Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Live concerts are the best way to listen to music?

Your favourite singer with your favourite songs at the same place. All the people in the same place for the same reason. Can you imagine?

Personally, I think everyone has his or her own favourite singer depending on their likes.
First of all, there are a whole a lot of varieties of music and everyone has the opportunity to hear it live.
Secondly, being lucky to enjoy that excitement and unforgettable atmosphere is unique if you really like the singer you are listening to.

In conclusion, there is a lot of difference between listening to your favourite music in a concert that through headphones without any type of change.

A harmful social network?

Instagram is a social network and an application that has more than one billions users. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010. It is used to share mainly videos and imges with friends.
But many people think that when using this social network there is no harm, is it true?
Personally, I think it is not.
It is true yhat there are benefits, for instance: to communicate for free, to earn money as on influencer ... .
However, there are also risks, specifically addiction. Addiction to this kind of application can cause more than one thousand deaths a year, for example: traffic accidents. Hackers can even scam you or trick you by creating fake accounts. It can also affect the academic performance of those who use it (who are increasingly younger).
In conclusion, abusing this application can cause a lot of harm.
Which do you think is the best sport for a young person to take up?

Personally I think that doing sport is very important, because of the physical and psychological benefits. Especially young people, it's very important that they interact with other people. For this reason, I think that there is one sport better or worse than another. The most important thing is to interact with other people, meet friends, learn from them...
When I was 11 years old, I had played in a soccer team. I was playing in a team for two years. In all that time, I had fun and above all, I learned. One of the best things that I learned is that there aren't enemies in the field, there are rivals.
In conclusion, what I mean by this, is that with sport, you get respect.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019


Within all the apps that have been created, we come upon Twitter, an app made to share all its users' opinions. As a person that uses Twitter almost all of my free time, I acknowledge it.
To begin with, it is, from my viewpoint, the best way to keep informed about the present. I got a better understanding of the world by reading others' Tweets than watching the news. Unlike others, people there do not lie.
To continue, you can find a lot of artists that make incredible pieces of art and contact them to have the drawing of your dreams. You can even contact business accounts and ask about doubts.
Whereas on the other hand, you can use twitter not in a professional way, but a personal one and have a fun day.
Is it true that sometimes you come across comments and images that you didn't plan to see. Maybe some people are too shameless.

All in all, If I had to recommend an app I would recommend Twitter without any doubts.

The teenage years are the most important years of your life

Adolescence is the period where you experiment changes, not only in your body, but also psychologically, this leads to a stage remember.
From my point of view, I agree with the idea that the teenage years are the most important years of your life.
Firstly, when you are a teenager (from 13 to 19 years old) everything changes, you aren’t a child anymore, although this sounds bad, it doesn’t. Why do I say it? In this phase you start to take decisions on your own, you think about your future, you make new friends, you go to parties. Many people believe that they met their close friends in teenage years.
In the same way, the changes in the body are very important, things like the height in boys and girls the arrival of menstruation.
Therefore, what we can say is that it’s a difficult phase.
Secondly, just relaxing and enjoying, adolescence is to make mistakes, to fell (funny, sad, jealous, embarrassed) and to me the most important one: to create memories.
In conclusion, the teenage years are the most relevant part of life due to the interest we show for things and the amount of changes we live through in this phase.

How to change the world

The world nowadays has a serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately. In this topic, I am going to be explaining some of the solutions for us to have a better planet and ensure the good life that our grandchildren deserve.

Therefore, there is the main issue. The climate change as it is known by all of us. The planet is having an immense climate change that has risen a lot from past centuries and it is experimenting with its highest peak. The ways to stop it are very, very simple. The main reason for climate change is the fact of people not recycling well and using fossil fuels which emit a lot of CO2 gas, this gas breaks the ozone cape of the atmosphere (decomposing the O3 into O2 and CO).
The ozone absorbs the UV light from the sun and on its destruction it no longer protects the Earth from the dangerous radiation. To solve it, we need to plant more trees and plants, also use an alternative movement which lowers or replaces the CO2 emissions, such as going by bike or by public transport and/or recycling more stuff that we don’t use because the cremation of the trash emits a lot of CO2 as well as dioxins.

We should think more about the future of our planet and its life, not only staring at the present thinking that it will stay as it is forever without consequences.

Monday, 25 November 2019

What would you do to change the world? In your opinion, what are the most important problems? What would you do to solve them?

What would you do to change the world?the world?in your opinion.What are the most important problems?What would you do to solve them?

Firstly, personally, I think that to change the world, we have to look at the negative factors to make a better world.

Personally speaking, i believe that negative factors are pollution, poverty in countries of the "first world",insecurity and corruption.

