Friday, 28 September 2012

Writing checklist

Writing an essay is not a spontaneous process. It is important to revise the text and improve it before you hand it in to the teacher. 

You can use the following checklist to revise your essay:

1-               Is there an explicit subject in each sentence?

2-               Is there a verb in each sentence?

3-               Do all verbs agree in number with their subjects?
(You is very pretty.)

4-               Are all pronoun references correct?
(Gisela was very thoughtful, he brought some candles)

5-               Is the word order correct?
(Subject + verb ... -word order in English is not as flexible as in Catalan or Spanish)

6-               Is the proper verb tense used and formed correctly?

7-               Check for correct possessive adjective
(She.... his husband...)

8-               Check for correct form and position of adjectives.
           (...expensives  shoes...)

9-               Have you organised the information logically into different paragraphs?

Happy writing! 

Monday, 17 September 2012

NLP Learning Modalities

Dear all,

Today let us read this interesting text and find out what kind of learner each of us is.

Underline all the sentences that you identify with, all the sentences that you think apply to you.