Saturday, 24 April 2010

What would I do If I won a million euros ?

If I won a million euros, I think that it would defenitely a memorable moment of my life. I would make plans on a list starting with myself, my family and friends. If I won a lottery I would waste my time in travelling to the most amazing places all over the world, with my family and friends.

I would spend some of the money on a bigger house for my family and I would establish a business for my parents. I would buy my brother a good car and all that he wants. Also I would donate money to a fundation to help children who are needy and I would be sponsor a child.

I think the money would make a big change in my life, I would study in a private University and help people around me. My future and the future of my family would be change, but never my behavior and personality.


lucia barbero morales said...

If I won a million euros...
I would send five hundred thousans for charities and I'd used the rest of the money for helping and making people near tome feel happy. And, in travelling. I love travel to new places and see each beach and each mountain. I want to travel around Europe and South America and visit USA, Alaska, Canada, India and many countries in Africa.

Alvaro M. said...

If I had one million euros I would spend all I can in having a great time on hollidays travelling with my friends to another country, and I would donate to some ONG such as "Medicos sin fronteras".

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aLvArO BrAvo diAZ said...

well, if i won so much money i'd spend all it to buy a mcdonald's and a burger king's and my childhood's dream of be the owner of Real Betis would be made fact!
The rest of the money would be donated to poor african children.

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Nico said...

If i win a lottery i will be very happy and i will spend all money in diferent things.I will buy a big house,much cars and other things.Your blog is very good I like it If you want you can visit our blog.

Vanessa Sanchez said...

If I won a million euros, I would help my family, I would buy more clothes for my, for my brother, for my parents, for my grandfather and my grandmother. I would go to the New York with my family and my best friend. I would buy most big a house for my family and several more things.

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Rositaa said...

If I won a million euros would spend a great trip with people I love most, also would spend to buy me a Mercedes or a good car, would also lead to a very special person a very nice place good to remember. and many other things that most would do with a million euros.
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Natalia González said...

If I won a million euros I would pay the mortgage of my new house to my parents. After I would buy all kinds of accessory and clothes that I wanted. I would give money to my brother and my sister,to my grandparents and my family who needed it. The money left I would keep to use in the day to day.

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Lorena Gómez said...
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Lorena Gómez said...

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It is

Well, if I won a million euros... The first I would help to my parents in the mortgage, I know that they need it!
Then, I would invite them to a travel because they need to rest too.
Uf... I think that the rest of money I would save because if I start to spend money... For that, it´s better to save the money and use it when my family, my friends or I need a help...
But I would give a big part to charities, I would be really happy to know that there are people that live a little better because of my help...!

Ahh! Congratulations! You work hard too! :)

Alejandro Montero said...

If i won a million euros i would buy a nice house with an Audi TT i would buy the restaurants chain ''Foster's Hollywood''. the rest of my money i would spend it in travel to all countries i can go.

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Natalia García said...

Hi =)
I Think if I won a million euros I will do many things. First, I would like travelling a lots and know many places and different countries. I would like to renew my wardrove and I'd buy lots of clothes. I would buy a loft,I would take the driver's license and of course I would buy a car. Besides all this, I help my family with expenses.I share the money with my parents, my sister, with my cousin,my grandmother and my best friends. And also, I would buy to my parents a house on the beach and I'd pay them travels that they have never do. I would also like to sponsor several children in poor countries and I can help them. And................
This is really unlikely, but dreaming is no bad:)

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David Cirbián said...

I think that to win a million euros is the best oportunity to help needy people.
If I won a million euros I would buy as propieties, houses and locals as I can, in this way I would earn much else money and I could help many people...
The main idea is to use that money to earn more and more money and, at the end, spend it in poor people.
I wouldn't save any money for me because money transforms people.

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