Wednesday, 21 December 2011

"You've got to find what you love" Steve Jobs

The other day Carmen was telling me she knew about a very good speech given by Steve Jobs in Stanford and she wanted to share it in the blog, but we already have it here from a previous year. And I thought it would be a great present for you this Xmas.

This speech was given by Steve Jobs to the students who were graduating at the University of Stanford in June 2005. To me, it is one of the most inspiring, moving and great speeches ever given.

"Who's Steve Jobs?" some of you may wonder. He's the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apple, Pixar animations, .... You can read all about him in the English Wikipedia.

We'll work on some vocabulary using the text of the speech which was published in the Stanford University website.
Follow-up to the text / video.

Here is the link to the video with English subtitles part 1 and English subtitles part 2.

Follow up to the text

Steve Jobs tells us three stories from his life. Now you can vote for your favourite story:
Which is your favourite story?
Connecting the dots
Love and loss


Melania said...

It's a very interesting argument. It's very emotional for me. My favourite part is an argument of death, is very philosophical. And I love the phrase: "Stay hungry. Stay foolish." I wish everyone understood the meaning of those words. It's very emotional.

Andrés said...

I think this video is very interesting. Personally I liked all stories, especially the second story.
When he lost his job, Mr. Jobs began again and finish again in "Apple" but this time having created Pixar and NeXT.
I think this man was an example of not giving up and keep doing you like.

Arshdeep said...

Thanks fot the video. All the stories are very good.

Sònia Turmo said...

I'm very happy you all liked it! He really is very inspiring!

Claudia.GO said...
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Claudia.GO said...

Is very interesting because Steve Jobs is one model to follow.
I like this video because explain the procediment of live and learn. Everything comes for a reason.
Live life and enjoy the moment

mehmoona arbab said...

wow great speech!! This video is very interesting, he is too good.

Haider said...

great video of great man .. I liked his educational life.He is the Role model for whole IT. I really enjoyed his speech...

Alejandro905 said...

I saw that video about steve job is a great man with his great ideas I enjoyed his speech.....