Friday, 21 October 2016

My cousin,my sister.

The person I admire most is my cousin-sister, She’s tall, has Brown skin and soft, straight hair is dark Brown. Blue is her favorite colour that’s why she is most often seen in blue t-shirt or jeans.
Right now, she’s at UAB doing a nursing course but her dream is to become a future doctor, so firstly she’ll finish nursing and then going to study medicine.

By nature, she is charming and helpful person, she helps me whenever I need to. Besides, she is a good listener too. I always share my every problem or everything with her because her advice is worth it! Describing her, she’s also very funny… She sometime tries to be funny just to make me smile, that’s so sweet of her. And she’s hard worker and inspiration for me.

In our free time we like to talk as much as possible like gossip up, usually we finish gossips saying “we don’t care”!  And if we’re together we like to watch horror movies.

However she is very nice but like everyone she’s also negative aspects that are difficult to find.

She gets nervous quickly, specially when she’s driving. Here she doesn’t like to talk to people who are in the car because she needs a concentration and sometimes those are with her get irritated. 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

My best friend, my mother

My mother is my best friend, so of course I know her very well. Her name is Karima. She’s 45 and she works as a house cleaning lady. She’s from Algeria and she is Muslim. She has a very big family, her parents and four sisters. However, her father died when he was fifty years old. 

The main thing you notice about her is her personality. She is a charming and an affectionate lady, when you meet her you immediately love her. She is very generous, she always wants your wellness and give you all you need. She is a hard-working woman and of course very independent. Since I was a child she has always had to struggle to get ahead. The most important thing is that she is a very reliable person, she couldn’t be able to betray you. 

In her free time she likes going shopping, I think that she is passionate about fashion. I must say that she has a good fashion sense. Furthermore, she is good at cooking. She works a lot, so she wants to rest. 

Finally, I can also say that she is the best mum of the world. But, like all of us she has some negative things. She sometimes is a bossy person. But a positive bossy, sometimes she encourage me to do things giving me orders. I think she does that for my benefit. 

I can also say that she is a vey important person to me because she is the only person that has always been by my side.


The person I admire most is my sister Jenny.  She’s twenty-two years old. She studied in La Pineda a few years ago. At present, she is very happy because she works in a laboratory. She really likes science.

Jenny’s an ambitious woman who has a strong personality. Every time she talks I get surprised because she is so intelligent.  She is an incredibly independent girl; she likes to do things her own way. From my point of view, she’s sociable, responsible and sometimes so sensitive.  

My sister hasn’t got any hobbies but she loves to see films and series. Her favorite series right now I think is Stranger Things.  When she really likes a series, she doesn’t stop telling me the story and I never see it. 

However, the only problem with Jenny is that she’s quite bossy, not all the time, and very demanding with herself. I admire her since I was born, is my friend, my confident, the greatest support with my mother too. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


The person that I admire is called Anna and she is my older sister. She is 25 years old. Currently she is working in an Orange mobile shop and she is the manager. In addition, she is studying Elementary school online, by the way she has very good grades especially in Maths.

From my point of view she is affectionate and honest so she always helps others. Also, she is ambitious and persevering and because of it she got her work as a manager and she is getting on with studies. Finally she is mature although she is young she thinks and acts like an adult.

Her hobbies are watching films and series, walking her dogs with her boyfriend, traveling and being with her family. She likes animals and music.

However, not all about her is good. Also, she is ipulsive and hysterical and this can make her angry and argue with someone. To tell the truth, I think even with her bad things she is the best person in the world.

Paula's description

Hi Angela!

Paula is one of my best friend, she’s like my older sister, that's why I know her so well. She’s 18 and she’s studying a vocational studies course about social integration. She's looking for a job to save money to go to university. She wants to be nurse and certainly I know she will be a good nurse because she has two sisters and the older sister has got a disease of birth and her vocation is to help her and other people liker her sister. So they are a very close family.

Paula's is charming and very clever. She can seem really outgoing and crazy but she really i a mature girl. The children won't be bored with her and she knows how to treat them. Maybe she can be like a child but always with a responsible mind and that's why the children love her.

In her free time she loves dance and acrobatics and of course going out with her friends and helping them. She's also good at photography and she loves animals especially her  chiguagua Nacho, we also call him "crazy dog". He's very funny and for that I think that Mike and Sally can have fun with her dog.

Of course, all can't be perfect she also has imperfections like her English. She doesn't speak very well this language, but I think that it could be a good way to improve it. You should consider this. However, I think she could be a good au pair but who has got the last word is you.

I hope this helps you and let me know your decision.


Tyffany XOXO