Saturday, 14 May 2011

Buying online is the best way to shop

'Buying online is the best way to shop'


Today, we can do almost everything with the computer. Now, a lot of people are buying things online. You only need to open a bank acount, then you can buy things that you need. Now I will discuss the advantages and the disadvantagesod buying online.

On the one hand, buying online is very fast. You don't have to go out, only type on your keyboard. In addition, you can compare the price easily. Always the price of product online is cheaper than in a shop. If you buy too many things, you don't have to worry that you can't carry them, because they will take them home.

On the other hand, shopping online it is not safe, sense a virus can come in your computer anf it will store your bank acount password. Moreover, you only see photos of the product, so it's difficult to find out if it suits you. For exemple, if you want to buy a piece of cloth, you can't try it on.

In conclusion, buying online it is fast and easy. although it is not quite safe, but you should think that when you go shopping in a shop you can be robbed too. In my opinion, buying online is the best way to shop.

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