Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A house to rent

Would you like to spend your Christmas holidays in a huge cottage, near the Pyrenees mountains?

It's a big, two-storey house, which is located in the north of Spain in Pyrenees mountains. This is a tremendous house near a mountain river and is situated in a very fairy place with charming landscapes. The cottage has a big kitchen, where you will be enjoying the local food, it's delicious. The breathtaking view from the big kitchen window, will impess you. Of course, on the first floor, there is a 30-square meter bedroom for parents, and an enormous living room with a fireplace, where you can relax after an active day. On the secound floor , you have two rooms for children or for your friends, and a big balcony, where you get a spectacular view of the valley.

After all, this house is very convenient. The closest supermarket is a 15-minute drive. And this place is very popular, because in 5-kilometer distance, you'll be able to spend your time at the ski resort. The local village is in a short drive. There, you can find all stuff that you need to buy. Stuff that won't let you forget this indescribable place. Local people are very friendly and their famous "Tiffany´s bar" is well-known in this district.

This house is perfect for families or for a group of friends. For people that don´t want to spend their Christmas holidays at home. And now, we have a special offer for you and your family. You can read it on our web, or you can phone us whenever you want and our guides will explain you whatever you want.

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