Thursday, 20 December 2012

Are high-heeled shoes a good idea for the party?

Today fashion is very important in our society. When girls go out, such as going to the disco, girls wear high-heeled shoes. The boys are asking: Why? What for?

It's easy, I wear high-heeled shoes because I'm a short person and I like feeling tall (a little bit). I love high-heeled shoes! but I think that:

When I go to the disco I dress well and I wear my high-heeled shoes (12 cm), I dance, I laugh, I sing, etc. But finally I can't walk because my feet hurt. I get tired of walking on tiptoe and the pain lasts for days. It's horrible. Also, the high-heeled shoes don't let me dance well, I can't walk quickly and sometimes you can twist the ankle.

On the other hand, wearing high-heeled shoes has advantages, for example, you look pretty and sexy. For short people it's good, you feel tall! Also, it's fashionable and elegant. The high-heeled shoes stylize the woman's body.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Give a little love

Hey guys!

It's been awhile since the last time I posted something here, but I saw this yesterday and I couldn't resist to post it here.
It's perfect for this time of year, with the Christmas spirit and everything.
I hope it'll make you realize of what you can do just with a little gesture.

I hope you like it!

PS: From an ex-student, keep taking care of the blog ;)

Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Best Things In Life Are Free

A lot of people think that money gives you happiness. Personally, I think that the best things in life are free.

Firtsly, I think that money makes you crazy and little by little you become selfish and stringy. You loose emotions, you look only at superficial things. You think only about yourself, and you want more and more money. It's a crazy life. I think that this people are the richest of the poor.

Secondly, the best things are love, patience, empathy, laughter, hugs, caresses, kisses, looks, peace, solidarity, dancing, walking, sleeping, dreaming, hoping and more. But, for me the most important is making people happy and helping them when they need.

To sum up, you don't live without knowing what it feels like to improve someones life. All life returns.

An Interesting Place I Have Visited

One of the most interesting places I have ever visited is a house in Berna, Swetherland. Berna is the capital, I went to a small town near the city. The town is peaceful surronded by nature. It is also famous for their houses in the Alps.

From the outside, the house looked ruristic. There was such a small wood door. In the balcony it was so flowery with a lot of colours. However, when I went inside the house, I realized that it was very spacious. In addition, it was relaxed and I felt very clam. The windows of the house were so big. The kitchen was so small but it was very sophisticated.

I liked this house because is was so relaxing. Moreover, it was very comfortable. I wolud like to live there.

The First Date

Last week, I met a handsome and friendly boy called John at a café, and he asked me aou on Friday night. For our first date, we arranged to meet at a shopping centre. I was wearing my favourite dress.

I arrived a little late, but as I always say " what is good is worth waiting", whan I arrived he looked at me and smiled. A man had given us some tickets for a new restaurant while we were walking and finally we decided to do there and eat or drink something. After, we went to a park and we were talking about us.

At the end of the day, we came home and he asked me my phone number. Two days later he called me and we met again.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Do you think that school holidays are too long?

Nowadays, in Catalonia school holidays last forthree months. Possibly some people think that it is too long, and other people think that it isn’t long enough, but, in my opinion, the course is very hard and it’s necessary to have long holidays. When we were younger than now, we went to “esplais” and “casals”, very educational sites and very important for our relations with other people. If the holidays had been shorter, people wouldn’t have done their hobbies in these “esplais”. I wish I could return to those times, it was brilliant.

Now, holidays are a good time to revise some things from the last course, to read a book or to improve the contents of the next course. Also, young people can search employment at this time. A lot of teenagers use it to work in some shop or company. It’s fantastic to earn your own money. You can use it to buy clothes, to go to the disco or to donate money to charity.
If people want to work in summer, they can do a lot of other activities; never activities of vandalism of course.
Furthermore, if we are relaxed on holidays, next we will work better at school, with more motivation.

To sum up, we need the holidays for to rest and enjoy, or to do other activities that we don't do at school like working.
They can change the duration of summer holidays as long as the winter holidays last more time. Unless they change it, it’s irrational that summer holidays last less that now.

Description of my house

My home is in the neighborhood of Montigalà. The area is modern and lively. My street is very cramped and peaceful; almost there isn’t traffic or fuss. Also, the street is very convenient for the kids; they play every afternoon without worries.

