Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Here are the answers to the previous riddles. Don't read this if you haven't tried to solve the riddles yet.

Riddle 1:
Inkstand (sorry that was verbatim, yeah I know "bad joke")

Riddle 2:
The letter M ( hehehe got you again)

Riddle 3

Riddle 4
1,2,5 have a back sticker, and 3,4 have a white sticker. This one was hard, actually it was very hard. congratulations if you've solved it.


OK guys, time to have some fun so lets play a game or better said a challenge! Let's see who can solve these riddles. Give it a try ^^ but please take it easy .

OK here's riddle number 1. Pay attention:

1.You have to write an 8 letter word that has kst in the half of the word, in the beginning , and at the end.

Already solved it ? Here's another one:

2.What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a billion years?

This one is very difficult.

3.There's an english word that has the same pronunciation even if you subtract 4 of its 5 letters. What word am I talking about?

This one is the last.

4.We have five people. Person 1, person 2 , person 3, person 4, person 5. These five people have a sticker in their forehead but they can't see it. However they can see the one on others. The people with the white sticker never lie, but the people with the black sticker always tell a lie.

We asked these five persons, and they've said this:
1: I can see three white stickers and one black.
2: I can see four black stickers.
3: I can see three black and one white sticker
5: I can see four white stickers.

What colour has the sticker on each 1, 2, 3, 4 's forehead?

Clue: Only one of these statements is correct.

A TV programme

My favourite TV programme is Merlin. The show is originally telecast in BBC and of course the original language is English. It represents the  the legend of a powerful magician : Merlin and a future king: Arthur Pendragon. The show is situated in Camelot one of the most powerful nations of that moment. Like almost every show this one has also got a negative character: Morgana.
She’s the step-sister of Arthur.

I loved the show from its first episode. The show has four sessions so far. The first session focused more on Arthur and Merlin’s relationship; Merlin was new in Camelot, his mother sent him there to work with Gaius an old but clever men. Soon Merlin got a job in the royal castle as Arthur’s servant.  Arthur never showed it but for him Merlin was more like a friend than a servant. He always believed in him. As for Merlin he protected Arthur from all the evil around him with his magic. Several times he had to put in danger his own life but he never cared about that.  His loyalty toward Arthur was admirable.

The second session concentrated more in Arthur and Guinevere (the future queen )’s relationship. At first Arthur avoided his feelings for Guinevere as she was only a servant but after all he's human. It doesn’t matter how much he wanted to avoid it, finally he couldn’t resist.

The third session focused in Morgana  and her betrayal.
Camelot is a place where magic was strictly not allowed. But the own daughter of the king: lady Morgana had magic. At first the lady was scared about what she was. She knew more than anyone else that her father would have killed her if he knew about her quality. Morgana decided to kill her father . She wanted to be the queen in order to protect her life and the lives of all the people who were like her.
She didn’t care about her brother , father or any relative. Morgana tried to kill her brother several times but  Merlin always defeated her.
The fourth and current session is about Arthur as a king.
Uther Pendragon, Arthur’s father died so Arthur became the king. At a very young age Arthur proved how caring he can be toward his kingdom.

The show is absolutely amazing. But there’s one thing I don’t like about it; Arthur and Morgana’s relationship. They used to care a lot about each other and then suddenly everything changes? How can Morgana forget her family just like that?. Arthur should talk to his sister and make her understand that she’s wrong. Its his duty to do that but instead of that her let her do whatever she wants. Come on don’t make me laugh!, he is her brother. Morgana helped him a  lot of times, now its his turn but all he does is blame Morgana. I know she’s wrong but anyone can make a mistake.
Another thing I don’t like is Guinevere’s clothes. I know she is a servant but she’s always wearing blue cheap dresses. Al least change the colour . I am tired to see the same colour everywhere it's getting boring now.

Oups I forgot to say (“write”) who’s my favourite character. Its Merlin obviously. I am his fan (maybe not). I love the way he handles the situation. And he’s very funny, he’s always stumbling with something that appears from nowhere.
Some people are born to be a king , others are born to make a king. Merlin was one of those.