Thursday, 12 May 2011

The language of successful presentations

This is a really short but hopefully inspiring and relevant video (only one minute and a half).

You can see again our old friend, Steve Jobs, president of Apple.

I can tell you from my experience working in two multinational companies that the world is about presentations. Why? Because, let's be honest, nobody reads long reports and so in real life if you have a project, you will always be asked to present it to the managing team of your company, sponsors, .... Half of the people in the world are more afraid of oral presentations than death! And so, how can we overcome this fear? by preparing and over-preparing our presentation plus learning a few tips which will make us more confident and relaxed. This is a skill which is given a lot of attention in American schools. Maybe that's why some of the best speakers in the world are American.

So let's learn form the very best!! 

This one-and-a-half video is a series of short extracts taken from a 90-minute presentation. 
Can you make a list of some of the positive language that is used? 
We'll revise and put together all of these words next week in class.
How many new words did you learn?

I discovered this video in a blog I am subscribed to with Google Reader. The blog is DigitaLang and the post is: "The language of successful presentations".


Mireia said...

Geez, they just say incredible, great, amazing and really all the time.
A really entertaining short montage.

Thanks for sharing!

vladimir said...

it´s interesting, because i´ve heard about a special way of dialogue on TV or when people try to sell something they use this vocabulary which helps them to change people's choice or to cheat them too))) and to sell the product