagrada Família”; Joan Miró, the most famous painter of the city; Monteserrat
Caballé, one of the greatest sopranos of the twentieth century.

What I like best about Barcelona is that it has a lot of things to do and places to go,
and it has a very efficient and cheap public transport. When I’m bored of the city I
can go to, for example, the Montserrat’s mountain because is very close of the city.


My Gap Year

During this year 2018 I will not study. I will go to different countries of the world, to learn, to taste and enjoy. 

My first destination will be Italy. I will travel by my own. The purpose of this trip will be to learn how to speak Italian and to learn more about the Italian gastronomy. I will visit the Pisa tower, the Roman Coliseum and the restaurant Osteria Francescana, among of many other places.

Secondly, I wish I could travel to Paris, France. I want to taste the most food I can of one of the most important gastronomy around the world and learn how to recreate their dishes. I will, no matter what, go to the Louvre Museum and to the Versalles palace.

Lastly, I will go to Colombia to see my family and to share with them the maximum time I’ll be able to, eating sancochos, ajiacos, lechonas and bandejas paisas.

Write your own diary for a week or more

Sunday, March 25th

Today starts Easter.. I played football and we won 3-1 versus LLefià. The whole team was very excited because this was the first match won after three games losing. After that I went to have dinner with my family. The meal was delicious.

Monday, March 26t

I didn/t do anythimg, absolutelly nothing. I was with my brother Juan Pablo and we could match Spain vs Argentina... Argentina lost 6-1... it was horrible... I couldn't sleep this night.

Thursday. March 27th

I hang out with my friends, and we had an excellent time. When I am with my friends I feel very comfortable, they make me feel safe...I don't know why... They are great!

Wednesday, March 28th

Today I woke up in the hospital.. My parents explained me what's going on with me this night. They said that I fell down and I didn't remember it. The doctors said to me that I'm better and I could leave the hospital this afternoon.

Thursday, March 29th

I did the homework, and housework.. I don't like all these things, but I haven't got another option.. Despite that, this night my aunt helped me to play the guitar and several songs.

Friday, March 30th

For the christianism, a day like today, two thousand years back, Jesus was diing on the cross for the sins of humanity. Is it true? Why millions and millions of people put his confidence in Jesus? What happened after his death? People say that he was risen.. Today I've been thinking about it...

Saturday. March 31st

Today my brother got ill, and I had to take care of him, the whole day. Now he is feeling better than this moorning. My brother is a goos patient.

Sunday, April 1st

My family and me went to the cinema, and we watched "Suddenly", it's very interesting movie. Today I can't cheer up, because Easter finishes, and the holidays too, so we must take advantatge of all the minutes..
Thanks for reading my diary!