The house is big and cozy. The living room is comfortable and the kitchen is spacious. There are two bathrooms. My room is the place where I spend more time. In my bedroom I have my computer, my books and my PlayStation. It feels very calm there. In addition, I have an amazing garden. It is the funniest place of the home. There are a table of tennis, a basket and a reveille. There was a table football three years ago, but unfortunately it broke. The garden is perfect for warm summer days. There is light at night too. It is so high that I have played basketball matches with my friends.

However, I don’t like spending much time at home, I like going out and relaxing with my friends. In conclusion, it isn’t a mansion, but it is perfect for me.

A nightmare in the train

It was a Saturday evening. I was going to Barcelona because I needed to buy some clothes for the winter.
I used the train to go. When I entered in the train, I sat near the window. At the second stop, I fell asleep because I was very tired.

I was still sleeping when the train passed for Barcelona. I wake up very far. I wasn't recognizing anything out of the window. The man who was in front of me there was looking at me. I asked him where we were. He answered: "We have already passed Barcelona, we are at Valencia".

I got off the train at the next stop. I hadn't been there never. There was nobody at the station. I was very nervous, I was lost.
Suddenly I wake ip and I was in my bed. I was sweating but I could breathe calmly, I was safe.

Live concerts are the best way to listen to music. Do you agree?

Live concerts or listening to music quietly in my house, is a good dilemma, because people maybe think that listening to music alone is nice, because you can analyze the lyrics and the rhythm of the song, but I think the opposite.

As far as I'm concerned, I’m convinced that the live concerts are more exiting than the music which you can hear on your mp3 or a video, because in a concert you can watch the singer with his band and be proud of being just a few meters between him on the stage and I.  When you’re in a concert you can live the atmosphere of the place. Also, the advantage of being in a concert is that you can share with other people the same type of music that you like it.

Finally, I think being in a concert is the best option to support those who work for that music and keep making music for all of us.

A description of a place

One of the most interesting places I have ever visited is a cliff called Prekestolen, in Norway. Prekestolen is an enormous rock above the fjord, which is 600 meters above the sea. It is a very beautiful and shivery place, because it hasn’t got any safety mesures.

To climb to this rock, you must walk a few hours, along a little bit difficult trail. When you arrive at the top of the mountain you suddenly see the fantastic landscape, and then, you forget all the endeavor you made on the climb. This place is a very typical place of Norway, but the only think I don’t like is the road to go up.

Finally, I have to admit that it is one of the most impressive sites I've been, because the rock is enourmous, and you can go to the edge of the rock and see the ships very small, and all of it is awesome.

Which do you think is the best sport for a young person to take up?

Sport is very important for young people. Although some guys do not get enough sport. From my point of view, I think practising any sport is importat to maturing process and practice can help teenagers to learn the importance of the discipline, perseverance and effort.

Hence, I think it encourages competitiveness, but always with moderation not too much insistence . So boys or girls will learn to enjoy the victories and become stronger  with defeats.

Furthermore, If you take up a team sport, you will meet new people, new friends.
In fact most teenagers play sports like football or basketball, but personally it doesn’t matter.

For example my little brother does fencing, it’s not a usual sport and when you don’t know about it,  you don't think that someone could practices this sport, but in fact there are a lot of boys and girls who practice it.

To sum up, any sport is good for young people, the only thing that matters is that you like it.

Hunting animals a sport or a crime

From my point of view, hunting animals is definitely not a sport, and i think that people that hunt animals just for having fun are too insenitive.
I feel that hunting animals shold be illegal beacause hunting just beacause you like killing animals is totally immoral and should be banned in all the world unless it's done for reasons of survival like feeding.
Personally, i think that people who believes hunting is a sport are totally wrong beacuse i believe that something that leads to the death of animals just for entertaintment can never be a sport.

People aren't concerned enough about that, but i hope that people who think that hunting animals is a sport can change their mind and stop killing animals especially endengered animals who are in danger of extinction beacause of hunting.

