Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Costa Concordia

We all know that the only headlines these days are about the italian cruiese: costa concordia.
Costa Cruises blames the captain for the accident of the Costa Concordia. The organizer of the trip points to a"significant human error" as the cause of the sinking of the cruise.

Apparently, "the route of the ship was too close to the coast" and "the captain didn't follow  all the standard procedures of  Costa Cruises in emergency management."

Francesco Schettino,  the captain of the cruise has been arrested. Today the chief prosecutor of Grosseto (Francesco Verusio.) questioned for several hours Schettino, who is a  52 year-old men  from Naples (southern Italy).

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Sònia Turmo said...

Thanks for your post Arsdeep! A fatal tragedy indeed!
I can see you could finally solve your technical problems, good! :)