Sunday, 4 December 2011

An anecdote:

Last year, i went on a trip to Madrid. Because i wanted to go to the center of Spain. So my family and i, decided to go there, it was  a very exciting trip because my dad used to go on holidays there when he was young, we went to a beautiful hotel, which had great views of the city.

The first day we arrived after a tour around the town, we met the family... and we got to know a little more this beautiful city, we went to vist monuments, the prado  Museum, Atocha Station, a little bit of everything. I really liked Madrid because people are very kind, and friendly and are very quiet.

When i was in Madrid, i went to an elegant restaurant with educated people, and ambitious and hard-working, so we entered the restaurant and ask for the menu, and then i saw "bread with tomato, and ham" and thought it would be like in the Catalonia, so when the waiter came and put the dish on the table, mt family and i  couldn't stop laughing , the tomato was cut, next to the bread,bread, just had oil and salt, It as a very embarrasing situation for the waiter and for us becouse we couldn't stop laughing. This was a good anecdote for us for a very long time


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