Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Don't say "Yes" or "No"

Objective: practice of interrogative sentences. 

Whole class or team competition.

Each team prepares as many "yes/no questions" as you can. You can use all the different verbal tenses.

Each question must be answered without delay and without the use of "yes" or "no".
The team which answers the most questions in this way wins.

Alternative answers to "Yes" or "No" could be:

I might go.                          Obviously                      Obviously not.          
Maybe                                 Sure                                No way.
Perhaps                              Of course.                      Of course not.
Probably                             I hope so.                        I hope  not. 
Possibly                              I think so.                       I don't think so.     

                                            Of course I will.             Of course I won't.
                                            Of course I did.               Of course I didn't. 
                                            I definitely will.               I definitely won't. 
                                            I definitely did.               I definitely didn't. 

You never know.                  
It depends.                    
Who knows!                         
Why not?
I have no idea.  
I haven't got a clue.
I would rather not answer. 

Idea taken from Penny Ur's book, Grammar Practice, Cambridge, 1990.

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