Monday, 14 February 2011


Mario Casas is a Spanish actor. He is extremely handsome and his smile is charming.
He was born in Galicia, “La coruña” on 12 June, 1986.
His first acting jobs were in advertising, he made announcements. When he realized he really wanted to pursue it, he studied at the School of Interpretation Cristina Rota.
He was part of the series "Los hombres de Paco" and some more.
And now the 3 December 2010 he has released three meters above the sky. This movie is for teenagers.
He had a relationship with Amaia Salamanca.
Now he lives in Madrid Mario Casas with his two brothers who are also engaged to be actors: Christian and Oscar. At present, they live together in Madrid thanks to Mario who did his best to do well.
He said: We are a pineapple and we like to be together to feel good. To me, life is family and then everything else: work, friends..

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