Saturday, 30 October 2010

A First Date

It was four years ago. Iwas in Ukraine. At the end of the school year, our school gave a party. There were a lot of students from our school and some guys from another one. While our company was dancing, I saw a quite nice girl. She was looking at me, but when i noticed it, she turned around. So I decided to do a step up and to speak with her. After 15-minutes chatting up, i understood that we have a lot in common. Afterwards, I asked her out.
We decided to meet each other in the city square. I was 5 minutes late, because i forgot my wallet at home. But when I arrived, she wasn't there, she came 5 minutes later. We greeted and went to the cinema. It was quite tritely but it was my first date. While we were walking, I was trying to be funny and to keep the ball rolling. Finally, we came to the cinema. I let her choose the film, so we went to see a love-dramma film. I almost fell asleep but fortunately she didn't see it. She was impressed, so the next hour we were talking about this film. The next stage of my plan was to go to a cafe. There, I enjoyed our conversation, we were laughing and discovering new sides of our characters. As time went by, I understood that this interesting and rich on events day was going down. I paid for the cafe and we went home.
I took her to her house ans she notieced that I didn't want to let her go. She smiled ans kissed me on the check. I was confused but i liked it. In addition, she said that she had enjoyed the time she spent with me. At home I couldn't slepp, I was always thinking about our date. But I was calm, because she enjoyed it. A few days later I called her and we spent a realy good time together, but it's another story.

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