Saturday, 20 November 2010

My move

I was born in Barcelona city but when I was two years old my family and I moved to Llefià, in Badalona, because I had allergies and where we lived there was a lot of moisture. O I grew up in Llefià and there I spent a happy childhood. But because of my asthma I couldn't live in that house.
Then, when I was five years old the council gave us an "ofificial protection" house in Montigalà, near the Carrefour. Although the new house was larger and it was located in a nicer place than the old house I didn't want to move and I was so sad and angry with my parents. Although it seems impossible, I already had all my life made in Llefià (at five years old I had my friend, my school, my street where the whole people knew me and where they pampered me...).
Leaving my old neighbourhood hurt me so mach, therefore my parents had to let me live in my old neighbour's house a month in order that rhe change wasn't so sudden for me.
But just the same day I started to attend the new school I forgot all the past. I quickly met friend an I loved my new life. I also managed to keep old friends and I met new friends, and it made me so happy. Now these new friend have become my old friends that I remain with the majority of them from twelve years ago.
House moveing has been one of the best things that happened to me because if it hadn't happened I wouldn't have known the people who are around me now, the people who I love.
But sometimes I think what would have happened if I'd stayed in Llefià.

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