Thursday, 27 May 2010

Student at exam hall (an anecdote)

This is a story which I don't know if it's true or it's just an urban legend, but it's quite funny. A student outsmarts the teacher by playing a clever trick on him. 
And based on this anecdote, I found a video with this gag in youtube which I think was used for an advertisement.

I think this story could happen in many universities where they have large classes with hundreds of students and the professor doesn't know half of them. 

Do you know who I am?

It was the final examination for an introductory Biology course at the local university. Like many such freshman courses, it was designed to weed out new students, having over 500 students in the class!

The examination was two hours long, and exam booklets were provided. The professor was very strict and told the class that any exam that was not on his desk in exactly two hours would not be accepted and the student would fail. Half of an hour into the exam, a student came rushing in and asked the professor for an exam booklet.

"You're not going to have time to finish this," the professor stated sarcastically as he handed the student a booklet.

"Yes I will," replied the student. He then took a seat and began writing. After two hours, the professor called for the exams, and the students filed up and handed them in. All except the late student, who continued writing. An hour later, the last student came up to the professor who was sitting at his desk preparing for his next class. He attempted to put his exam on the stack of exam booklets already there.

"No you don't, I'm not going to accept that. It's late."

The student looked incredulous and angry.

"Do you know who I am?"

"No, as a matter of fact I don't," replied the professor with an air of sarcasm in his voice.

"Do you know who I am?" the student asked again in a louder voice.

"No, and I don't care." replied the professor with an air of superiority.

"Good," replied the student, who quickly lifted the stack of completed exams, stuffed his in the middle, and walked out of the room


Mireia said...

Yes, it's funny. I saw it in a episode of "Aquí no hay quien viva" . But in that case, the professor said to the student that he had copied in the examan. I think it's so intelligent do that.

Judith said...

I love this video, I watched a long time ago when I saw him now I do not remember it. The first time I saw it I laughed a lot.
If I were he, wouldn't be able to.

vladimir said...

I saw it a couple of years before!!
Ir is a very goog idea if you´re writing an exam in another school or if it´s your first day)