Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Dear Júlia

How are you and your friends? All well, I hope!

Thanks for your message. It was great to hear from you! Sorry I haven't sent any message, I lost my mobile phone! It was awful !! :(

In the last message you asked me to tell you about my studies and my new school. Well, I'm studying in La Pineda high school, this is my first year here and the truth that it's OK, it isn't bad, people are friendly and I think I'll finish my studies here.

Now, this week I have many tests and I haven't got free time to talk with my foreign friends, I'm sorry buy that's the life of a student !! :D

I'd come to visit Granada but I can't until the summer, say hello to all our friends!! xD

Call me soon and tell me if you can visit BCN!

It'd be cool to catch up.

I hope your e-mail !!!

Love (L)


Mireia said...

Malika, of course the people in La Pineda are friendly! lol
Now seriously, I'm happy that you think that.

See you in class!

Malika said...

It's true, you are very friendly! What happened that you didn't come to school? I hope you come tomorrow!:D