Monday, 14 December 2009

My Anecdote

I've been to Nederlands with my family many times. When I was ten years old we went to my uncle's home in Amsterdam. The next day after we arrived, we went to a nature reserve to see the typiucal windmills and I hired a pedal boat with my cousins while our parents were buying souvenirs. Then we went out to the middle of channel.
In the channel there was a lot of seaweeds. Suddenly, the seaweed was tangled in the pedal boat. After that, the pedal boat couldn't move and we were stranded in the middle of the channel. We got so nervous. What's more, it was quite windy in the channel and every time we moved further from the coast. We began to scream but our parents couldn't hear us and my little cousin started to cry. Besides, the seaweeds were also so thick that we couldn't see how deep the channel was. So we could not go swimming without seaweeds getting entangled. But, as soon as our parents realized what was happening, my uncle was comming to rescue us swimming but he realized how dangerous it was.
Our parents called the owner of the pedal boat and he came to save us. When we returned to land our parents were already hysterical.
We left the nature reserve and before we arrived at home our parents had already punished us. I thought it was not fair!
Now, when we remember it, we laugh about it.