Friday, 11 February 2011

Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí was a well-known Catalan Surrealist and Cubist painter, writer and photographer born in Figueres on 11 May, 1904. He is recognized for his trademark mustache. He took off because he had an enormous talent and because of his eccentric actions that often brought him problems.

At the age of eighteen, Dalí moved into the Students Residence in Madrid and studied Fine Arts. In the Residence, he met other students who also became artits (Lorca, Buñuel,...) He lived in Paris several years, there he met Picasso. During this time, he joined the Surrealist group and he met his muse and future wife Gala, who was already married.

When the World War II started, Dalí and Gala moved to the USA and 8 years later, they moved to Figueres, where they lived until their death. He died on 23 January, 1989. After his death in Figueres, a museum has been made with his paintingss and his home has also become a museum, anyway his art is known around the world.

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