Wednesday, 7 October 2009

My essay

Hi, my name's Malika and I'm sixteen years old. I'm a bit bored at the moment because I'm studyind for chemistry examination. But when I'm not studying, I like doing the usual things.

One of my main interests in French, I study French and I love speaking French with others, listening to French music and translate the lyrics, read magazines, watching French films, etc. I have been to France a lot of times and I have many French friends, my best friend is from Paris and we speak every day, it's really exciting because I can practise my pronunciation with her.

I don't have a second interest, I like doing many things, going to the cinema, hanging out with my friends, going to shopping, whatching a film with my friends or family, going to beach...
I've got lots of different interests, I think I'm never bored because I've got many options.

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