Description of a house

When i was little i lived in a big house, the house was so convenient beacause it was near the shops and the supermarket and also i had a very close tube station.
From the outside of the house it seemed small but when you walked into the house you see that it wasn't small.
The house had two floors, on the ground floor was the living room, where we used to watch tv,  there was also the kitchen, where it was the door which you could go to the garden, in the garden there was a swimming pool and sunbeds for sunbathing in the summer.

Upstairs there were all the bedrooms, my bedroom was in the end of the hall and i had my own bathroom, but it was a little small. Next to my bedroom there were the rooms of my brother and my parents.
I loved my house, it was such a comfortable place, and i would love to live there now!

A nightmare journey

One of my nightmare journeys was two years ago, on july of 2010.
That year i was going to Valencia with my three friends on holiday.
We were going to take a bus at first, to take us to the train station, but one of my friends was late to the bus stop and we couldn't catch the bus. Then we have to call a taxi to take us to the train station on time.
When we took the taxi all seemed well, we had plenty of time until the train left. But when we arrived at the street of the train station we saw a huge traffic jam!. There were a lot of cars and the taxi couldn't move.
We had to get out of the taxi and we run to the train station.We had a lot of bags but we ran as much as we could.
When we arrived at our train platform, the train wasn't there, then we become very sad and angry, but suddenly a man told us that the train wasn't gone but was delayed!
After so much running we had to wait for the train for half and hour!

Another narrative

-Come on, noob! Let me see if you have become better than me! -Says my oponent, with a shiny smile in the middle of his face.
-Look at this, commander! -I shout- 'Lectric Railgun!
A ray full of electric power appears on my hands, and is shot towards the other men, who avoids it without hesitation.
-You're too slow! -He says. -I suppose you're still a kid! Look and learn! Zero Void!
A dark power appears from the middle of his hands, and advances towards me, slowly, but swallowing everything on his way. It's a superb attack, which no one could avoid.
-Ok, ok, I surrender! -I say, when the void is starting to swallow me.
The void dissappears like it never existed. A voice in off says:
-Shire has surrendered. The commander wins. End of the training.
I suspire. He defeated me again.
The commander.
The never anxious, never dizzy, a coolhearted man who has accomplished all the missions without killing any single criminal. He's the commander... And my elder brother.
I extract the chip from the bracelet dangling from my wrist, and I look at it. This little chip, called "piece of reality", gives to his user unimaginable powers, like control the fire, or the water... In my case I can control the electricity. The real name of the piece of reality is something like "Nano-technical device of..."... Damn! I forgot the last part... In any case, piece of reality is the best name, it's easier than the other one. However, why am I talking about names?
We're from an agency of our country, who uses the people who can use the piece of reality, the so called "Reality-drivers", to fight the criminals who have pieces of realities in their hands. We're like a special department of the common police.
-You're not good enough. -Says him. He is the strongest reality-driver in all the world. Compare him with me is like compare the distance from the sun to the earth, or the day and night, or... Whatever, he is too strong.
-Bro... -I shut up when he looks at me.
-You need more training, noob. -After he says that, he left over the room.
I stand in the room, alone, and I get angry "Fuck! I'm doing my best!" I shout to the empty room. After that, I start training alone.
Who could have said to me that it would be the last time that I saw him... like the brother I used to know.

A narrative

One day, when I waswalking on the street, I met an old man, who said to me "Hey, son, I came from fifty years from now! If you don't follow my instructions, you will die today!"
When he said that, I was amazed, and shocked. What the hell was this crazy old man saying to me? Well, I didn't have anithing to do at the moment, so I decided to listen to him. He told me about this day, and he said that my death, like the death of all the people of the world, was an uncertain probability, but this day the probability had risen with no reason. "What have you done today?" He asked me. "Nothing special. I broke a mirror, I saw a black cat, and a wizard put me a curse." "You think about it as a normal situation?" He was impressed. I don't think it's pretty much the big thing. "Well, the mirror is new." I comented. After a while, he arrived to a conclusion: My bad luck was the main cause of my early death.
"To solve your bad luck, you need to travel to the far land of Phantomia, and kill the dragon who sleeps in the highest tower of that land. But you can only kill the dragon with the sacred sword of the fairies, so you first should..." "Stop it, stop it." I interrupted him "It's too much work for one person alone. Gotta know something? I preffer to die than do all of that amount of work." After that, I left, letting the old man alone, confused by my answer.
The next day, I was still alive, when someone knocked the door. It was the old man again. He was sweating, and he said with a fast speech "I... I know what happened! It's only a miscalcula..." I closed the door before he could finish the phrase. When I opened the door again, the old man wasn't here. And I never saw him again.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

