Monday, 2 May 2011


Most of us have watched films online that we have downloaded, we enjoy watching films online, but some people argue that going to the cinema is better. In this essay, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of going to the cinema instead of watching films online.

On the one hand, going to the cinema is better because there is a great atmosphere, with the loud sound and big screen, with people laughing, screaming and crying, that depends on the type os film. Another advantage is that you can go out, walking, enjoying the film and coming back home. In addition, when we go to the cinema, we help the actors and technicians.

On the other hand, cinema tickets are more expensive than online films. However, we cannot feel the film, whereas in the cinema we can feel the atmosphere. Moreover, when we download films, it is clear that there is the probability that we download viruses or anything alike.

To sum up, watching films in the cinema is a fantastic experience. However, I think it is also great to relax watching a film at home.

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Michelle Pendlelton said...

Yes, it is true that watching online films is generally less expensive than going to the cinema. But it is also true that the overall ambiance in the movie theater adds to the total experience of watching a movie.