Saturday, 14 May 2011

Buying online is the best way to shop

In recent years, internet shopping has increased. Many of us have bought something online but some people are afraid of buying the services which are offered on Internet. In this essay, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of "buying online is the best way to shop".
On the one hand, buying online is the best way to shop because there you can find things cheaper than in stores. Besides, you can find brand articles at a lower price than in stores. You can also find good second-hand items at half price. Another advantage is that there is an indefinite time: you can buy at any time of day. For example, people who work and who do not have time to go shopping in a store can make all their orders via Iternet becausa in this way they save time by not having to leave home and they can buy even though the shops are closed.
On the other hand, online shopping has many risks. You must enter the credit card number on the website to buy, so they can charge you twice for the same object and it is very difficult to claim. Furthermore, they can steal your personal information to buy with your name. This means that they can cheat you. For this reason, customers are disappointed, outraged and cheated, so they do not dare to buy online. In addition, you can not try the item of clothing and objects and you can not know if that suits you or if that is your size. Moreover, you can't return something if it doesn't suit you or if you don't like it because, often, the cost of return exceeds the cost of purchase.
In conclusion, although it has many advantages, I strongly believe that buying in shops is better than buying online. Despite this, Internet shopping is good as long as you use safe web pages.

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