Thursday, 23 January 2014

Lizzie: the World's Ugliest Woman

At a time when beauty is defined by the super models and success by wealth, Lizzie asks you, how do you define yourself?

Once labeled as the "World's Ugliest Woman," so she decided to turn things around and create her own definition of beauty and happiness.
Lizzie is an example of perseverance, struggle and achievement of your dreams.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Benefits of Failure - Commencement Speech

Hi everyone!
I want to share this video with you. It's a speech made by Joanne Rowling most known as J.K.Rowling author of  the Harry Potter saga. This commencement speech talks about the benefits of failure. The video has two parts and both have subtitles in Spanish. She has a sweet British accent that makes her speech be even more fascinating. Hope you like it, guys. Wish we could have J.K. Rowling giving a speech on our future graduation!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Welcome back

Hello everybody. Here we are again.
Welcome to the English class.

Here is a task for you to do in pairs. Put the words of the following questions in order and then ask and answer them.

1.     Xmas, good, did, holiday, a, have, you? _________________________
2.     go, did, away, you? _________________________
3.     go, lot, you, out, did, a? _________________________
4.     did, Eve, you, Xmas, what, on, do? _________________________
5.     did, what, Xmas, you, Day, on, do? _________________________
6.     to, Year’s, go, on, a, did, party, you, Eve, New? _________________________
7.     lot, you, holidays, have, these, a, eaten? _________________________
8.     done, special, have, anything, you? _________________________
9.     any, or, have, plays, you, interesting, seen, films? _________________________
10.                       the best , to, these, what, thing, you, that, holidays, was, happened? _________________________
11.                       on, see, January, did, the, 5th, you, the, Three Wise Men parade? _________________________
12.                       any, Resolutions, Year’s, have, you, made, New?  _________________________
13.                       anybody, to, give, presents, did, you? _________________________
14.                       presents, you, any, get, did? _________________________

Describe one present in a way that your classmates can guess what it is.

Monday, 6 January 2014

A narrative text: (Strange meeting)

I was running in a Park, when I suddenly found my best friend. We started talk about our lives, because we've had met often ten years. I was so excited when I saw him. After talking, we started running again, When I realized that I'd forgotten my mobile in the park. I was shocked and a bit of nervous.

But when I went to the park again, my mobile was there and then I fell more relaxed. After that, we went to the café for breakfast. Then my friend said to me that he's working in the University as a Professor of Physics, and next year he's going to the United States, because his parents live there.

Finally we went to the Disco and after that we went to our homes. It was an amazing day, I had been with my best friend. I'll never forget that day.