Friday, 9 October 2009

In my free time...

My name is David, and I like watching films a lot, because the films can watch the world from the eyes of one camera, directed by someone person with "art".
Sometimes I remenber films forever, because it is the sensation it causes to you, and this stories are short but also very funny, emotive, exciting...
My other interest is the videogames, I have various videoconsole, dedicate aprox. six or seven hours a week and it ocupies almost all time of my free times, the other half I dedicate to sports, I play football and basketball, football has little dificulty, but I like it, in basketball you needs to work your coordination and aim more than football to improve, but it is very funny.
And I finished.

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anx279 said...

This DAVID!!!!!!
traduction >>>> ZEE DAVID!!!!!!