Thursday, 10 June 2010

Imaginary friend

This is a short film called Imaginary Friend starring Paul Butcher (Dustin on Zoey 101).
It's about a boy who is the imaginary friend of a 7 year old girl, and what happens to him when the little girl grows.

It's a little bit sad and emocional story, but it's so sweet and cute too.

I hope you like it and you remember your old imaginary friends if you ever had.



Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm not a stundent from brunete ^^. I wish to all of you a nice holiday and a good summer and i hope you visit our blog although it will be a miracle.

Have a nice time and visit

Vanessa Sanchez said...

Hello friends.
I hope you pass. I have approved =)
I hope have a good summer. I will go to Cádiz and you?
It´s been great meeting you.
Kisses! =)

Natalia González said...

Hello friends from this blog!
The summer here yet!
Enjoy your holidays and have a good summer!
kiss goodbye