Wednesday, 9 November 2011

What I like doing in my free time

One of my main interests is skateboarding. Every day I go to skate to the skateplace of Los Planos. I have a lot of friends in the park. At nights I watch videos of my friends or professionals riders. At the weekend I go to Barcelona to practise, I like the places there. Once a month I compete in contests with other people of other cities: last year I finished third of Cataluña.

My other interest is playing football. I love playing football with my team, the CE Sant Gabriel. Sometimes I go to stadium to play matches versus other teams. I like it because is a collective sport.

I love the two sports, but I love more skateboarding, because it is more freedom; I skate when I want, and not when the trainer wants. In addition, with skateboarding I travel to other cities and countries!

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