The situation of Spain

At present, in Spain we have a very important problem which is called crisis.
When one spanish person turn on the television it is the first piece of news that he can see.
In my view, yes, crisis is important and... Spain will get out of this crisis as long as we join and fight for this!.
Moreover, we have other problems, politicians, well not all.
I think that theta don't do anything for Spanish people!, most  families are being evicted every day, and if politicians don't do anything to stop this, poverty will increase.
I'm outraged!, apart from that, unemployement is also increasing and as a consequence people can't pay their mortatge and homelessness also rises.
But, what is more outragerous is that we must rescue banks that they are in my opinion those who have deceived Spanish people!
It is certainly true that we are in bad conditions and I wish it hadn't started, but as far as, I'm concerned that is not too late to fight for our rights and our future, because that is what is at stake, our future.

My dream house

My dream house would be very spacious, with an enormous swimmingpool, garden and with a sea view.
I don't like very ornate houses, so I think that I would decorate it with a minimalist touch.
The ligths of the house would be automatic like the blinds, the floor would be of wood, the walls would be white, windows wouldn't have curtains and every day I would have fresh flowers. Moreover, the garden would have a bench of wood and if I had time, I will have an orchard with vegetables, because I like ecologic products.
I don't know which shape would the swimmingpool have but I'm sure that it would be very big. For all this I need a lot of money so...
If I win the lottery or if I word hard I will have the house of my dreams! 

A nightmare journey

Two years ago I had a nightmare which consisted in a desired travel to New York.
I woke up one morning and my aunt called to say that all the familiy had to pack our cases because we were going on a trip to New York. Fortunately, the plane didn't take off until two hours later.
We returned to the house and we were looking for my passport and when we were leaving home a policeman was putting a fine in my cousin's car!. Afterwards, we arrived to the airport and the plane had already left!, I was really sad...
I woke up and feared for our next trip, but luckily we had a great time and no one forgot his passport!.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Barcelona To Berlin

I remember a few months ago when I travelled from Barcelona to Berlin by train. My journey wasn't as good as expected.

I was very anxious and happy when I arrived at the train station, but when the manager informed me that the train had already left I got uptight and I didn't know what to do. Then I asked at reception about the next train. Fortunately there was another train which was leaving for Berlin in six hours. That was indeed very good news. I briskly asked for a ticket for that train. I felt very relieved when the new ticket was in my hand.

I had been waiting in the station for hardly one hour when the train arrived. I jumped from the chair I was sitting on and I went toward the train with all my luggage.
I had several bags in each hand, that's why it was hard to move with agility. While I was trying to get in the train I got my elbow hurt very  badly. Despite my elbow's bad condition I somehow managed to get into the train.

There was a very sophisticated atmosphere inside the train: latest furniture, high-class food...... everything was very organised. I never imagined such an elegance in a train which only cost 75 €. That was  simply mind-blowing. I was still utterly amazed by the train when a man broke into the train and said to me: " Miss, Can I see your ticket please?" .
"Sure" I answered to him.  I put my bags down and sat in one of the sofas. The sofa was very fluffy and also very comfortable. I gave my ticket to the man. He looked quite surprised and so was I when he said: "Miss, I think you made a mistake. This is not your train".
It was too good to be true.

I got of the train and I went toward one of the benches in the station. The train left. While I was waiting for my train to come I got hungry so I decided to eat something. There were  some fast- food  restaurants in front of the station and I went in one of them.
It was late night so there wasn't any crowd in there. I ordered some pasta and they brought it to me immediately. It looked rotten but I was too hungry to think about it. Also I was feeling a little dizzy so I just ate it without thinking. That thing was the most tasteless dish I 've ever eaten in my life. But as an axiomatic truth i knew that, that was the only food I could expect from a such a place.

One by one the hours passed and finally my train arrived. I felt so grateful when I finally sat on my seat. My train wasn't as much impressing as the other one. Actually it was quite obnoxious, but I was too tired to think about it so I just closed my eyes and slept.