In my opinion, pollution is an important factor because it is something that affects the world,Therefore we have to take care of the world because currently pollution has increrasen even more.As an example and inspiration we can look at Greta, she's a young girl like us that inspires and works to help decrease pollution in the world.From my point of view we can decrease pollution by recycling.

To me poverty in countries of the first world is the most important problem list to me the fact that any person could starve is absolutely horrible and vicious but we can help by donating to NGOs.

Regarding insecurity, I believe people that commit crimes is because of their education and situation at home in this option, we can't do anything about it apart from punishing it.

And finally, we have got corruption, I don't understand why politicians prefer money than a better quality of life for people.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

A holiday I enjoyed

I traveled to Euskadi last year with my parents and my best friend at that time. We went by car, just because my dad is afraid of flying. 8 hours. I spent 8 hours in a car. Even though, I was not bored at all.
When we arrived, we went to the hotel my parents booked weeks ago. It was quiet and lovely.
The next day we decided to go sightseeing. What to say about San Sebastian? It was crowded and noisy. However, I fell, and I'm still, in love with it. That evening an American boy asked me to take him a picture. I took one to myself with his phone. I wonder what he did with it.
After a couple of days going sightseeing my mum was tired of cities and she made us go to the mountain. Guess what? We got lost. Yes, the mountain was nice, quiet... but it was very cold. Few hours later we were able to call the police and we arrived at the hotel safely. The rest of the week ew went only to cities. Bilbao was nice too, although the food was a bit expensive.
I will definitely come back, but no mountains.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Connectors / Linking Words

Here you have a list of the most common connectors.
If you make a good use of them, your text will be better articulated and more coherent.

Catalan translation

It's hot but I'll take my coat.
sinó que
I didn't go out but I stayed at home.
encara que
Although it's hot, I'll take my coat.
in spite of
The company had earnings in spite of the crisis.
malgrat tot
It's very hot. However, I'll take my coat.
on the other hand
per una altra banda
The company has earned a lot of money. On the other hand, they have closed many factories.

I'll come and wait for you.
a més a més
We've lost everything. Moreover, the banks will take no responsability.
as well as
així com també
We've lost time as well as money.
We've lost time and we've also lost money.
in addition
a més a més
We've lost everything. In addition, the banks will take no responsability.

for example
per exemple
You need something that can relax you, for example, a long holiday at the beach.
that is
és a dir
We need an aggresive marketing campaign, that is, something that can improve our sales.
such as
tal com
We need something that can improve our sales such as an aggressive marketing campaign.
in other words
amb altres paraules
We need something that can improve our sales. In other words, we need an aggressive marketing campaign.


first of all
primer de tot
First of all, turn the computer on
en segon lloc
Secondly, look for the program
Then, open the program
after that
després d'això
After that, locate the folders
Finally, download the folders into your hard disk.


abans de
I'll meet him before going home. I'll meet him before I go home. I'll meet him before 6 o'clock.


després de
I'll meet him after leaving the office. I'll meet him after I leave the office. I'll meet him after 6 o'clock.
I'll wait while you're in the meeting.
fins que fins a
I'll stay in the office until I finish my work. I'll stay in the office until 10 in the evening.
I've been waiting for 10 minutes.
des de
I've been talking on the phone since you arrived.
as soon as
tan aviat com
Please call me as soon as you can.

so that
de manera que
I'll give you the report so that you can check it.
in order to
per tal de, per a
I'll go to London in order to practise my English.

en conseqüència
I'ts very late. Consequently, we should go.
per tant
It's very late. Therefore, we should go.
for this reason
per aquesta raó
It's very late. For this reason, we should go.
així que
It's very late so we should go.

I can't buy a flat because they are very expensive
because of
degut a
I can't buy a flat because of the price.
as a result
com a resultat
I have little money. As a result, I can't buy a flat.
thanks to
gràcies a
I earned a lot thanks to the extra hours.

Present Tenses

     Read the following sentences.

·         What verbal tense is it?     Pr. S.    Pr. C.     Pr. P.
·         Match them with one of the uses of the present tenses.

Verbal tense
1.       It’s raining right now.

2.       I have lived in Barcelona for 10 years.

3.       I do yoga twice a week.

4.       Prices are going up.

5.       My brother has never worked abroad.

6.       Water boils at 100ºCelcius.

7.       She’s always late.

8.       How often do you have toasts for breakfast?

9.       What are you doing on Friday night?

10.   He often goes out with my brother.

11.   I’ve lost my keys.

12.   I’m painting my flat these days.

13.   I live in a small flat.

14.   How long have you worked there?

15.   I’m having dinner with some friends tomorrow night.

16.   I’ve just seen your sister in the street

*State verbs and verbs describing feelings are not normally used in the present continuous: be, like, want, know, need, have (possession)

Present perfect
?  YET
Have you finished yet?
-   YET
Not yet. I haven’t finished yet.
Yes, I have already finished.