Monday, 18 October 2010

my first date

I met her when I was thirteen years old. She was one year younger than me, and she was the prettiest girl that I had met in my whole life. A few days before, I had met her, I asked her go out and she accepted. We arranged to meet at port of Badalona.

I was very nervous, it was my first date. She was late, but when I saw her, she made up for it when she arrived. She was very cool, and she had a beautiful smile in her face. She was wearing her old jeans and her favourite T-shirt.
We were walking through the port, I bough an ice-cream and she got her feet wet on the share. She was embarrassed and looking out me, but i thought that she was very sexy. Afterwards, she became and was sitting next to me. She asked me about myself and she told me about her life. While she was talking, I was looking at her eyes and her lips. Since that moment, we felt devoted to one another. Finally, I came back to her home, and she kissed me. That kiss I'll never forget it in my life!

Now, I have remembered that kiss yet. It was my first date and my first love, it marked my life, because it was very especial to me.

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