Thursday, 9 December 2010

Watching you

Hey guys! I found a really beautiful song about the relationship between a father and son, and I tried to make a great video. I don't know why, but this video was so difficult to make for me, so I'm not really happy with the final result. For this reason, I also will share with you the official videoclip and another video about the characters of Full house (Padres forzosos) Jesse and his twins Nicky and Alex, its a really beautiful video. Well, watch what you prefer! Hope you like it! PS: my video has subtitles in Spanish and English

Mi video:


A fan video (full house):


Sònia Turmo said...

Thank you so much once more for sharing your creations! I don't see why you are not happy with the result! I thought it was really cool!

Mireia said...

Thanks for your comment I really appreciate it, and I'm glad you think is cool!

I don't know why it doesn't finished to like to me, but well, I asked to my parents too and they liked it, so maybe if I see it again I won't think the same again.

Whatever, thanks for comment teacher!