Monday, 30 November 2015

My best friend

The first time I met Maria, I nearly gave her the ball! I was playing football through the park with friends and I wasn't looking where I was kicking.

I was playing football because I love it.

Fortunately, she wasn't angry with me, Maria was extremely sympathetic and nice. After I'd explained the situation, she was even laughing and told me "don't worry".

Finally, I gave her my mobile number and facebook ID. That day was the first time I saw her. Since then, I've seen her every day, Now she is my best friend. Sometimes I look at the ball and I remember that day.

A Narrative

The first day I was in Ibiza, my dog Will didn't enjoy it! My mother an I were cleaning the new house.

I was holding my dog when he saw another dog and it run so fast dawnstairs! I was so worried! What if my dog never returned home?

I shouted and I ran downstairs. I was looking at all the floors of the building while I remembered the big dog who was looking at my dog so I went out and I saw the two dogs fighting. I caught his legs and I returned him to the house but... He was injured!

Finally I took him to the vet and he healed in a short time then I was relieved. By the way I'll never again take my dog without leash!

My one day trip

Eight months ago, I had the most confusing moment in my life. My mood wasn't good because i was at the airport of Delhi flying back to Barcelona, that means my last day in India.

No one can come with you into the airport when they check passaports and tickets, so I told to my uncle that now he can go because I can handle and go lonely.

I was travelling alone for the first time and I was very nervous. Fortunately there are some things that you can know for sure, here are some important tips to help you get through an airport efficiently and on your own.
when the girl in the counter checked my ticket she was shocked, her first expression was "oh my god, sorry mam but your flight is already gone". I asked her to check again because I wasn't late. then she looked for the next flight and gave me the new ticket that was one day later,
I sadly took my tickets and tried to call my uncle while I was going out of the airport. But unfortunately he didn't take the phone. It was out of area or switched off. Then I tried to call many other relative but none took my calls.
I was so depressed and scared, I had never been in Delhi's airport alone before. Alone in an unknown city, I felt terrible for a minute. But then I asked someone for a taxi, and suddenly one man came to me and started putting my bags into his taxi without asking me anything. Then one girl came and told him to stop because I don't want to go in his taxi.
Later she shared some of her experiences about Delhi with me, that It's not a good idea to ask for a taxi in this city at this time and to go this much far, Punjab. I sat with her in a restaurant while she kept explaining me what she was doing in Delhi's airport at night times, Unfortunatly to her it also happened the same thing that had happened to me. She was going to England for vacations but she wasn't punctual.
Well, my airport friend was living in India since ever, that's why in front of her I felt very silly because she knew everything about India and me only some things, I found her very clever.
I exactly don't remember how her name in pronunced but I always called her "Ishika", her real name was very exotic, something like "Ishgyka". She was looking very pretty and spoke to me very sweetly and politely, never loudly.
After talking, we decided to get a hotel together and visit some places in Delhi next day, all in one day that we had. In the morning, she got up at 5:00 clock but I kept sleeping. Then when I woke up, It was 9:00 a.m. when Ishika was doing Yoga. So while she was finishing yoga, I had a shower.
Before going anywhere, I made a call to Barcelona to a studio in the street of my parents. They were very concerned and waiting for my call. I told them to stop worrying because I'm okay and in one day I'll be there.
Then, Ishika wanted to tell me the list of most interesting places in Delhi: India gate, Sansad bhavan,chadni chowk, Rastrapati Bhavan.
I thought that I would like to visit India gate first of all. I've heard a lot of this place in movies and other people.
While walking, she told me interesting facts of all the places that I mentioned before.
Now I was an expert on Delhi's places, I still remember how nicely she explained me about India Gate history:
"It is one of the largest war memorials in India. The monument was designed by Edwin Lutyens, the chief architect of Delhi. The fundition stone of India gate was laid by the duke of connaught, on 10th february 1921..."
It was 8:00p.m. when we arrived at the hotel. Day end, and my flight and her's were on a similar time, 12:00a.m. I decided to have some rest when she was putting some things in her bag.
We wanted to be at the airport at 10:00p.m. , she told to me about how to get into the airport and some more rules. And then we said goodbye to each other.
It was pleasure meeting Ishika, I'll never forget the experience I had thanks to her in one day.
I've got her number so often I call to ask how's life going, Last week, she told me about her next trip to Barcelona!! That means in a few days she'll be here. This time It's my turn to tell her about our city,Barcelona. Now I'm preparing a list of some places.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Christmas 2014... (a narrative)

Last Christmas, my family and I went to a hotel in Salou to spend there the Christmas Eve. It's strange not to spend the holidays at home but this year we wanted change the atmosphere.

Surprisingly, the hotel was quite crowded to be Christmas, it was really weird. Continuing my magical night, my family and I had dinner there, the truth is that the food was really good. When we finished dinner, we decided to go to the hotel disco club. There was loud music and people dancing. Personally, I'm not a good dancer. So you can imagine that was an embarrassing night. While I was dancing I dropped the drink on a person. It was terrible!.
After all night smelling of alcohol, I would return to the same hotel this year. I'm still thinking that night was magical because the truth not matter what happens and where it happens if you're with your family.

My first boat trip

I remember my first boat trip it was in June for the end of course trip and we went to Rome. I had never travelled by boat and I was very nervous I remember that all the time I was thinking about the Titanic film and in my mind all my thoughts were about boats sinking.

When we were on the deck all my classmates were very excited, delighted and quiet and I felt like i was doing the latest thing in my young life. When my classmates were taking pictures I was sitting on a bench looking for the travel sick pills in my bag. I was very embarrassed because I couldn't see the sea and enjoy the views like my classmates.

Suddenly, I remember that my best friend came to me and told me that the boat had started to move. After many attempts my best friend convinces me to see the beginning of the trip. No word can describe that. It was fantastic and beautiful. It was at 11 p.m. and Barcelona looked wonderful that night. I felt free I didn't know why but it was amazing to see you were moving away from your home. It was the beginning of an amazing trip.

Now i love traveling by boat. I can't wait to do another trip by boat.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

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Sunday, 15 November 2015

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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Mother Teresa

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Thursday, 5 November 2015

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Locked Away, by Adam Levine

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